Author's Note: This might be a multi chaptered story that contains those "The Life and Times of" scenarios of fandom characters and OCs. It's been pretty slow since the world went Sonic crazy (me included) lately.


The name's Shirakage Mouse. I'm known to Animalkind as descriptions like "A Megxit Supporter"; a troublemaking, Yank raised, ancient descendant of Japan's legendary extinct clan; the naughty tongued, Kiddie Rule Breaker.

But even my mischievous nature carries a bit of sensitivity too:

I preferred the French movie adaptation of the American/New Jersey mystery fiction novel, "Tell No One" over the suspenseful mystery miniseries story "Dublin Murders";

My least favorite Naruto Shippuden movie is Blood Prison, due to my overprotective emotions towards main protagonists being mistreated;

Monty Python's 1975 Holy Grail movie's poor ending reminded me too much of Brenden Fincher's 2003 Looney Tunes Back in Action film's ending;

I behave super nice while hanging out with Penfold, during the times Colonel K won't even call him "Agent Jigsaw".

And of course, getting away with naughty thoughts without sleeping separately from Danger Mouse on nights when my "borrowing electronics" habits sends him into a heated lecture.

"Now look here, my Dear Shira-San," he huffed firmly at me back in the Danger Flat's Sitting room. "This is how our relationship works: You can either return the World's only Known Song Detector/Duplicating MP3 player, or you can let me take your place in jail as a framed thief, while you sleep on the couch for the night alone, dreaming about me getting tasered and choking on Tear Sneeze gas by the overzealous Prison guards."

My mind zoned out pleasantly, averting my gaze upward, an unconscious grin plastered upon my face.

DM gasped appallingly towards my expression. "Oh, my God! Were you really thinking about it!?"

A nervous grimace wilted my grin, followed by a sheepish laugh. "If I had a crush on Naruto, DM, then Blood Prison would've been at the top of my Naruto Shippuden movie list instead of at the bottom, now wouldn't it?"