"The majestic Queen of the OZ, had two lovely daughters she."

Her pace was smooth, steady, and even.

"One to the dark was drawn, the other to the light was shown."

Her eyes were glued to the pendant where it dangled from her hand on its gold chain, catching the light streaming in the windows and flinging it about the corridor in glittering green facets.

"Double eclipse, it is foreseen."

She passed through the open double doors into the throne room, her eyes finding the imposing object dominating the room before seeking her sister.

"Light meets dark, and the stone is between."

Reaching out her free hand, she cupped her sister's hands in a bowl.

"But only one, and one alone,"

The pendant dropped into the cupped hands, the chain trickling down to join it. She closed her sister's hands over the Emerald of the Eclipse.

"Shall hold the Emerald, and take the throne."

"Az, are you alright?" DG asked, peering at her sister.

Azkadellia straightened, her shoulders dropping minutely as she indicated the throne with a wave. "It's yours, Deege. I don't want it. I've had my time as Queen, and I don't want it again. The people wouldn't accept me, either, nor should they. You're the savior of the OZ. You should be queen." She smiled and closed DG's hands around the Emerald again. "You take it, Deege. You'll be a good Queen." Turning, she drifted from the room, and though her posture was princess-perfect, her head was tilted down just slightly.

DG glanced anxiously to one of her closest friends and advisers. "Azkadellia full of love, but afraid to give it to anyone besides DG," Raw said softly. "Azkadellia need someone to love."

DG glanced back at the door through which her sister had just exited, and gave a single sharp nod. "Then I'll find her someone to love," she declared firmly.