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AN: This was originally entered in A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words (Micro) Holiday Edition. The banner was the image I entered that went along with this forty-nine word story (contest rules had a max of fifty words). During the contest it did get a couple of requests to continue and I don't really see myself doing that. I might, just as some sort of a tie-in to something else, like have it as one of my post BD one-shots, but I don't see it. I'm not that comfortable writing Renee as she's not a character that really speaks to me, but you never know, maybe I'll extend this in the future.

Failed It!

Renee tried a number of times to make a perfect buche de noel for Phil's upcoming Christmas party.

The first attempt ended flat, the second in pieces, and the third looked like some sort of mushroom growth.

But with the third, she gave up, deciding to go with it.