Since this is a new story, I shall introduce the characters and plot! Here are most, I will update it if more characters come:

Shawn - Shawn is a red-headed vampire. His parents are very strict, but he breaks their rules anyways.

Bre - Bre is a human girl, who loves nature. Often found in the forest, by the lake, or the beach. Animals usually only get along with her..

Rainna - Rainna is a vampire, but hides it and always wears a floppy hat because vampires can't be out at day in the human world.

Brian - Brian is a normal human, but acts like a vampire so that he can see his best friend, Shawn.

Lydia - Lydia is a vampire and, like Rainna, wears a floppy hat so she can stay out. Lydia is fascinated in the human world, and doesn't want to return to the Core.


Lydia and Bre are like sisters. They spend most of their time together, looking in the forest for something interesting to bring to the Core. Since Bre can't visit the Core, due to being human, Lydia takes their find to the Core for tests, to see if the vampires need it. Shawn is usually in his house, which, I may say, is huge. Shawn's parents are too strict and don't let him near the portal to the human world, unless they are coming too, so sometime during the day (The times are opposite in the human world than in the Core) Shawn sneaks through the portal. Rainna and Lydia don't get along well, and tend to argue about things that are simple, like what shoes to wear to the park. So, Lydia and Bre's mission is to free the vampires in the Core, and bring them to the human world to live. If a human goes to the Core however, they can't return. So, only the vampires can travel back and forth to the human world, to the Core.

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