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"Sofia," Hugo said hugging his almost girlfriend (he just needs to ask her out).

"Hugo, I brought Minimus so maybe we do a fly around."

Hugo smiled at Sofia.

"About that, two things, the weather is not looking good and Katie is following me everywhere," Hugo said.

"Huey, I heard a fly round, can we do it? Can we, can we?" the eight-year-old princess asked.

"Katie, I told you no, the weather is not looking good later," Hugo told his sister. Sofia brought Minimus into the royal stables.

"Sofia, how are things in Enchancia going?"

"Well is has been about month since James asked Isabel out. For Wassailia they got Amber and I plus Isa's friends 'How to get a boyfriend for dummies'."

"Um, Sofia, did you read it?"

"Yes, why do you ask?"

Hugo was about to ask Sofia out when Axel interrupted them.

"Hey there, baby bro."

"Hey Axel," Hugo huffed rolling his eyes. With Sofia Hugo went to his bedroom.

They chatted for while.

"So, Sofia," Hugo said putting an arm around Sofia as they sat down on his bed.

"What is it,Hugo?" She asked her blue eyes meeting his hazel eyes.

"You are very, what are those horses," Hugo said looking out his window to see Minimus and Electra. The horses landed on his balcony.

"Katie flew off with Maiko, Maiko came back he can't fly anymore," Electra said.

"We need to find her," Minimus added.

"Sofia, what are they saying?" Hugo asked.

"Katie is missing."

"Katie is missing we need to find her," Hugo yelled. They changed into their riding gear and layered up. They each packed a bag with stuff they will need, and Hugo left a note.

"Let's go," Hugo said mounting his horse.

"Minimus, where did Katie go? Did Maiko tell you?"

"She is somewhere on mountains by the Baudelaire family farm," Electra said. The horses flew to a mountain rage by a farm.

"It's getting windy we to turn back," Minimus said.

"We can walk from here," Hugo yelled out. The horses landed and Sofia and Hugo started to hike up the mountain.

"KATIE, KATIE," Hugo yelled.

"Hugo be careful," Sofia yelled as Hugo ran up the mountain.

"Hugo, you need to be careful it is very snowy and icy."

"Sof, we need to find Katie before anything bad happens to her."

Sofia rolled her eyes, as the started to go up the mountain.

"Is that Katie's hat?" Hugo asked running up

to a riding hat that was laying in the snow.

"Hugo, slow down," Sofia called out. Hugo grabbed the hat and slipped down a small part of the mountain about ten feet.

"Hugo are you ok?" Sofia asked.

"Yes, the snow broke my fall. Can you help me up?"

"Hold tight, I'll find a way to get up here."

Sofia went through her bag looking of something to pull Hugo out of the ditch. She founded a rope and tied one end to a tree.

"Hugo, here clime up," Sofia said. Hugo put the hat in his coat and started to climb up.

"Hugo, are you ok?" Sofia asked pulling Hugo up the last few inches.

"Yes, a bit bruise but not as bad as James must of felt after falling down that trash chute."

Hugo hugged Sofia.

"Thanks for saving me, now we really need to save Katie," Hugo whispered. Sofia hugged him back. They heard a noise.

"Who is there, Katie if that is you came here right now," Hugo said.

"Prince Hugo? Princess Sofia?" A female

teenage asked.

"Who are you? Do you know we Katie is?"

Hugo asked. Two teens and a sheep came up to them.

"Alex Baudelaire and my twin Will, our family lives on the farm," the girl said.

"Do you these mountains? My sister is missing she flew off on her horse and now

She is lost," Hugo yelled.

"Princess Catherine is missing?" Alex asked.

"Yes, also don't call her Catherine she hates being called Catherine," Hugo said.

The sheep ran up to Sofia.

"What is your name?" Sofia asked.

"His name is Lamp, he is good at finding people. Do you have any of Princess Katie's clothes?" Alex asked. Hugo pulled the hat out of his coat.

"Here, please help me find her," Hugo cried. Lamp sniffed the hat and started to run off.

"Follow that sheep," Will said. The four teens followed the sheep. It started to snow harder and the wind picked up.

"KATIE,KATIE," Hugo yelled running up to a snow covered body.

"Huey," the little princess whispered. Hugo picked his sister.

"There is a cave not so far away we can wait out the storm in there," Will said. Alex picked up Lamp and the four teens walked against the wind into a cave.

"Katie, are you ok?" Hugo asked.

"Huey," Katie cried. Hugo brushed snow covered hair out of Katie's face.

"Alexy,I'm going to use the fire wood we were collecting before Lamp ran off."

"Yes, it is freezing we really should start a fire."

Hugo looked over at Sofia.

"Are you ok?" He asked.

"Is Katie ok?" Sofia asked. Hugo had wrapped her in a warm blanket.

"She is sleeping now, but I can tell something wrong with you?" Hugo asked. Sofia sighed, and looked into the fire. Hugo went closer to the fire still holding his sleeping sister.

"Sof, what is wrong?" Hugo asked putting a arm around her.

"Sofia? What is going on?"

"My birth dad died in bad snowstorm at sea," she whispered.

"Sofia, I'm here for you," He whispered.

"I just turned five, I still miss him everyday, and big snowstorm make me,"

Sofia cried into him.

"Sof, why didn't you tell him and wound have went after Katie by myself?"

"Hugo, if you are have went by yourself you will still be stuck in that ditch."

Hugo looked into her face, her big blue eyes were filled with tears.

"Sofia," Hugo said. He wanted to asked her out, but they're in a cave with two strangers and his sister almost froze herself to death.

"You are very beu- kind," Hugo told Sofia.

"How long do you think the storm will last for?" Will asked.

"Willy, I don't know, hopefully by the morning," Alex said tending to the fire.

"It's gonna be a long night," she said looking outside.

"It is, Sofia, do you know what to do?" Hugo asked. Sofia pulled some food from her bag.

"Does anyone have anything to cook with?"

"Let's see, I have a canteen, All of the tea that was it is gone," Alex said handing an empty canteen to Sofia.

"Hmm, I can melt some snow to clean it," Sofia said looking at the canteen.

"I can get the snow," Will said getting up, Sofia handed the canteen. Sofia looked the ingredients and decided to make a soup.

"If there not enough food it should go in age order than you, um how old are you?" Hugo asked Alex.

"Fourteen, fifteen in March."

"Ok, it goes Katie, Sofia, the twins, and lastly me."

"Your majesty, Will and I are just peasants."

"And I'm a gentleman, it could be ladies first if you want."

"Age order. I'm the oldest sister so my younger siblings go first."

"How many siblings do you have besides for Will?"

"I'm the oldest of ten, there's Jack he is twelve, Ellie who is nine, Oscar is eight, Abby who's six, Rachel is four, Lizzy is three, Jace is two and baby Charlie is an infant."

"Wow, that is lot of siblings."

Will came back with the cante. Sofia melted the water and cut up some vegetables that the Baudelaires gave to her.

"Katie can have the soup and we can have something else," Hugo said.

"Ok," the other teens said.

"Huey?" Katie whimpered waking up.

"Catherine, when we get you will be in trouble, I told you not to go on the fly around," Hugo chastised his sister.

"Huey, where are we?"

"In cave, hopefully the storm will past by the morning."

"Owww my leg, it hurts," Katie cried.

"Can I take a look? Which leg hurts?" Sofia asked. Katie nodded and pointed to her left leg. Sofia looked at Katie's swollen leg.

"Katie, I think your leg might be broken, I'm going to make brace with these two sticks and my scarf."

Hugo handed Sofia his scarf. She used two thick sticks about the size of Katie's leg and I secured them with the two scarfs.

"Huey, who are we with?"

"I'm Alex Baudelaire," Alex said.

"Will Baudelaire."

"Ok, your name is Axel my oldest brother."

"Oh, my full name is Alexandra."

"Ok, my full name is Catherine."

Alex smiled and laughed a little.

"Are twins like Sofia's step-siblings Amber and James?"


The Baudelaire twins laughed a little.

"Thinking about what happened at the art fair over the summer."

"The one in Galonia for the art academy."

"Or more famously known as the art fair where James fell down and confessed his love in a trash chute."

The teens laughed.

"What is so funny?"

"I'm teasing James and his girlfriend."

"Oh, like Axel was teasing you and Huey," Katie said before Hugo put his hand over her mouth.

"Katie," Hugo muffled as both him and Sofia blushed.

Sofia took the cante off of the fire and let it cool off and handed it Katie.

Katie started drink it, the teens ate the snacks. Lamp walked up to Katie and the little princess laughed.

"What is your name?"

"His name is Lamp."

Katie talked and played with the sheep as the teens talked about who will take the night shift.

Sofia and Hugo agreed to do first shift and the Baudelaire twins agreed to do the second shift.

"Sofia, I have something to ask you?" Hugo asked as Sofia fed the fire.

"What is it?"

"Um, do want be my girlfrie? can I be your boyfri?" Hugo stammered. Sofia went over to him.

"Are you asking me out?"

"Yes, Sof, you are the most beautiful, kind, caring, sweet, brave, daring, smart, princess I ever knew."

Sofia blushed.

"Hugo, can I be your girlfriend?"

"Yes, can I be your boyfriend?"

"Yes," Sofia whispered kissing Hugo on the cheeks. Hugo smiled pulled Sofia into a hug, and she lend in for a kiss on the lips.

"Wow, that was so magical, James was right."

Hugo kissed her again as they laughed.

The next morning the weather was much better. After securing Katie to Hugo's back they started to hike down the mountain. The Baudelaires and Katie asking why Sofia and Hugo were blushing.

"I can hook up the family horse to the wagon bring you guys back to the palace. My parents won't care," Alex said walking her family's farm.

"I can write you a princely pardon," Hugo told the twins. After getting to the palace gates Hugo found a some paper and a pen quickly wrote a note and handed to Alex.

"Thank you Alex, thank you Will, thank you Lamp," Katie said before Baudelaires left.

"How's Katie doing?" Hugo asked Axel a few hour later.

"Her leg is broken, you are very good brother, baby bro."

"Thanks, big bro."

"I guess you also a good boyfriend now too," Axel teased. Hugo blushed and Sofia kissed him and the cheeks.

"He is."