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for A Different Time

1/2/2017 c8 Guest
Here some request stories for you to do:

1. One where Madeline meets Transformers from the Movies. I see her with Hot Rod due to his French accent. I also see her meet the Primes and ride the Dinobots, and defyign Megatron.

2. One where Madeline meets the Powerpuff Girls Z. I see her helpign out. I see her defy Morbucks.

3. One where Madeline meets Tarzan and Jane. Isee her putting up well with them due to her big heart.

4. One where Madeline meets Alias the Jester. I see her helping him out well.

5. One where Madeline helps to fight Nazis. I see her meet Peggy and Steve Rogers and Wolverine... and defyign HYDRA. I see her with Wolvy when he heals up. Some little kids would freak out blood shown... but this little one is okay... and mre awed by how Wolvy fights the pain... and only sikened by HYDRA's treatment to people for being different to their people.

6. One where Madeline meet AAng. I see the two gutsy kids bond well.
1/2/2017 c8 Guest
So gorgeous.
Go, Madeline, defying the naughty rogues.
Madeline i Albert's descendant/ WOWOW!
1/16/2012 c1 44Sofia2017 planning
i love madeline story too and this fiction of your is good and read" and i belive it was a real Episode of Madeline in my mind why i was read your story" i have so many idase for a Madeline story myself but with nobody to help me" but anyways' good story tell"

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