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Chapter 1: The Suitcase

"What's wrong with it?" Marissa asks me as she looks over at her bright purple suitcase, which seems to be so stuffed that I was worried it would burst open any minute now.

"Nothings wrong with it. It's just…" I look back at Marissa who is silently waiting for an answer. "Marissa, do you really need this much stuff? I mean we're only staying for one night. What did you even pack?" I ask, eyeing her purple suitcase that is three times the size of my overnight bag.

"All the essentials: pjs, clothes for tomorrow, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush, three towels, shampoo, conditioner, a blanket, a pillow, a notebook, pens..." At the mention of these items Marissa winks at me. Of course a sleepover meant endless MASH scenarios. I would usually agree to play, but honestly that game just wasn't something I was ready for after what happened with Casey yesterday.

"I think you packed for the both of us," I laugh and walk over to grab my small black backpack filled with my essentials.

"Too bad Holly can't come, but it still should be fun with Dot and the others," Marissa says as she smiles at me, but my eyebrows furrow in surprise as I ask what she meant.

"Dot invited a few other girls from school. She didn't tell me their names but just said that we should know some of them because they're in most of our classes."

I try to smile as Marissa talks about how it would be so exciting to have more girls to hang out with and that it would be like our own little party, but I continue to grimace due to the addition of unfamiliar faces to the sleepover and the change of plans. This was going to be a long night.

"You're sure she's okay with it?" I glance over at Marissa who's laying on her bed while trying to put on her grey converse. It didn't seem to be going well for her.

After hearing my question she sits upright and answers, "Yeah, I asked her yesterday and she said it was fine. She knows how far Sisquane is, so I don't think she wants us riding our bikes."

Mrs. Mckenze had agreed to give us a ride to Dot's house, so we could spend the night. We told Dot we'd be there at 6pm, but it was already 6:20 pm and we were still waiting for Mrs. Mckenze to come home after dropping off Mikey at his friend's house.

"I'm sorry, Sammy. I honestly don't know what's taking her so long. She left an hour ago." Marissa gets up and glances through the window for any trace of her mom's black Audi. She sits back down on her bed and continues putting on her other shoe. She was silent for a while, probably frustrated with her mom and embarrassed that we would be the last ones at the party, but the anger didn't show on her face. Only a concerned expression.

We stayed silent for a few seconds as neither of us had anything to say. It was the right time, I knew that. I just didn't know how to bring it up. How could I even fit what I wanted to say in a sentence or two? All the emotions and words were jumbled up inside my head and I couldn't quite get them out. But I had to try.

"Marissa, I need to tell you something." She looks over and nods for me to go which was really strange as she always fired me with questions immediately after I said anything remotely serious. Her eyes were on me and I could tell that I had her undivided attention. Even with all my rehearsing in my head, my words came out garbled and I paused between each thought before starting over again with new phrasing that I hoped would make more sense." I… remember what I told you before? How sometimes you can be so wrong about someone and realize that one small detail changes everything? Well-" Before I could finish, she jumps up from where she was sitting on her bed and begins talking a mile a minute.

"You're not talking about Heather are you? Because Sammy...she's a witch!" She yells this last part and continues to look at me like I had lost my mind. "You know that!" She yells again.

I was honestly shocked by her accusation. How could she ever think that I thought Heather had changed. Marissa wasn't immune to her snake like charm and I wasn't either. Both Marissa and I were the only people at school who knew Heather for who she truly was and not who she pretended to be. She may have everyone else fooled, but I knew that behind every fake smile and compliment she was sneakily plotting someone's downfall. That someone being me for the last two years.

Of course I assured Marissa that I knew Heather was still a witch and that it would take a lot of good deeds for her to actually change, but before I could bring up what I had been wanting to tell Marissa since last night Ms. Mckenze had opened the door with a set of keys in her hand.

"I'm sorry, girls! I didn't realize Mikey's friend lived so far away!" With that she waved her hand signaling that it was time to go. We grabbed our pillows and bags and headed out the door and even with Mrs. Mckenze driving 15 over the speed limit the whole way, when we got to the party we were 40 minutes late.

Once we drove up to Dot's house, Marissa and I grabbed our bags and thanked Mrs. Mckenze for the ride. Immediately after we got out of the car and Mrs. Mckenze's Audi turned the corner, Marissa was convinced that she had forgotten to pack an essential item.

"I know it, Sammy!" Marissa pleads trying to convince me to go back to her house. After telling her that it would be fine and that she would forget about it once we got inside, she replies with "I hope it won't ruin our night." Before I could assure her that one missing item would definitely not stop our fun, I stop in my tracks to see a few unfamiliar cars in Dot's driveway. Although Dot phrased it as "a small sleepover with just us girls", I was beginning to think that was not the case anymore. It was going to be a long night.