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1/3 c3 Guest
please let emilia appear in the world of subaru
1/4 c3 1Voltronic
I want more content :)
1/4 c2 Voltronic
It's so nice to see someone making another story of this kind of topic thank you! :DD
1/4 c3 gabrielvitorio101
It's just Subaru say to Rem to present horn oni !
1/4 c2 gabrielvitorio101
was in need of a Subaru X Rem story
1/4 c3 1pokemonrot377
Awesome chapter
1/4 c3 1mistalenny
Cute story so far. Although I was expecting Emilia I was pleasantly surprised that Rem was the one that was sent to Subaru's world. Nice to see a Rem fic
1/3 c3 OtakuCruz
Make more like now please
1/3 c3 Earlynickname
1/3 c3 4BigSmokeYeet
Keep this going :D
1/3 c3 cheemz
adorable chapter! don't worry about getting cheaters out, your health is more important!
1/3 c3 BaconWeeb
Thanks mate, great chapter!
1/3 c3 toaterstechpriest
1/2 c2 Cryptczz
We need the new chapter... We neeeeeeed it.
12/30/2020 c1 BigSmokeYeet
Wheres the next one :D?
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