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for Foxes and Hellhounds

4/18 c1 Guest
It Is The Anime's Only One Fanfic Oh Well Good Work.
4/18 c1 Guest
Even Though I Did Not Watch The Anime I Like This Fanfic.
1/24 c1 Kitsune Obsessed Freak
Eh. Not impressed yet. Not enough to even get into the story in this first chapter.

I can see why I'm the first to review from what I could see. No one else thought it was worth the time.

Not trying to be a dick here, but every half decent story of every read on this site started off strong and ended on a cliffhanger to catch people's attention and make them want more.

I hope my honest review helps you grow an an author, because I hate it when people take this stuff the wrong way like it's a personal attack on them. I'm sure you won't be so negative though right?

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