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for Gone

2/28/2016 c1 fanfic3112
Awww this was so sweet! So like Cain to toss out the note and not read it! I love Cain!
8/13/2015 c1 fanfic3112
Awwww so sweet!
1/20/2015 c1 10Detonator
Aww, that was so sweet :3
10/7/2013 c1 7BakaTomodachi
This made me laugh, and actually genuinely happy. Great job with this!
5/12/2013 c1 Vanilla Flower
Oh my gosh, Cain! You're so cute! Hahaha love you! Great story! Congrats :)
4/29/2013 c1 8tjnstlouismo
This so beautiful. I like it best when Cain is an idiot.
4/27/2013 c1 rraku2002
I love this Laura! Equal parts funny and heartbreaking, poor, poor idiot Cain indeed. I loved this part:

"Then where the fuck have you been?"

Abel's frown deepens, looking more and more concerned, until suddenly his eyes get really big and his whole face drops and says in a whisper: "Oh, oh no."

"That's not a fucking place"

Cain is so needy even though he won't come out and say it, and so afraid Abel will leave him. Abel you doofus, you could have sent someone over to check on him though! Very sweet little story it's always good to read stuff from you!

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