I am Rebecca, and I have Autism I also am a Phantom along with Danny.

Rebecca: Hey Danny!

Danny: Hey Rebecca!

Rebecca: Are you okay?

Danny: Yeah you?

We look at each other for a little while.

Rebecca: Why are you looking at me?

Danny: I don't know...

Rebecca: *I start making autistic noises* Sorry 'bout that.

Danny: It's okay. I understand.

Rebecca: I am autistic.

Danny: I know.

Rebecca: Do you understand?

Danny: Yes.

Rebecca: So, what are we doing tonight?

Danny: I don't know.

Rebecca: We should hit up the nasty burger?

Danny: Ok.

Rebecca: Yeah meet you there!

*3 minutes later*

Danny: Hi.

Rebecca: Hey.

Danny: So what do you want?

Rebecca: I'll just have a burger plain.

Danny: Ok.

He goes up and orders.

Danny: They'll be with our orders soon.

Rebecca: Wow. This looks yummy!

Danny: I have been having so much fun with you.

Rebecca: Yeah, but I am dating Paulina.

Danny: That's ok.

Rebecca: I have been dating her for a while...

Danny: How long?

Rebecca: 2 hours?

Danny: Wow. Cool.

Rebecca: I'm just going to go for a date later.

Danny: Yeah. Ok, see ya!

Rebecca: Ok!

Danny: You wanna hang out tomorrow?

Rebecca: Sure.