Azuma Yunoki x Shouko Fuyuumi

A La Corda D'oro Fanfiction


Continuation... Because they have to meet again.


Adorable and Annoying

Shouko Fuyuumi doesn't know how she ended up in a shop's fitting room. Earlier, she was simply looking for a new pocket book to read but suddenly this big man in a black suit came and started dragging her into a car before she could scream her lungs out.

Do kidnapped people end up in dressing rooms?

"Miss, please try this," a sales lady kindly said behind the curtain that separated the dressing room and the main store.

"O-okay," Shouko replied. She popped her head outside and saw the big man that dragged her in there. He was standing close by, holding some colourful dresses. Now that she had the courage to look at his face, she noticed that he was wearing a black sunglass. She couldn't tell if she knew him or not. She couldn't remember knowing anyone with a big body other than Ryoutarou Tsuchiura and unfortunately he hasn't said a word to her so she wouldn't be able to know if he sounded familiar.

Shouko wondered if she could escape but it seems all her routes are blocked by sales ladies and clothing racks. Not to mention, she's actually a slow runner so even if she tried dashing for the exit, the big guy in black would have caught her and who knows what he'll do if she got him angry.

Hesitantly, Shouko grabbed the dress the sales lady was showing her then went back in the dressing room.

Are they accomplices? Shouko wondered. The sales lady looks nice and…

Shouko looked at the new dress she was offered. It's pink and cute with frills and ribbons. She quickly tried it on then stared at her reflection in the mirror with awe. She won't admit it out loud but she looks pretty. The dress fits her perfectly. Her shoulders were bare but there's a transparent strap that kept her dress from falling. On her arms were loose sleeves and at her wrists are cute red ribbons. The length of her dress is just above her ankles, her preferred length, and the skirt is made up of loose layers of soft chiffon cloths making her want to spin and see it swirl around her.

"That looks good on you," a familiar voice said. Her eyes quickly looked at the reflection of a man's head behind her and a weak squeak came out of her mouth.


"Hello," he greeted with a nice smile that now seemed fake to her. Everything about him seemed fake to her ever since she got to know his other side.

Wait, why is he here?

"Do you like that dress?" he asked as he allows himself inside the dressing room. Shouko immediately placed herself away from him and against the mirror, which was probably a bad idea. Men and confined spaces doesn't sound appealing to her. The dressing room suddenly became smaller for her. "Is something wrong?" Azuma asked with a worried look.

Shouko, as a habit, looked down at the floor as if it became very interesting. She debated if she should say something but as the time ticks away and the silence became heavy in the confined room, both not making any moves, she decided to open her mouth and say, "I-I think I should be the one a-asking you that."

Azuma stepped closer. Shouko pressed herself against the mirror.

"I remember telling you to look at me when speaking to me," Azuma said, his voice was low but Shouko could tell that he's displeased and annoyed and it sounded like he's threatening her.

She forced herself to look up at his face.

He's good, Shouko thought while staring at Azuma's seemingly kind expression. Then a chill ran down her spine as her mind started playing in her head the hundred possibilities of what could happen in that confined space she was trapped in.

"I'm not going to do anything bad to you," Azuma reassured her with a sweet smile while placing his hands on the mirror on both sides of Shouko's head, completely trapping her.

"R-really?" Shouko asked warily, trying to keep her eyes on him. She pointed at his hands. "T-this looks bad to me."

Azuma blinked then after a few seconds he laid his head on Shouko's shoulder making her very conscious of herself and the man in front of her. It took her a while to calm her nerves and realize the man was… shaking?

"Y-yunoki-senpai?" she asked, suddenly worried. She placed her hands on his chest then tried to push him away but he didn't budge. Instead, he started shaking even more. "A-are you okay?" She started pushing him harder but no luck.

"Ha!" he exhaled after a while. Azuma lifted his head then smiled at Shouko. "I'm good now," he replied.

You're good. I'm not. Shouko's heart started thumping harder in her chest as she became more aware of how close he is and how she could feel his breath on her face. Mint, she thought at the smell of his breath. And he was laughing at me! Instead of getting angry, she felt more embarrassed.

"Should I kiss you?" he suddenly asked.

K-kiss? An image of her kissing a man passed through her head. She has always wondered what it felt like kissing a guy. Sure she has kissed her father but that was just a simple peck. What would it feel like to kiss someone like those couples in movies? Her face started tingling as she imagined her and her senior kissing. It didn't take long for her mind to switch that kissing image to an image of her ruining a kiss because she wasn't sure how to do it. Her hands immediately found their way to her lips, covering her mouth from him.

"I-I don't know how to kiss," she said at the same time Azuma said, "You didn't have to look that appalled."

After realizing what they've both said, they became silent for a few seconds before starting again.

"I-I did?!" Shouko asked while Azuma asked, "You don't?!"

"Wait. Wait a second," Azuma covered Shouko's mouth with a hand just so he could clear everything he has in mind. "You're telling me the reason you were all bright red as a tomato just a while ago then turned all pale white was because you were thinking of kissing me but you don't know how to?" His brows lifted as amusement twinkled his eyes.

Shouko's eyes widened in shock. Her senior is sharp and is not holding back for her sake. She felt embarrassed having someone tell her her reaction to that simple… action… She turned her head away so she won't see Azuma's amused expression. What she didn't expect was seeing her blushed face reflecting on a mirror.

Azuma started laughing again and this time he wasn't controlling it like earlier. He was actually laughing out loud.

"Yo-you're so mean!" Shouko complained weakly. She could feel herself shaking and her eyes tearing up. If only she wasn't so timid she would have tried slapping the man. But even if she managed to slap him, she was sure she wasn't strong enough to make him move away from her. In fact, she's more scared of what he'll do to her afterwards. Azuma Yunoki is bigger than her. He's a man. And despite his gentle manners, she knew he's capable of doing more than being… gentle. After all, he got her all trapped in there by simply using his body.

"Hahaha! I'm sorry but that was a bit unexpected," Azuma tried to stop laughing but failed. "I mean, you're what? 26? What have you been doing for the past 10 years? You're beautiful so I don't get why you wouldn't have any experience at all."

If only the ground would swallow her. She won't let him see her cry. Shouko decided to look down on the floor instead, hoping her hair would cover her weird blushing face.

"I-I'm sorry I'm not like y-you who can easily attract people," Shouko tried saying back, hoping she wasn't eating her words. "I don't kiss people easily, unlike you… probably."

Saying that out loud, Shouko realized her senior probably has more experience. After all, he's older. And he wouldn't probably suggest kissing if he knew nothing. Still, she wasn't sure yet she's accusing him. Worry started getting into her system as her father's words resurfaced from her memories.

"Shouko, dear, please avoid being alone with a man in a room, especially before your wedding. Men are beasts! Don't trust them other than your papa," her father told her once she said she'll be joining her fellow participants in the family villa. He father knew there were more men than women and was worried because no one would be looking after his precious daughter.

"Dear, don't scare Shouko. What if her future husband was there?" Shouko's mom laughed at her husband. "Shouko dear, make sure to use that pepper spray I gave you if you ever felt danger."

"I don't kiss people easily," Azuma replied. He has stopped laughing. "And while I admit I do attract people, I'm not a womanizer to date every single woman who ever approached me."

"Right," Shouko mumbled, not believing him. Her mind was still on the pepper spray her mother always forced her to bring. It was in her bag. She doesn't know where her bag is.

"You're not looking at me again." Azuma sighed, stepping back. "Anyway, finish up in here quickly. I like that dress so just wear it for our date." Azuma went out of the dressing room.

Shouko looked up just in time to see Azuma approaching the bulky man in a black suit before the curtains covered her view.


"Hurry up or else I'll drag you out regardless if you're in that dress or your underwear."

Underwear?! Wait! Date?! Shouko looked at her refection on the mirror. While the dress is fine, her hair and face are not. She doesn't look ready!

Shouko paused then shook her head.

Hold on a sec! That's not the issue here! The reason she got dragged in here was because of Yunoki-senpai?! She was kidnapped by her senior for a date?!


Pepper spray! Shouko immediately remembered. She sprinted out of the dressing room then went straight to her bag, that was thankfully near and in plain sight. She quickly grabbed the familiar canister and when she felt someone approaching her, she spun around then pointed the pepper spray at their face.

Azuma paused after seeing Shouko holding what seemed to be a pepper spray. Instead of feeling danger, he felt amused and ended up laughing again for the third time that day.

"Oh come on, Fuyuumi-san," Azuma laughed even more. "I'm going to die laughing at you."

"I-I'm going to use this if you don't t-tell me w-what's going on!" Shouko tried to warn but her shaky voice didn't scare Azuma. Instead, it made him worry.

"Or you're going to kill me by worrying about you," Azuma muttered.


"First of all, you should have used that earlier," Azuma grabbed Shouko's hands then took the pepper spray from her. "And that's not how you use it. You have to remove the safety first." He showed her where the safety was.

Shouko looked confused but she still tried looking tough.

"Second, you have to work to improve your timid nature." Azuma frowned. "You don't look threatening, plus, I can't believe you got dragged here easily. And I heard you didn't even pick a fight on the way. Until now." He lifted the pepper spray just to make a point.

"Third, I seriously need to teach you self-defence. I don't know how you're still in one piece up to this day." He threw Shouko's pepper spray back in her bag.

"You're so mean!"

Azuma chuckled. "How adorable," he cooed, making Shouko angrier and embarrassed.

"Stop treating me like a child!" Shouko yelled, stomping her heel on Azuma's foot.

Azuma didn't see that one coming so it came as a shock and a sharp pain when she stepped on his foot. And not just stepped. She seriously has a hidden strength he almost wasn't able to keep himself from shouting in pain and doubling over.

Damn women and heels!

"Sir!" the driver approached them quickly.

Azuma bit his lips as he waited for the pain to subside. He glared at Shouko who looked awfully proud of herself, having a victory smile on her face. It's adorable and annoying.

Waving a hand to shoo the driver away, he put on a sweet smile for Shouko.

"Let's see if that smile can last."