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for You Got This, Nao-Shi!

10/10 c1 rpgfan1
great start,can't wait for more! 10/10
10/8 c1 giorno
More please more this is great
10/7 c1 Guest
update unlimited courage plz
10/8 c1 4DaDragon562
I have no idea what this series is, but my quick read of this chapter was incredible. I loved the chemistry between Naruto and Maki and all the gags as well as the Saru tie in

Do you have a patreon or something I can fund? You do so many interesting stories that explore novel concepts I've seen no other author do, I love it all and would love to support your work
10/8 c1 Hugo0974
I like it! Keep up the updates!
10/8 c1 4RedFistCannon
First of all, THANK YOU for finally taking the initiative and writing this crossover.
A lot of people wanted to see a well-done Naruto x Nagatoro crossover and I think you managed it perfectly.
Second of all, is Naruto, in any way reincarnated here or transported here from his world? Since you mentioned Sarutobi being the Third Hokage.
10/8 c1 FatherOfBoi
And another banger I can look forward to, whenever you update it!

This is gonna be fun!
10/8 c1 Dasgun
10/8 c1 6Max level
you got something here just be careful with that pass life sh#t it can make or break a story
10/7 c1 1Mpower0438
Thank you for this it made me smile today.
10/7 c1 3ProfesorGoblitz
Well I’m certainly interested
10/7 c1 LoamyCoffee
The first Nagatoro fic and it's so delicious! Oh the chemistry is very great~
10/7 c1 1UNAvoid Gear
This is pretty nice, I hope you do a one shot with Yoshi and a different one shot with Sana(President).

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