"Alright, Girls!" A young man with black hair and blue eyes said, catching the attention of 6 girls as he held a baby girl with light orange hair and blue eyes and a Sunflower in her hair.

"Dada." she said as she pulled on his hair, trying to get his attention. He just giggled.

"Sunny, Not daddy's hair." the young man whispered before turning around. "ROSE! BLOSSOM!"

Two twin girls that looked about six, One with medium length black hair and green eyes with a blossom in her hair and one with medium length red hair and brown eyes with a rose in her hair turned to him.

"Daddy, Rosie's using my hairbrush!" The girl with black hair whined.

"Blossom's using MY hairbrush, daddy!" the young redhead retaliated.

"Will you two cut it out!" The man replied before turning to a young, long black haired, blue eyed four year old girl with a Poppy in her hair and handing her Sunny. "Poppy, sweetie can you hold your sister for a minute?"

The man approached the two girls and switched the two hairbrushes. "There, See? It wasn't so hard!"

Blossom and Rose gasped and hugged their father. "thanks Daddy!"

The man smirked and shook his head. his smirk disappeared when he realized something. "Wait, where's Tulip? DAISY! LAVENDER!"

in a flash, a twelve year old girl with orange hair and blue eyes and a Daisy in her hair and a ten year old girl with black hair and green and blue eyes with a Lavender in her hair were already in front of their father.

"Daisy Colette Once-ler, reporting for duty, sir!" The twelve year old spoke firmly.

"Lavender Miriam Once-ler, ALSO reporting for duty, sir!" The ten year old spoke right after her sister.

"Where's Tulip?" The once-ler asked.

"Tulip? She should be with Ivy and Lilac." Daisy replied.

"Ok, well call them." He said, crossing his arms.

Lavender nodded and blew a whistle as loud as she could. "Tulip Augustine Once-ler, Ivy Bianca Once-ler and Lilac Olivia Once-ler, Right side up! Report!"

As soon as she screamed that, A sixteen year old girl with light red hair with black streaks and brown eyes with a light blue tulip in her hair came running through the door, followed by a fourteen year old girl with curly black hair with brown eyes with a Lilac in her hair walking in, texting on her phone, and a fifteen year old with brown hair and green eyes walking it knitting a sweater.

"Tulip Augustine Once-ler, reporting for duty!" The sixteen year old yelled.

"Ok, You need to stop that Tulie." The fifteen year old Ivy said before turning to her other sister. "And Lilac, can you get off that thing for one second?"

"No." Lilac replied bluntly. "Now, What did you want, Pops?"

"Lilac, It's story time." The Once-ler replied bluntly.

Lilac yeeted her phone away and sat down. "Bobby can wait, I can't miss story time."

Ivy rolled her eyes, Lavender, Tulip, Daisy and her sat down as well, along with Rose, Blossom and Poppy.

"Ok, So we have Blossom, Daisy, Ivy, Lavender, Lilac, Poppy and Rose..." The Once-ler role-called, before rubbing his chin. "Hmm...We're missing a few people. Marigold!"

A young eight year old girl with Marigold hair and hazel brown eyes with a marigold in her hair trudged downstairs, still sleepy.

"What is it, Dad-ler?" Marigold asked.

"Aww, sweetie did i wake you?" The Once-ler said in a cutesy manner. "I'm sowwy."

"Dad! I'm not five anymore!" Marigold whined. "Is it story time?"

"yeah, Now get down here, twerp." Lilac replied.

Marigold blew a raspberry at Lilac and went to sit down next to Ivy. the once-ler smirked and shook his head. Who knew his daughters would have his personality.

Just then, the door opened, and everyone turned to see a beautiful young woman with Mid-back length orange hair, perfect light blue eyes, wearing a green nature dress, She looked about thirty, but she couldn't look a day older. The Once-ler sighed lovingly as she walked in with a little three year old girl with long white hair and blue eyes with a white Lily in her hair.

"Hey, honey!" She said. "I found Lily. She was with the bar-ba-loots."

"Hi, papa." Lily said shyly.

The once-ler was too love-struck to pay attention. The woman looked at him worriedly.


He shook his head and got out of his gaze. He turned to her and smiled sheepishly.

"Oh! Sorry, honey. Hey where's Petunia?" The Once-ler asked.

"Petunia? I'm pretty sure she's hiding somewhere."

"Not again. PETUNIA DIANA ONCE-LER, GET OUT HERE THIS INSTANT!" The Once-ler called. In an instant a 17 year old girl with shoulder length orange and black striped hair and green eyes with a petunia in her hair rushed out from her room, She held on to a nearby shelf, clearly out of breath.

"Huff...Puff...Y-yes, father?" Petunia asked.

"Honey, come sit down, its story time." The woman said.

"Yes, mother."

"Now, all we need are-"

Three girls walked in with instruments in their hands. One girl was a thirteen year old with short black hair and brown eyes with a Bluebell in her hair holding a flute, another was a 16 year old girl with dark blue eyes and dazzling mid back length white hair with a Jasmine in her hair with a tambourine in her hand and a young six year old with mid length dark brown hair and light brown eyes and a small Buttercup in her hair holding a accordion.

"Bluebell! Jasmine! Buttercup, you're just in time for story time!" The once-ler greeted with a smile.

"Hey, Pops. Bluebell was just talking about somebody she met. I think his name was Derek?" Buttercup said as she sat next to Rose.

"No i wasn't, Buttercup!" Bluebell said with a huff.

"Oh, So there's a boy, huh?" The Once-ler asked in suspicion.

"Ugh, Nobody important, Daddy." Bluebell groaned. "Its just a guy, and we met at the concert and we're just acquaintances."

The Once-ler raised an eyebrow. "acquaintances?"

"yes, Dad. Now can we get on with story time?"

"Not till your big sister comes home." The woman said.

Just then, An eighteen year old walked in, A dark green hood covering the majority of her black hair, and almost her light blue eyes, she was wearing a green shirt with pink flowers printed all over it and blue skinny jeans holding a guitar, she looked so much like her father.

"Hey Violet." The woman said with a smile. "had a good day?"

"Hey, Mom. Yeah, it was great..." Violet responded.

The woman's smile turned into a frown when she saw the hood. "Hiding your hair from your friends again?"


"Aw, Come on kid, you know your friends will accept your looks." The once-ler cooed.

"I don't wanna take any risks, Dad." Violet mouthed. "I hate people seeing me like that."

"And who cares what they think?" The woman started.

"I do, Mom! I do!" Violet said. Silence fell over the room, then Violet sat down by the window sill.

"Ok, Now that everyone's here, It's time for a story." the once-ler spoke, breaking the silence.

"Oh, What's it about, daddy?" Rose asked.

"Yeah, what's it about?" Everyone but Violet asked repeatedly.

"Ok, Ok, everyone settle down." The once-ler ushered before holding his wife close to him. "Now, everyone knows when i met your mother. But does anyone know HOW i met your mother?"

Everyone gasped. The lady chuckled.

"yes, Your father was quite the trouble maker back then."

"Oh, I wonder why~" The once-ler teased flirtatiously, to which The woman pushed his face away. "Haha, Laura~!"

"Laura? That's mom's name?" Jasmine asked.

"yes, Jazzy. It is." Laura replied. "Your father actually named me that."

"Wow, Dad's really good at naming." Blossom gushed.

"Yes...He sure is.." Laura smiled as she turned to her husband lovingly.

"Welp, Anyway, Here goes nothing." The once- ler grabbed his guitar." Ok girls, grab a toy you love, This story's like no other. This is the story...of how i met your mother."