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12/26/2020 c28 RQ Guest
To the Authors who read this line I'm a fan of hard work all the authors who made great storys are pure Brainiac in make all the storys that fans love to read so I hope all you authors like my ideas in the reviews box to inspired making great storys so I hope you Authors will be inspired by ideas who are post in review of favorite authors so I hope you like my ideas so goodluck by RQ Guest.

si/oc dark/grey story transformers crossover game and prime when the oc is in transformers universe and is a decepticon at the start of the great war oc who codename is your to name plan to built his powerbase with the decepticons from lonely trooper to right hand man of lord megatron and built his own battalion made up prime's insecticons, leapers, prime vehicons, decepticon heavy soldiers, seekers and a few dinobot clones. Second In Command for the dark star battalion is shadow striker with a few lieutentants like stinger, soundblaster, RID Scourge, slipstream, mandible the insecticon and airachnid. A bit past story for oc is he like megatron fight and work at kaon gladiator and help megatron in team work fight to get on he good side for the decepticons and hope to be future leader of the decepticons.

Your oc is a Triple Changer with a car mode and jet mode has three minicon names are ratbat, Glacius and Swelter ratbat is for spy missions an on few decepticon like starscream Glacius and Swelter frontline battle ready troopers who help one on one battles his weapons are dual Ion Blasters, Dual Energon Swords, one Quad Barrel Shotgun and dark star saber after betrayal and killed megatron his take it for himself.

During the Great War and the battle of earth oc plays both side to get more power in the decepticons sent high frequency signal messages to Optimus Prime with megatron's plans like the cure for cybonic plague and killing a few fake decepticon traitors who send high frequency signal messages and been add to few missions like his force looking for fossilized remains predacons to cloned small army for earth oc agreed to help on one condition he went one predacon clone for himself and shockwave agreed condition the predacon he get was ripclaw who is complete under his control with alpha frequency power he created an like airachnid hive queen frequency to insecticons. To reformet autobots into decepticons experiments transform few autobots into complete loyal decepticon troopers like arcee and wingblade who are now decepticons with there shattered glass colour look but transform took a lot of energon to Complete the transform Project so he told megatron to use the allspark power to complete the Project and warn optimus about it.
In the final days of the great war oc order 25% of dark star division that became a division after the thousands of years of loyal service to the decepticons and megatron to the planet Chaar with shadow striker in commanded to built a massive underground bunker/base with ten-thousand of stasis pods to house his decepticons troopers and few ships to waited out the millions of years exile from cybertron but oc with a company 150 elite troopers, his personal predacon ripclaw and lieutentants remain awaken to huntdown and capture autobots survivors with plans to arrive planet earth after skyquake death with them to "escape" to join with optimus. Oc become megatron's new frist lieutentant after starscream exile and to hunt down iacon relics for his plans to conquer cybertron and other worlds. Oc plans to betrayal megatron when he has all four omega keys by killing him in front of the cons and used omega lock to restore cybertron and cyberform chaar to look like cybertron oc order soundblaster to send signal chaar to awaken the full dark star division troopers from stasis with shockware and knock out join winning team oc order shockware with oc's Scientific Endeavors team to rcreate and endless supply of the iacon relics and Cybertronian weapons for his decepticon troopers and legions of predacon clones from the endless supply of predacon bones from ancient Predacon burial ground with his alpha frequency power to help control them. With the nemesis under his control oc plans to make armada nemesis like warships for his growing empire. After oc has full control of cybertron oc use the power omega lock through a Space Bridge to cyberformed parts of earth to build outpost/fortress base one at the volcanic that erupted Dark Energon to pumped and harvester dark energon from Unicron open blood vessel with a massive energon harvester created by shockware to Weaponizer the dark energon for his armada weapons and one outpost/fortress base on earth's moon to mock the human race about a moon base. After outpost/fortress bases plan oc send Scourge, Commandos and all his best decepticons arm with newly created weapons from shockware headwork recreated iacon relics and Cybertronian weapons to killer optimus and take Matrix of Leadership to retrieve the AllSpark, the source of Cybertronian life to complate his plan “reformat” the millions of Sparks into loyal decepticon troopers so he can be the emperor of decepticon empire with his harem.

Cybertronian Relics and weapons: Force Field Generator, Phase Shifter, The Polarity Gauntlet, Immobilizer, Cloaking Field, energon harvester, neo-forge/decepticon hunter, Resonance Blaster and Project Damocles.

Lieutentants/decepticons who are on his side:
[Second In Command] shadow striker
[seeker commander] slipstream
[insecticons queen/torturer airachnid
[his personal predacon/executioner/hunter] ripclaw
[assassin/ninja/scout] arcee
[assassin/ninja] nightbird
[executioner/seeker] wingblade
[scout/warrior] stinger
[Communications Officer/spy master] soundblaster
[leader of Commandos/oc personal squad] Scourge
[Enforcer/insecticons leader rank] mandible
[Enforcer/insecticons leader rank] Hardshell
[Enforcer/insecticons leader rank] Sharpshot
[Enforcer/insecticons Second In Command to airachnid] Kickback
[elite Decepticon warriors/combine/oc personal squad] Mega-Octane
[elite Decepticon warriors/combine/oc personal squad] Ro-Tor
[elite Decepticon warriors/combine/oc personal squad] Armorhide
[elite Decepticon warriors/combine/oc personal squad] Rollbar
[elite Decepticon warriors/combine/oc personal squad] Movor
[Dreads],dreadbot [Dreads],Crowbar [Dreads],Crankcase [Dreads],Hatchet [Dreads],Berserker
[seeker],Nitro Zeus [seeker],ramjet [seeker],sunstorm [seeker],Jetstorm (BM) [scout],Thrust (BM)
[Lieutenant of Scientific Endeavors/Scientist/Field doctor],shockware
[his personal minicon/side by side teamwork with oc/flame-throwing weaponry],Swelter
[his personal minicon/side by side teamwork with oc/icy blasts power].Glacius
[his personal minicon/scout/spy on his enemy ],ratbat

HAREM:shadow striker, slipstream, airachnid, ripclaw, arcee from prime, wingblade and nightbird
12/16/2020 c28 diegoossorio1
update soo please
11/27/2020 c28 BENJAMIN74
Good chapter cant wait to see naruto expands his new empire
11/15/2020 c28 pallendin pie
just knock her up then kill the bastard simple as that, for flavor make her do it in a very messy way.

p.s. I'm 3 sheets to the wined right now
11/15/2020 c28 SPark681
Hmm, seems soon it'll be Hanabi and maybe Kushina turn with Naruto anyways keep up the great work!
11/15/2020 c28 Ariadne Venegas
Please tell me that Kishina decide to decline... and Mikoto enthusiastic yes!
So lemon with Hanabi or Mikoto or both. Please!
11/15/2020 c28 darth56
thanks for the new chapter love this storyit is getting better so what next grow more or spread out more?again thank you
11/15/2020 c28 24Midnight Lost
I am so looking forward to Koyuki joining the family.

Would also be a great place for Konoha and Naruto and family to cross paths again.

I can just imagine it, Naruto brings Ino and perhaps Kurenai with him, where as Konoha would send Team 7 and Team 10. Just for a fun confrontation.

Anyways, looking forward to the next update!
11/15/2020 c28 Arraia
Perfect and update soon please
11/15/2020 c28 ps2boy.zachary
nice work and looking forward to what you come up with for the snow country
11/15/2020 c28 4Monster King
Great job continue please
11/15/2020 c28 Beastyd22
Awesome chapter as always man keep it up and I will see you next time thanks.
11/15/2020 c28 jakemon248
Hot stuff can't wait for the next chapter, I hope kushina chooses to join them that would be so kinky
11/15/2020 c28 Irina Akashira
Ty for the update
11/14/2020 c28 Borello
good work. i can't wait for the next chapter.
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