"Come on lazy bones! Time to go to school!" my mom says as she is opening the curtains in my room, letting the light flood in and wake me up.

"Okay, okay I'm up," I angrily responded to her. Why does she have to have so much enthusiasm for school? My mom, Katniss Mellark, is never this excited in the morning. Her and dad, Peeta Mellark, must have slept well because I can already smell the pancakes he's making. They are only up this early if they slept well, or else it's make your own breakfast.

I get up out of my warm bed, take a quick shower, and decide what to wear. I finally put on a cute Stranger Things crop top. It is one of those long-sleeved hoodie crop tops and it is black with the show's logo on it. I also put on some cute ripped jeans and my vans. I put on a little bit of makeup to highlight my "natural beauty". My mom taught me how to do this at the beginning of high school one year ago. I am a sophomore now and I turned 16 over the summer.

I used to dread going to school because guys would always try to "hang out" with me when they really just liked me for my looks. I am pretty good looking. I have a pretty big bust, nice curves, and a good sized butt. Almost every guy at school hits on me. But they have stopped trying to hit on me as much once they realized I wasn't interested in them. It took them a year but they finally got it.

I walk down the stairs and see Dad making his pancakes and I go over to him and give him a hug.

"Hey Flower! How did you sleep?" he asked. I loved his nickname for me.

" I slept pretty well. Better than normal," I say as I give him a kiss on the cheek.

Mom is already eating her pancakes next to my brother Chris. He is 13 and is extremely annoying. He always barges into my room and ever since I learned about Mom and Dad's Hunger Games experiences, he has been extremely nosy. I once found him trying to sneak around my room to find my diary, but I'm not stupid and I hid is and put a lock on it.

I get a text from my best friend Emma and say a quick goodbye to my family and leave.

Are you coming? I am outside right not-Emma

Yeah let me grab my backpack. I'll be out in a minute-Lexi

Okay, hurry up! I want to know all about your trip to District 4! :)-Emma

I start to walk to our normal meeting spot, the Victors Village gate, and then that's when I stop in my tracks. I see Finn and his parents driving towards us.

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