"Livy, want to go to Ratigan's lair with me?" Fidget asked.

"Why?" Olivia replied, surprised at her friend's question.

"Oh, since he's gone, I thought I'd pack up my stuff that I forgot to bring with me and we'll be in and out," Fidget said truthfully.

Olivia and Fidget were behind an opening in Sherlock Holmes's residence. "Now, if you're homesick, let me know," Fidget said as two shadows approached, causing Olivia to glare up at Fidget and shush him. Frightened, Fidget closed the door and they both peered through the door to hear them speak.

"Where's my hat?" Sherlock Holmes wondered out loud.

"Don't look at me, Holmes," Watson said. "You're the one who had it last."

Holmes looked into his pocket and found his deerstalker cap. With pleasure, he put it on his head. "There, much better."

"And off we go, Holmes."

"Off we go indeed."

With the two of them gone, Fidget pushed the door open and the two of them went out to look for Toby, who soon came bounding toward them.

"Hey, Toby!" Fidget cried, "Livy and I are bringing you with us to go to Ratigan's lair and get my stuff I haven't packed yet." He flew Olivia up there and hopped on. "Go!" Toby dashed quickly across the streets.

Suddenly, the trio came to the sewer, where Ratigan once lived. Fidget flew Olivia down the sewer.

When they reached solid ground, they were about to enter Fidget's room, only to be held hostage by Ratigan, who bounded them with ropes. Ratigan cackled. "It's nice to see you again, dear Fidget and you as well, Miss Olivia." He rubbed her chin. She bit his finger. "Ah!"

"Hey, don't touch her!" snapped Fidget.

"Aww, feeling left out, Fidget?" Ratigan asked slyly as he rubbed his chin, too. "Here, I'll help you with that."

Fidget bit his other finger.

"Ow! Feisty bat!" Ratigan yelped as he waved his finger. "Wonder where you got it from?" To his men, "Men, untie them."

Olivia and Fidget looked at each other, thinking they could make their escape, but stopped to realize this could be a trap.

"Take them away!" Ratigan ordered and his men brought them over to a dark room to lock them in. "Olivia should've trusted her friends more carefully."

Fidget sighed. "I should have known Ratigan was still alive."

"But you didn't and that's okay," Olivia said, putting her hand on his shoulder.

"I shouldn't have made you come if you didn't want to," Fidget said.

"But I enjoy being with you, Fidget," Olivia reminded him. "Because I'm your friend and I'm there for you when you need me."

"But friends don't make people go places they don't want to go to."

"Fidget, get a hold of yourself!" Olivia reprimanded slightly. "We'll get out of here and together we can stop Ratigan. We'll get Basil."

"We're trapped here forever because of me," complained Fidget.

"Fidget, please don't," Olivia pleaded.

"And it's all my fault! I finally know what it's like to be captured. I should've drowned!"

"ENOUGH!" Olivia snapped, having enough of Fidget's negativity. She took a deep breath before continuing. "Look, Fidget! Ratigan's back and I'm counting on you! We're trapped in this room and all you can do is blame yourself! Right now, you're not being the Fidget I know, you're someone different! You can't always prevent bad things from happening! I know you can get us out of here, but if you give up, why don't you find a way out of here now and be done with it? Fine with me!" She defiantly crossed her arms and looked away from him.

"Okay, find a way out now," Fidget muttered to himself flatly, then his face lit up. "Find a way out now."

Olivia turned to face him again, surprised by his newfound confidence rising again.

"Yeah! We'll find a way out now!"

"Fidget, wait a minute! What are we going to do?"

Fidget dug through the rocks to find light. The light shown through the window. "Come on, Livy! Hop on my back! We're out of here!"

Olivia immediately followed him and climbed on his back. "And we're off to find Basil!"

"Basil, Ratigan's back!" Fidget cried worriedly.

"No, that cannot be!" Basil said, "But we'll arrest him for sure." He whistled for Toby, who apparently followed Olivia and Fidget all the way to Basil's. Basil, Dawson, Olivia, Fidget, and Olivia's father crawled up to Toby and they were off to Ratigan's hideout.

"Ratigan!" Basil shouted, which caught Ratigan off-guard. "You have harmed these children for the last time!"

"Bad rat!" Fidget snapped.

This gave Ratigan a heart attack, making the others laugh.

Ratigan's thugs, seeing what they've done to poor Olivia and Fidget, turned on him and helped Basil and Dawson put him in hand cuffs and the rat was finally put away for good.