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"The 3 Ghosts of Lisa Loud"

December 25, Christmas, time of love and peace, at least it was not so for a 28-year-old woman named Lisa Loud, with a stingy, lonely, selfish and bitter attitude. She did not believe in Christmas and for her they were a lot of stupid things, anyone who thought otherwise could go to hell, I mean, through the door of her store where they crossed to buy, she had a brother named Lincoln, who was her Employee, in these Christmas days, had paid the minimum, very little, little to not be able to buy for Christmas dinner, and not even to pay the prosthesis of his son Lemy who was born without a left leg.

But this year, he was going to learn the true meaning of Christmas.

One night while he was sleeping in his room he heard a somewhat chilling voice:


Lisa woke up.

- Hi? Is there someone?

But he didn't see anyone.

- Meh… It should just have been my imagination.

He went back to bed to sleep, until he heard the noise of the door of his room, open. He started to freak out.

-AHHHH! WHO IS IT?! - Lisa yelled.

At that time a ghost appeared that looked like her dead mother, Rita Loud.

-Liiiiiisaaaaaaa ...

-Who are you? Why do you look like my mother?

-I'm her ghost, I came to warn you Lisa, that today 3 ghosts will visit you.

- What? W-why ?! - Asked terrified.

-You'll know. - the ghost left.

Lisa, still terrified, calmed down and went to sleep. -Maybe it was a nightmare. - The brunette said to herself.

I spend 20 minutes asleep to hear a voice that is calm and at the same time threatening.

-Liiiiiiiisaaaaaaaaa ...

- GAH! WHO IS IT? - Lisa got up terrified.

There a ghost appeared.

-I am the ghost of Christmas from the past.

-What do you want?

-I have a lot to show you. He picked up Lisa and they left the house flying through the sky. They loomed over a cloud which began to show something. A memory. -You will see this happened a year ago.

-Yes, last year was fabulous. - Lisa said.

-No, it sucked, because of you. - Said the ghost of future Christmas showing him that last year the time Lincoln invited him to his house to spend Christmas, he made it one of his worst nightmares by smashing the Christmas tree and painting in red "Christmas is a sham" traumatizing Lemy.

-That child doesn't understand, Christmas is a farce, why can't he be more like me? - Lisa asked being a hard head.

-Uffff ... - the ghost of past Christmas, decided to return Lisa to her house, she did not understand anything, but her other companions would help her. - Better I don't show you anymore, but I warn you that 2 other ghosts will visit you, I hope your bad behavior fades away. - he went.

- Neither bad behavior nor 8/4, besides that he wanted to show me, that Lemy is a hen, as soon as he is big and stingy like me for blaming everyone for being born without arms, everyone will understand me. - Lisa went back to sleep again.

But I hear another voice:



From there a ghost appeared.

-Who are you? - Lisa asked.

-The ghost of Christmas present. - He made the chestnut levitate going to heaven to Lincoln's house showing how things were there.

-What are we doing here?

-I came to show you how Lincoln is having a hard time because he did not collect enough money for dinner, but what if he shows his face to face the problems? Look. - I point to Lincoln and Luna Lemy's son. - Poor Lemy, with the little money you give to your brother, he cannot pay the wooden leg for poor Lemy, even so he does not lose hope, he keeps that smile that makes a newborn cry, keeps the hope that you help him to be a boy like any other.- They returned to Lisa's room. - A last ghost will visit you, you will see what will happen to you if you continue like this. - it goes.

-Relax Lisa, this must be a nightmare. - Before Lisa went back to bed a ghost appeared.

-Booooooo, I'm the ghost of future Christmas, come with me, I'll show you the terrible future if you keep giving a coin to your brother Lincoln.

They were flying through the sky showing in a cloud that they failed to get the wooden leg, he was sentenced to be in a wheelchair, and the rich bullies pushed him down the ladder killing him as he fell from the window, Lincoln blaming her and being marginalized and finally it ended up being thrown into a river.

-No ... No ... what am I doing? I'm supposed to spend Christmas with my family. - burst into tears - and help Lemmy get his paw. BUAAAAAHHHHHH! I don't want to die by my own hand. At that moment everything began to fade.

-Ah! - Lisa woke up sweating and with tears around her eyes. - All was a dream. I have to remedy my mistakes. - He got dressed and left the house.

He went to his brother's house to ask for forgiveness, with half of his money he spent to get the wooden leg for Lemy, a quantity he donated to the poor and at the end he went to Christmas dinner with his brother.

Since that day Lisa Loud, she stopped being the stingy and selfish woman who did not believe in the holidays to a new woman, kind and gentle.


Here Luna Is not a Loud (Luna Parker).