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Eastern Europe in the eighteen hundreds; while the crowned heads to the west were looking to expand their empires, superstition and belief in ghoulies and ghosties ruled the imagination. Especially the subject of vampires. Country folk who dwelled along the Carpathian mountains did everything in their mortal power and knowledge to ward off these fiendish creatures, lest they become unwitting victims and be drained of their blood.

In the small but quaint country of Anvilania, where the main trades were anvil production and tourism in the spring and summer, lived two vampire covens: The Warner Clan and the Dunlikus Clan. The Warners ruled the Anvilanian valleys and hills with an iron yet slightly benevolent fist. That didn't stop the simple peasants from quaking in fear and revulsion whenever some fool dared to mention their names. Oh no, indeed. Unfortunately for the Warners, who simply wished to live in peace and zaniness for eternity, that kind of notoriety drew the envy of their neighbors, the Dunlikus.

The kind of rule the Warners had over Anvilania-including owning nearly all the stocks of the country's main commodity, anvils-earned the absolute and utter loathing of Umlatt and his underlings. As such, they saw fit to start petty grievances and the like as a scheme to dethrone their rivals from their top positions, and for control of Anvilania. Of course, seeing through their antics, the Warners would have none of it and refused to break the peace which might very well threaten the economy, their inconspicuous presence amongst mortals, and who could ever forget their prime food supply?

Then one day, one of the Warners' members, Miss Rita, came upon an abandoned and misfortunate werewolf pup. Lost, hungry, and quite the simpleton, Rita took pity on him and took him into the clan, naming him Runt. While the rest of the coven rather enjoyed having Runt around, not deeming him much of a threat and having the benefits outweighing the cons, it unfortunately ignited an even larger conflict with the Dunlikus.

You see, vampires and werewolves are after all, natural enemies-but heaven knows whoever came up with that idea-and it gave Umlatt and his goons a golden excuse to start all out war with the Warners. And it all went down as well as you might think...

(Now Playing: Shudder Before the Beautiful by Nightwish)

On a dark night illuminated only by the light of a full moon, hordes of shadowed figures charged forward and dueled each other with large, sharp weapons, some just using their own bare hands. Sickening sounds akin to glass or ceramic shattering, along with hisses, demonic roaring, and wolf-like howling filled the nocturnal airs.

'The unknown,

The grand show,

The choir of the stars.


Theater play,

The nebula curtain falls.



A species from the veil.

As we wander,

In search of,

The source of the tale.'

While the Dunlikus proved to be a formidable foe, the Warners strongly held their own...

"Mwah, goodnight everybody!"

Finally, after seven days and seven nights-no reference intended-the war ended in a stalemate. Yet the Warners remained on top, prompting a seething Umlatt who retreated with the rest of his coven to swear revenge. Oh yes, he would get even one day.

"Mark my words!"

(End Music)

Emerging from the conflict relatively unscathed, you would think that the Warners would be basking in a celebratory and patriotic manner at their apparent victory. But all was not well within their coven.

On the last night of battle, one of their own mysteriously vanished into the darkness. No trace of her was found anywhere. The Warners searched high and low in all the local areas of their territory. In spite of their hunt coming up fruitless and with no joy, the Warners refused to give up and spent the next two centuries, expanding their hunt for their long lost sister beyond Anvilania's boarders.

And that hunt continues to this very day...

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