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Within the world lived a plethora of magical creatures, though all were different and unique.

One particular case of this would be the Hellhounds, a species that, despite their name, didn't originate solely from the underworld.

Their purpose was to bring back souls from people who often had been condemned, or would soon be dying. They were often invisible to normal humans as people weren't supposed to see them.

This didn't stop them from doing their jobs. They weren't monsters, however.

"This job sucks…" Came the voice of Aaden, he sighed and continued his journey.

When Hellhounds did come to Earth, they would shapeshift into the form of Humans.

This wasn't done entirely without reason. a Hellhound did have to sometimes interact with humans, and quite a few Hellhounds would have to talk to humans in order to find their query.

"Humans smell a lot weirder than I assumed… or am I smelling something else?" the young hellhound cocked his head and continued forward while slowly swinging his head back and forth.

The demonic creature took the form of an adult male with a red duster, a black pair of jeans and orange t shirt. He sighed and looked up at the sky.

"This is ridiculous, why do we have to do this, anyway? the Grim reapers are supposed to do this usually, but no, they become lazy and get low ranking servants to do this." Aaden sighed and cracked his neck with an audible noise.

Hellhounds were creatures that sat at the lowest part of the underworld's totem, the only creatures who they outranked were Imps: Creatures that served the rest of the kingdom.

He hummed before sniffing the air slowly and twitching his long, fluffy black ears.

"The stink of decay… what are you doing here, Mortus?" he narrowed his glowing red iris till they burned like candles.

"You still haven't done your duty, dog." The cloaked figure sneered while Aaden growled out with annoyance clear along his visage.

"Just because your nobility, doesn't mean you get to talk down on me, you bag of bones." Aaden hissed out; his teeth sharpened to points before Mortus chuckled.

"Don't forget I could claim your soul again, mutt… hellhounds don't go to heaven unless they work their fingers to the bone serving their masters." He growled and watched the Grim reaper vanish into shadows.

He growled and punched the brick wall next to him, his fist carving through the stone like paper.

He looked down at his bleeding fist while the wound slowly started to close up. he sighed and leaned on the wall for a moment.

"Always has to act like the big dog just because he's higher ranked and hellhounds don't get privileges like that and blah, blah, blah... the reapers got lazy and answer only to the lords of the underworld and the fallen god." Aaden turned and continued his trek into the city.

He was glad for the supernatural powers Hellhounds had, being biologically immortal due to already being dead, some like him having control over fire. Super strength… least minorly, and a healing factor among other abilities like speed or their claws.

Still, they didn't possess teleportation, flight, the ability to raise the dead, mind control and the plethora of other abilities the more higher-ranking underworld beings had.

"Damn it, why can I smell them one second, then they vanish right after that?" He questioned as he walked down the street.

The young hellhound continued to sniff at the air, the scent popping in at one moment, then vanishing into the wind another.

This was why the hellhounds wished the reapers could do their jobs. They were capable of gathering souls, but their sense of smell wasn't perfect. They could detect souls, but they couldn't track them all over the place. A reaper could sense dying souls anywhere on the planet, another reason they served better as trackers and hunters then the other races of the underworld could.

It was then he heard more movement behind him and turned to look over his shoulder only to see nothing.

"I think the record for hellhounds getting freaked out is about to go up." He muttered and turned before walking away into the night.

Author notes

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