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for Cigarette Smoke & Snark, Vol 2

9/21 c50 EchokittyCat
Hahaha, good end to that whol story arc. Picturing all of this just made me laugh, so thanks for that! I hope they all actually had a nice vacation and nothing happened. They deserve it.
8/23 c48 Meli-Mel150
Yayyyyy More Daddy bat soon? :D I need FEELZ.
7/27 c45 EchokittyCat
Hahahaha, that's amazing! I did a stupid as well when doing this part of the game. I got frustrated after dying a few times, so after I took out all of the Cobras again, I did a full on ram towards the tank and just started firing to get that last lock-on spot. It worked somehow though? Then as he went forward, I drove backward and just started firing everything I had. I almost beat him, but died in the end by barely. I did the same strategy again the next time but with more careful manuvering and I won though, so yay me.
I've done 2 other stupids in the game though. I drove off a bridge by accident and somehow the backwheels got caught on the edge of a bridge and I was just hanging off of it. The other time I literally flipped the Batmobile twice within the span of 15 minutes. Wheels up in the air and everything. Good times in that game...good times.
7/22 c43 Meli-Mel150
See, I have this hesitation when I get the notifications about new chapters from you. Some of them fill me with a light hearted, giddy, happiness... But you're gonna hurt me (Or rather Jason) again soon arent you? Aslo...Lemons Adorable. Keep up the good work! <3
7/9 c42 EchokittyCat
Oh my gosh, Jason is such a dad! Red, you should keep the dog! Give her a name and keep her! It'll give you something to look forward to coming home too and she'll give you all of the love. It needs to happen now. XD
7/9 c42 Meli-Mel150
I'm not crying. It's just dusty in here...
6/28 c41 EchokittyCat
Ah, poor kid. Dove is honestly too good for this world. Penguin better really appreciate the shit she goes through and puts up with. Same with Jason. Honestly though, I don't understand how so many people live in Gotham and just deal with stuff like that. I'd be out of there as fast as possible and just watch from afar.
6/12 c39 Meli-Mel150
5/4 c36 Guest
I feel like Jason would write a will asking to be buried somwhere else just to spite Bruce and I wouldn't blame him.
3/25 c35 EchokittyCat
And that's when you get an iPhone stand that makes your phone the digital clock. It's easy on the eyes, doesn't scream red numbers at you, and you can get a thing to where it actually has a button you can push like a real alarm clock. Don't have one, but I've seen them and I think Jason would love it.
3/18 c33 Riddler1948
Just sending some love, cause you make my live a lot better with the guys and the boss :D <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
3/16 c34 Guest
Bruce needs to make some sort of gadget that sets off an alarm each time Jason is in the vicinity of any clown
I think that would be better for everyone involved
3/15 c34 Guest
Bruce needs to
3/12 c33 Guest
Poor Antoine banged elbows hurt like hell and grumpy Jason is cutest Jason "Don't tell him I said that I like my teeth where they are thanks"
3/9 c33 EchokittyCat
YES! My thoughts exactly! And then Batman is just able to stand/crouch in one position as everything and everyone slides around? Fun and funny, but rude.
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