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for Weekend With The Warners

12/21 c3 Pinky's Love
I love this! I kind of hope to see flashbacks where Brain and the Warners are comforting Pinky on working with "Evil Brain." like " Pinko and the Brain " and of course " Mousechurian Candidate" where Brain tried to control an innocent mouse who happened to be his wife and willing to enforce child labor . Poor Pinky. i hope Julia gets a scene where she's having a friendly conversation with her co-stars. I also wonder how Pinky and the Brain reacted to Chicken Boo kidnapping everyone and trying to kidnap the kids.
12/16 c3 Fanimaniac4ever1
I love this so much!
12/6 c1 Yunuen
Sigue sigue no no tengas en suspenso
12/3 c1 4Artsywriter1992
The first chapter is good. Everyone was in character and I love that Brain is going to therapy in this. Already I love the story and I can't wait to see what happens next.
12/2 c1 6LakkoWarner1
Yes! I love family connections with the Warners, thank you! Can’t wait for the next updateCheck out my stories... The Fourth Warner, Micah’s New Start, Micah meets Lakko, and Waldo’s Zany Rose, and remember to review

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