"Harley, my love." His crooning tone made her shudder and she looked at him with disgust.

"If it's anything it's Harleen. You cost me my license, you cost me my health, you cost me my life."

"All of which were better with me around. What'll you do now? No one will trust you, unless you help me leave."

"Ha! Nice try! But you manipulated me once, never again. As for what I'll do, I'm leaving. I'm moving on from this backwater town with crumbling infrastructure and corrupt police, from this city where people worship a seriously disturbed young man, and try to pick up my life again. If that means going back to school, then so be it. Enjoy yourself."

"Harley?" He called. She turned back around, unsure of why, but since she'd only have this morning to talk, she figured it was only fair.


He was quiet for a second. "Good luck."