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for The One That Parodies Friends

12/30/2020 c8 25Boris Yeltsin
Loved it. Hmm, anyone from either show you can see in Rosses's leather pants situation?
12/24/2020 c7 Boris Yeltsin
Love it.

Other subplots to parody. Hmmm.
12/9/2020 c6 Boris Yeltsin
Loved it, though Kwanza is a holiday I'm not all that familiar with.
12/6/2020 c5 Guest
An idea the turkey bit from Phoebe that was inspired by Mr. Bean.
12/4/2020 c5 Boris Yeltsin
Loved it.
11/17/2020 c4 Boris Yeltsin
Lana: It tastes like feet.

Hmmm. The self-defense bit.
Lincoln [trying to scare the twins.]: Danger!.
9/27/2020 c3 Boris Yeltsin
Loved it.
At least he didn't chew anyone else's gum.
Ooh, a parody of the subplot from season 10, I think it was, with Joey on Pyramid.
"Paper!. Snow!. A ghost!."
9/19/2020 c2 Boris Yeltsin
Love it.

Hmm. A few ideas.
1: TOW The Blackout, the subplot where Chandler is trapped in the ATM lobby.
Rachel's cooking from TOW Ross Got High.
9/14/2020 c1 Guest
God I can't wait for the pivot chapter. Or any other hilarious scene from friends
9/13/2020 c1 Boris Yeltsin
Cool. I'll wait to see who plays who, role wise, then.

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