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for A Difference Of Time

1/1 c66 Pufferf1sh
Another brilliant chapter! I love this story so much and the plot is always interesting. Hopefully we will see more interaction from Nile, Yassen and Alex soon as the dynamics between them are brilliant and always funny to read. Also wondering when Alex will be off to Russia, will it be before or after he trains with yassen and Nile. One final thing is that the deity concept is confusing me a bit but I’m sure it will become clear in future chapters as you always manage to explain your plots very well.
Brilliant story though, love your writing!
12/31/2020 c66 Lilybud
I wonder if Pat and the rest of the fam will figure out Alex already has a chosen diety and what not. Also thank you for the chapter, I appreciate you slowly explaining all the supernatural stuff. Oh by the way HAPPY NEW YEAR!
12/29/2020 c64 1Madness Immortality and Magic
I am amazed at your pure skill at thinking up inappropriate jokes. Bravo ;)
12/27/2020 c66 Madness Immortality and Magic
Ok, I need a hand here. I love the story, but I'm really confused. Can anyone please rlly quickly summarise the main plot points that have happened so far? Parts I specifically don’t understand are:

What is this whole family/cult/mossad thing?
What is Maddox?
What is going on right now with the whole undercover, Card thing? And who on earth are Lance and Michael and who are they working for?
And... rituals? what the...
12/27/2020 c66 7Ai Huiyuan
Nice chapter! Poor Nile, with Alex there is nothing easy XD. Despite being like the top assassin in SCORPIA, Nile feels like the one rookie everyone picks on. In comparison to Yassen, the board and Patrick, he really is.

And the blatant manipulation in this chapter... as brilliant as it's funny.

Chase didn't come away headache-free either.
Chase: *suspicious look* What are you guys doing, Yassen?
Yassen: *feigning surprise* Who me? Us? Everything is perfectly fine. Nile is just adjusting to the job.
Chase: *eyebrow rose* I'll ask Nile
Yassen: Ok, we are two toddlers fighting over a toy. It's mine by the way, regardless what Nile seems to think.

The connection between Kroll and Patrick was nice, unexpected but not. Because of course they have connections.

Thank you for updating!
12/26/2020 c66 12Lady Logos
It's like a Chirstmas present getting this chapter. I take it this is one of those "let's build up the happeningschapped as you didn't go much into detail. Foreshadowing it's called or something xD Well I liked it anyway and it got my appetite goingnow I'm super curious about this whole ritual stuff and what went wrong with Ian and so on. Also pretty surprised about Yassens reaction, though again not much detail there exactly what they contain but he seemed to take it well.. All in all excellent chapter as always
12/26/2020 c63 1Madness Immortality and Magic
I can’t wait for SCORPIA to find out that Alec Pierre is 12 years old! Yaaas
12/26/2020 c65 Madness Immortality and Magic
I just realised that this fic is the kind that I usually raise my eyebrows at, unimpressed, and store it in my long term memory under Cringy and Rubbish. But this fanfic is JUST. SO. GOOD. And it’s so different to things that I usually read and I think it is the longest fanfiction I have ever read the whole of, so WOW.

I swear you are Anthony Horowitz in disguise.

So massive congratulations for writing my favourite fanfic ever! Thank you!
12/15/2020 c65 19Dragonanzar
Great story, and the writing has definitely improved over the years that it's been around. I was searching for a time-travel Alex Rider story, and was really happy to find such a long one, as well as one which is clearly updated regularly! Thanks for writing!
12/6/2020 c65 Lilybud
Every time you update you remind me why I love this pic so much
11/21/2020 c65 Pgx27
Another great chapter.
Rhea and Alex would be a fitting couple in the future that I would support fully, and while I may be biased, blue eyed, super soldier Alex would be awesome. Something similar to Wesley Gibson, the main character from Wanted.
I look forwards to the time when Alex gets to Russia under the general, and what Death has up in its sleeve to.
The only thing I don’t like as much is that the emotional aspect of the fic goes a bit to much in focus, and not the spy work, combat, or even the politics, but that might come later.
I can’t wait for more. Keep up the good work!
11/21/2020 c65 7Ai Huiyuan
Nice chapter! So, now even Alex' acquaintances have caught his brand of luck with SCORPIA's board. Ah, I find it really funny how Alex manages to catch the board's attention, even with different identities. Will he get the whole set?
Thank you for updating!
10/23/2020 c64 7InkayInks
Hell yha! Charles is back! :D (and so is Maddox! Yes!) I adore these two characters SO much!
The 'Run' Version, Grimm says. 'Fun'.
Lance. You motherfu****. But also, like, he's still not the worst, so? Yay?
These children are precious and must be protected at all costs. Can we make the: C.P.S (Child Protection Squad now?)
10/23/2020 c63 InkayInks
Oh-ho hooooo! The oother side of the 'family' knows something! And what's this? Brendan is making (a very small amount) of headway with the Pierre/Alex thing. Good, great!
...soooo, Yassen's going to ground Al for the foreseeable future.
And 'Larry' is a cool crazy uncle. Nice.
10/21/2020 c4 12Lady Logos
Ooh have to ask how is no one noticing the MoD our favorite entity left on him? I don't mean the poppy, but what happened afterwards? He can't keep a shirt on constantly and he doesn't get That much privacy? I'm curious about this too since I started rereading this for the... who knows how manyeth time xD still loving it! Don't worry!
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