Hey guys! This is my first Elisabeth fanfic, so be gentle. This is supposed to be modern day AU, based off a brilliant idea I had coming home from choir the other day (which is a WHOLE nother story – if you follow me on tumblr you know what I mean XD) Anyways, please r&r! Danke schn!

Rudolf laid his head on his desk and sighed. Another boring statistics class. He'd much rather be sleeping. But, here at this pretentious private school his grandmother forced him to go to, sleeping was not allowed. As the future "Kaiser von sterreich" all the teachers paid special attention to him. Rudolf snorted internally. It was pure torture.

Suddenly, the room seemed to get colder. Rudolf picked his head up and looked around, but nobody else seem to have noticed – or if they had, they paid no heed to the sudden drop in temperature. He placed his head in his hands again, trying to at least look like he was paying attention when suddenly something ice cold brushed against the back of his neck. Rudolf jumped in his chair and whipped around, getting funny looks from some of the students seated near him. There was nothing there. Rudolf turned back around when he felt it again. This time, he did not jump. He felt the ice trail from the nape of his neck to his jawline and then his ear. Rudolf shivered as he heard a voice,

"Warum bist du nicht aufgepasst?" Rudolf would know that voice anywhere. His friend. Why did he come to torture him this way? Couldn't he leave well enough alone? Rudolf thought back to when his friend had started to visit him a couple of weeks ago. He had appeared late at night in Rudolf's bedroom when he was supposed to be studying. They had talked until the early hours of the morning, when Rudolf had passed out from exhaustion. But he returned the next night. And this time, he touched Rudolf. Far from the comfort this brought to him as a child, the icy fingers on his waist had sent shudders throughout his body.

Since then, he had visited him every night, for varying lengths of time. But each time, he touched Rudolf. And somehow, each time Rudolf felt a stronger sensation shoot throughout his body. Whether he touched his waist, the small of his back, or his leg just above the knee, Rudolf couldn't help reacting. And he had noticed, the last few nights, that after his friend had departed, he had reacted in quite – a male fashion.

The touch of icy lips just behind the shell of his ear brought him back to the present.

"Was machts du hier?" Rudolf whispered, mindful of the other students metres away.

"Ich komm weil du mich brauchst." The voice responded. "Und du brauchst mich." Rudolf shivered again, but this time it wasn't from the cold. Something about the way der Tod's voice sounded… It sent that something coursing through Rudolf's body again. "Halt still." he commanded.

Rudolf felt the frigid touch return to his ear, moving slowly down towards his neck. Keep quiet? He could barely move, much less talk! He felt der Tod's lips close over his pulse point, and suppressed a moan. He heard der Tod laugh quietly at this, enjoying making Rudolf squirm. He wanted to yell at der Tod to shut up, but – The lips suckled at his pulse point, and this time Rudolf felt his body respond. 'Oh nein nein nein nein!' Rudolf thought. But he couldn't stop it from happening any more than he could get out of this stupid statistics class. This realization brought him sharply back to the present, and Rudolf grabbed a binder off his desk and stuck it in his lap. There. Now nobody would notice.

He heard der Tod laughing softly again, apparently reveling in Rudolf's embarrassment. He had moved to rest his frosty cheek on Rudolf's left shoulder, pressing his lips to the side of Rudolf's neck. Rudolf let out an inaudible sigh and involuntarily tilted his head to the side, allowing his friend better access. But just like that, the room was suddenly warm again, and he was gone, leaving Rudolf now rather awake and with a little (or, be it rather, big) problem. Rudolf sighed, and picked up his pencil.

Kaiser von sterreich = Kaiser of Austria
Warum bist du nicht aufgepasst? = Why aren't you paying attention? (this one I google translated so it might not be right, entschuldigung!)
Was machts du hier? = What're you doing here?
Ich komm weil du mich brauchst = I come when you need me (I shouldn't have to translate these ones though… Schatten werden lnger for the win!)
Und du mich brauchst = and you need me
Halt still = keep quiet/be still
Oh nein nein nein nein! = Oh no no no no!

So yep, there it is, chapter 1! I'm planning on adding quite a few more… incidents, possibly having to up the rating at some point. (that'll be a first if I do though). Please r&r