Hello everyone! New story! Experimenting on the first chapter. Just to see how it goes. This story is different from a Family's Oath. Totally completely different story line from a Family's Oath. It starts with Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift and its Sean Bosewell loves story with my new character Nadia Prince.

I do not own any of the Fast and Furious characters! I only own Nadia Prince!

Enjoy guys!

Chapter 1: Where It All Started

Nadia Prince was having a normal day, then she heard about a new kid enrolling into school. She didn't really understand the big deal. So, the guy is new. So, what. She did get a good glance at him when he took a seat next to her. She will admit, he's pretty good looking. Though, he looked a little lost. They made eye contact briefly. She gave him a small smile of encouragement and ignored him for the rest of the day until lunch.

Nadia was sitting by herself working on her homework so she wouldn't have to worry about it tonight. She wasn't hungry. She'll eat when she gets home. She heard someone sitting across from her. She glanced up and saw it was the new guy. She averted her dark eyes back to her homework. As she was focused on her homework, she heard someone sit next to the new guy and she knew who it was.

"Japanese food is like the army." She heard Twinkie scoffed and place his bag and tray beside the new guy. "Sup, Nads." Twinkie greeted, Nadia gave a lazily wave and continued with her homework. "I notice you don't have a laptop." Nadia rolled her eyes. Not even five minutes of being here, Twinkie is already bombarding the guy with his crap.

"Yeah?" Sean shrugged and glanced at the girl sitting across from him. She's beautiful. Nadia could feel his stare but ignored it.

"I hook you up." Twinkie smirked. Nadia rolled her eyes.

"Oh god." She muttered. Twinkie pulled out a laptop from his backpack.

"Fifty percent off." He said. She still senses the stares from the new guy sitting across from her. She had that affect on guys just like Neela, but Nadia always comes in second. Yes, guys find her attractive, but they only get close to her just to get to Neela because she's in a relationship with Takashi. So, she has given up on guys.

"No I'm cool." The guy breathed as he continues to eat his food in front of him.

"Sixty percent off." Twinkie urged.

"I ain't got no cash man." He stated holding his juice up in his hand.

"Alright, alright." Twinkie breathed pulled out another object. "What about a cellphone then?" Nadia rolled her eyes and glanced at Twinkie.

"Twinkie, for the love of god, leave they guy alone." She groaned earning a smirk and glance from the new guy named Sean.

"Everybody needs a cellphone." The boy ignored the annoyed the groan from his friend. Sean can see the girl named Nadia with an annoyed look on her pretty face.

"No offense." Sean sighed. "But I probably ain't gonna be here long enough to remember either of your names." Nadia took that as an insult.

"Alright." Twinkie reached into his bag again. "Then your gonna need some new shoes." Nadia lightly slammed her pen on the table.

"Seriously, Twink?" She asked and leaned back in her chair.

"You like Michael Jordan?" Twinkie asked putting the whole bag on the table and reached his hand into his bag. "I love Michael Jordan." Twinkie commented as he placed red shoes on his bag.

"Twinkie, ever heard the word no?" She asked with sarcasm dripping from her voice. Twinkie ignored his friend.

"Brand new Jordan's, not even out yet. LeBron James couldn't even get his hands on them." Nadia rolled her eyes and shook her head. She watched as Sean's eyes drifted from the shoes to the wheel on Twinkie's bag. She crossed her arms over her chest and let out a sigh.

"You know what that is?" She breathed.

"You selling that Sparco steering wheel.?" Great, another one. Meaning this guy is all about the cars.

"Hell no." Twinkie stated. "That's mine, made even paid retail for it."

"Whatcha drive?" Sean asked.

"Oh, my ride?"


"My rides one of a kind." Twinkie gave Sean a proud smile.

"Oh, it's one of a kind alright." Nadia sarcastically commented. They both ignored her.

"Show me." Sean demanded.

"I thought you weren't sticking around." Twinkie smirked standing from his seat. "Anyways, it's not my ride you need to see." Twinkie breathed gesturing to the girl in front of them. "Mines awesome, but hers." He whistled as he walked back over to the feed table leaving Sean and Nadia alone. She's gonna kill Twinkie later for bringing her into this.

"You ride too?" Sean raised an eyebrow.

"What?" She scoffed. "You think because I'm a girl I can't drive?" She narrowed her eyes sat him feeling even more insulted. She packed up all her homework and stuffed them in her bag. "I was taught by one of the best." Nadia stated and pushed herself on the seat and walked away leaving Sean baffled by what just happened. He looked over his shoulder and watched Nadia walk past Twinkie. She slapped the back of Twinkie's head. Twinkie followed her.

"What the hell?" Sean muttered to himself.

Nadia stormed to her locker while Twinkie struggled to keep up with his friend.

"Come on, Nads. Talk to me." Twinkie pleaded. "You know I didn't mean to bring you into this." Nadia stopped and spun on her heels and glared at Twinkie. He halted in his steps and took one step back.

"But you did. You know I hate being paraded like some trophy or piece of meat." Nadia ranted.

"I know, I'm sorry, but I saw the way you looked at him during class and I thought," Nadia cut Twinkie off.

"It doesn't matter what I think of him. You know how guys try to get close to me they only want one thing, no two things. Neela and DK. That's all they see me for. Just a ticket to get close to two important people. So, next time, think before you bring me into anything." She ranted to Twinkie. Nadia spun on her heels and walked away. Twinkie sighed in defeat and his shoulders slumped over as Neela walked up to him.

"What did you do?" She asked. Twinkie shook his head.

"I got her involved with that new guy. Now, she's pissed." Twinkie told her.

"You mean the cute guy?" Neela asked. Twinkie nodded. "Does she like him?" She asked. Twinkie gave her a look.

"You do remember what happened to Nadia the last time she liked a guy?" She winced at the memory. She's never seen Nadia that angry before.

"Do all of us a favor." Twinkie pulled Neela out of her thoughts and looked at Twinkie. "Try not to lead this guy on." Neela raised her eyebrows at Twinkie and crossed her arms over chest.

"Excuse me?" She asked him feeling insulted.

"I saw the way you looked at him and the way he looked at you. He'll see Nadia as a ticket to get to you. Just try to stay in your lane." Twinkie told her and walked away from Neela. Leaving the girl baffled by Twinkie's accusation. She scoffed and walked away.

Nadia headed to the garage to change and get ready for tonight. All her work was done so she won't have to worry about it.

"You're here early?" She heard Han greet her from his desk working on paperwork.

"Finished everything at school. Didn't want to stay there any longer." She told him and walked up the stairs. "I'm gonna get ready for tonight." She told Han and walked into another room. She took a quick shower, dried her raven black long hair and got dressed for tonight. She put on dark red flowy tank top, black shorts that go down to her mid thighs and black knee-high heeled boots. She styled her hair in a half up, half down ponytail style. She applied smoky eyeshadow and dark red matte lipstick. After finishing applying her makeup, she checked herself once over. Satisfied with her look she walked out of her bathroom and grabbed her keys on the way out of her room. She opened the door and was greeted by Han.

"Ready?" He asked her. She gave him a small smirk.

"I'm always ready." She responded and brushed past Han. He smirked and followed her. Nadia greet all of Han's girls and crew as she walked to her beautiful purple and black Mitsubishi Evo.

"You gonna race tonight?" Han asked her as she got in her purple and black Evo.

"Give me a worthy opponent." She responded, closed her door and turned on her engine. Her car roared to life and she sped out of Han's garage with Han and the crew following right behind her.