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for Brooklands Becomes Malagasto

12/29/2020 c12 1THGHPTVD.2
Holy .. Jesus Christ, I kinda feel bad for the MI6 with because of that last line ..
Thanks for writing. I loved this story, and it offered many, many opportunities to laugh, which are few and far between now-a-days. Thank you all, I think you did a brilliant job! :)
12/26/2020 c12 taliaTMNTdrea
11/27/2020 c11 18EpicFangirl46
OMG I love everything about this fic. This is beautiful. I love it
11/10/2020 c9 4A Random Earthian
Okay, so, I can definitely say that this chapter was the funniest chapter of all the stories that I have read

Wow, that was absolutely beautiful!

What will be the decision concerning Alex's escape? Can't wait to see that!
10/27/2020 c1 Guest
Good God I love this fic! It is so original and I love the relationships between everyone!
Keep it going!
10/5/2020 c4 A Random Earthian
This is a nice chapter, well done!
10/1/2020 c3 A Random Earthian
Exactly why the Scorpia teachers care for Alex? It is a nice story, I just wonder why they are this way

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