It's too cutesy but I guess I'll go inside. The boy thought. His glasses shone in the light as his black hair blew in the wind.

"Welcome!" Ichigo said as the boy stepped inside the café.

His heart skipped a beat.

"Hi. I'd like a table for one, please." He said.

"Right this way." Ichigo said.

As he was led to his table, he saw the other waitresses working. In a few moments, he bumped into the girl's back from admiring them.

"I'm sorry." He apologized.

"I'll be okay. Here's your seat and menu; would you like anything to drink or eat?" She said with her pen and notebook at the ready.

He looked over the menu and made his choices.

"May I have an oolong tea and some coffee cake, please?" He asked.

"One oolong tea and coffee cake, coming right up." She jotted down the notes and went to get his order.

This is a nice place with friendly staff. I'll have to come by more often. He noted.

"Doesn't that guy look familiar to you, Ichigo?" Mint asked.

"Not that I recall. Why?" Ichigo was curious to know.

"I just got this feeling from him." The blue haired girl said.

The redhead excused herself and grabbed the tray with the boy's order on it then went to deliver it; the door swinging behind her, almost hitting her bottom.

Sorry for having feelings! Mint thought angrily.

"Here you go, enjoy!" Ichigo set the cup, straw and plate with fork on the table.

"Thanks, but I'd rather have you, Ichigo." He read her nameplate.

Blushing, she said, "Sorry, I have a boyfriend named Masaya."

The boy chuckled.

"That's funny because I am Masaya."

"You look so different!" Ichigo noted.

"I had to get glasses after an accident." He told her.

"I'm sorry to hear that; they look good on you." She complimented.

"Thanks." He blushed, embarrassed.

The End