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ACT 2, SCENE 5.5

(The wine cellar. Several bottles lie on the floor, empty. WIZARD and MINSTREL are still drinking, with the MINSTREL none the worse off and the WIZARD quite smashed.)

MINSTREL: What do you say, Cardamon? Shall we go around again?

WIZARD:(slurred speech) Oh, no, no...I really mustn't...(changes his mind) Hang it all, I'm half lit already. (He takes a large gulp from an open bottle.) Here's to another successful test conceived by Cardamon the Greatest!

MINSTREL: Hear, hear! (He drinks as well.) Well, this really has been quite a pleasant evening.

WIZARD: Indeed.

MINSTREL: And it's been great talking with you.

WIZARD: Of course.

MINSTREL: May I ask one more question?

WIZARD: You may.

MINSTREL: What's a legend like you doing in a small kingdom like this, anyway?

WIZARD: Ohh, must you be so cruel as to remind me of my horrible past?

MINSTREL: Oh, I'm sorry. Didn't mean to step on personal territory...

WIZARD:(cutting him off) No, no, no, you might as well hear it. (standing dramatically) My story will melt your heart.


WIZARD: Listen to me, hear the song

Of the sage named Cardamon

Hijacked by a bossy dame

Glastonbury's old shame!

MINSTREL: But I thought they loved you in Glastonbury! Why did you leave?

WIZARD: It was all a big mistake. There was an entertainment show at the castle in which I was to perform. And, well...my magic got a bit out of hand.

MINSTREL: What do you mean?

WIZARD: Banished from the castle keep

For I turned them into sheep!

Clearly, I'm the one to blame

So, to Camelot I came!

MINSTREL: Oh, that sounds awful!

WIZARD: Yes, yes, but it couldn't be helped, could it?

Ev'rything can be replaced

Nothing's ever going to change

Anyone can change his name

Nobody can win this game

Ev'ry time it's the same!

MINSTREL: So you've been here, testing princesses for the Queen ever since?

WIZARD: Yes. Twelve magnificent feats! But this one, this one shall be the best one yet!

MINSTREL: You said it was a sensitivity test, right?

WIZARD: Genius, isn't it?

MINSTREL: Oh, I'm sure it is.

WIZARD: One tiny little pea under twenty thick, downy mattresses! "Any true princess would feel it," the old bat said! And if that pea doesn't keep the girl up at all hours, it's "Fare-Ye-Well" to Princess What's-Her-Face!

MINSTREL:(ecstatic because he now knows what the test is, jumps up) Brilliant! Cardamon the Great!

WIZARD: Cardamon the Greatest!

Will there be another man

Who can do the things I can?

No one else shall make his claim

To my ruined name!


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