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for Ressler's birthday maybe

3/18 c1 M
Domestic Keenler! Love it, any chance for a second glimpse into their lives? 3
Also I love how Amar just takes charge of the whole operation, he’s far to much in the shadows, so preferable to the way the current season is going.
1/28 c1 1Abby Jackson Chase
It was lovely, if anything goes well maybe we can see something like this in the future seasons c:
12/3/2020 c1 8frenchtvshowsaddict
I loved it !
That so sweet. Thanks for sharing this with us
12/1/2020 c1 ScandinavianDream
Omg, that was so sweet and funny. I could literally see Aram talking on and on, and Cooper and the others just giving in to an early party.
Thank you for posting :)

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