A/N: WHAT? Another SammyxDanny fanfiction? Indeed.

Sweeter Things



I still never talk about "the incident." Finding out about it felt like being hit in the chest with a boulder, and remembering it is pretty much the same. To be honest, it all seemed totally impossible at the time. Casey and I were in love. We had been since I was in eighth grade, for Christ's sake.

"The incident" changed everything. No more midnight visits to Santa Louisa State. No more long rides in the car, talking about how amazing next year was going to be. There was no more us, and even though I knew that was a good thing, it killed me.

The only thing that was ever going to fix the shitty way I was feeling was revenge. Marissa had some good ideas. She suggested telling Casey that he'd gotten me pregnant, or reporting him to the dean at his school as a sex offender. However, not only did these ideas have horrible consequences, they were also just too simple.

I had the best idea of all. I just had to convince myself that it was even possible.

See, Danny and I had become tolerant of each other over the past year, but this plan was going to take a lot more than that. Tolerance was not going to cut it. I needed Danny Urbanski to act like he was completely in love with me.