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4/5/2016 c2 8IAlwaysQuiteLikedYou
Don't worry about your chapter, because you should let out all your thoughts. And, if you ever want to change it, you can always go back and revise and rewrite it.
Who is actually the married couple, the one who lost Gracie? Because, as I'm reading it, I see a lot of names, and my mind is confused. And, is Robin telling the story, or Gil?
Hmm. "The Courtship of Allan-a-Dale" sounds very familiar to me. I think I've heard of it before.

Poor Elizabeth! I feel bad for her. *sniffles.
Good luck on your story. If you have any questions, I'd be more than willing to answer them.
3/30/2016 c1 IAlwaysQuiteLikedYou
Hey! This is very interesting. I like this story. I personally love medieval-ish stories. That would be cool if you could continue. Keep up the good work. Please update. Good luck.

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