Writer's Note:

Vector the Crocodile is a treasure in the Sonic franchise, especially with the "Find The Computer Room" meme that started in Shadow the Hedgehog.

The fact that the meme was never referenced in Sonic Boom has inspired me to write this story, especially with the Shadow the Hedgehog game's 15th anniversary coming up as of this writing, so lets do it to it.

It was another normal day in the village, Vector the Dectective Crocodile was chilling in his private office, waiting for his next big mystery when, suddenly, Sticks the Badger came crashing through the window and on full alert with her boomerang and bo staff in her hands.

"Whoa, Sticks!" Vector cried, "What'cha doin' breakin' through the croc man's windows?"

"I must find the computer room." Sticks yelled, "Its important if we're to survive the upcoming robo apocolypse, the computer room is vital to saving the world from the impending menace that is the bringer of the apocolypse itself."

'Computer room? Robot apocolypse?' The detective was curious. He sprang to his feet, action hero posing and flashing a toothy grin. "Find the computer room, eh?" Vector chuckled, "That sounds like a case to solve. Alright, badger girl, lets go embark on our search."

With Sticks at his side, Vector began scoping around Hedgehog Village, looking high and low for anything related to computers. The Old Monkey was confused and uncertain as to what they where talking about soon as their search for the computer room was brought up.

"You're looking for a computer room?" Dave the Intern asked at Meh Burger, "That's just absurd." The duo decided to ask the village leader next, so they headed for city hall and found Fink in his office just as he was stamping bills into law as he always had been doing so.

"Where did this whole computer room deal come from?" Fink asked no sooner than Vector and Sticks brought up why they came to his office, "I have never heard of a computer room and why is it suddenly a big deal, it sounds like something out of a strange story in my honest opinion."

As they left city hall, the duo speculated that maybe Tails knew where "The Computer Room" was. "I bet that fox is the gatekeeper and guardian of the computer room." Sticks said, "Tails is known for keepin' all kinds of secrets within his house and workshop."

"Great deduction, my dear Sticks." Vector remarked, "I like that suggestion, perhaps Tails does know the way to the mysterious Computer Room."

They headed over to Tails' workshop and found the two tailed fox tinkering with his inventions as usual, Sonic's little buddy was surprised when Sticks and Vector came in, especially since they never gave him a heads up on when they would show up.

"Yo, fox goober." Vector said casually, "We're tryin' to find the Computer Room and Sticks believes you know where it may be, unless you got a computer here and your lab counts as a computer room without any of us even knowing."

"What?" Tails was surprised, "'Computer room'? Whats going on, is Sticks going crazy with more conspiracy theories again? Why don't you go bother Eggman about it, I doubt that Sonic, Knuckles or Amy have anything to do with the so-called computer room."

Leaving the workshop, Sticks snapped her fingers, "So far the villagers and their leader and Tails don't know a thing about it, this means that Doctor Eggman is number one. We're gonna have to pay the doctor a visit and find the computer room at his lair."

"Then to Eggman's lair it is." Vector smacked a fist into his hand. They found a boat and drove out to sea, leaving the island behind and heading straight for Doctor Eggman's evil island lair which was surrounded by rocks and lava.

Within the depths of his lair, Doctor Eggman himself was in the main chamber, observing Sonic and his friends on a computer screen with Orbot and Cubot, planning another one of his evil schemes when... BANG, the door burst down and Sticks entered with Vector.

"DOES ANY OF YOU KNOW HOW TO KNOCK?" The doctor thundered.

"The jig's up, Eggman!" Vector declared, "Where's the computer room?"

"Computer room?"

"Figure it out, Eggbreath." Sticks said with a sneer.

"If you're looking for a computer room, you're standing in it!"

Eggman gestured around the room, Sticks and Vector looked at their surroundings, at Eggman and at the huge computer screen on the wall. Then at last, Vector declared, "The mystery is solved, we found the computer room, it was in Eggman's lair all along."

"Excuse me?" Orbot asked, "What is the big deal with the 'Computer Room'?"

"Its gonna be used to bring about the robo-apocolypse." Sticks explained and, before anybody could do anything, she and Vector started smashing stuff all over the room, robots, the control console and the big computer screen itself before heading out the door, triumphant.

Eggman was in shock and so was Orbot and Cubot. "THEY TRASHED MY COMPUTER ROOM!" The doctor exclaimed, breaking down in tears as sparks fell from the wrecked tech within the chamber. "We can always fix it, boss." Cubot said in a soothing manner.

Later, Vector sat in his office, smiling happily as he wrote down in his detective diary of what had happened today, which was a really good day. Together, he and Sticks had solved a big mystery. In fact, he'd basically solved it, Sticks was the one who started it.

"The search for the computer room was fun." The crocodile said to himself with a chuckle.

The End