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for The Hyena Homecoming

11/21/2020 c1 Sewarea
Toka is so cute and I’m glad she’s back with Alex. Whoever wants to mess with Alex has to go through a full sized hyena
10/2/2020 c1 7Ai Huiyuan
Great OS! Yeah, the ending we all wished for our favourite hyena... nicely written. A bit like Fenir in her diet.
The sometimes more and sometimes less smooth negotiations were fun to read as well. And I liked the exasperated reaction Yassen had to Alex' antics, because deep inside there still is a boy who likes wildlife and has a bleeding heart somewhere.
Also, Alex not recognising how unusual and downright crazy his childhood was, was while a bit funny, really sad... he has no concept on how a child should be treated. And his combat team (while not entirely right in the head themselves) are the ones who care and try to give him what they can. Even if he is a extremely unusual and headache inducing boss. They really are sweet.
Thank you for sharing!

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