There's a decent chance this is going to be way longer. I've had this idea for a long time. So here is a mini ch to cover the prompt but we'll go from here eventually, so follow and subscribe! Thanks for reading!

Naga focused on another set of enemies, freezing them in their tracks. Soon, though, his vision began swimming and he lost contact with them.

"You okay, Naga?" Balance asked quickly as he stopped an indaver from attacking the silver ranger.

Naga nodded slowly, "I'm fine."

He helped Balance take them down before heading back to the ship.

He spent a while staring at the wall, focusing on his eyes. He frowned when they kept blurring together.

"What's wrong?" Balance noticed him.

"Nothing. Just having vision issues."

"Go to the medbay. Raptor can help you."

He nodded and did as instructed. Test after test was run.

"Your vision is going bad from using your ability so often. Most people on your planet don't use it often like you do, so it isn't as big of a strain on them. If you keep using it, you could go blind."

Naga took a deep breath, "Alright." He headed back to his room, processing the information.