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Chapter One: Bilbo Remembers

It was very early on a particular morning when a figure moved in the darkness of his home. Making sure not to wake the only other occupant in the house, the figure quickly lit a match before placing it against a candle. The flame from the match spread to the candle and the figure blew out the match. The candle revealed a short in size, but not in heart creature known as a Hobbit by the name of Bilbo Baggins. Bilbo quickly got changed into his day clothes from his night clothes. A white shirt with a red shirt and brown pants he was now attired in. The Hobbit then made his way through his home to his study. Coming into the room, Bilbo set the candle down on the desk while keeping it out of the way. Then turning to a chest next to the desk, Bilbo opened it up and looked through a few items from a long time ago. An old contract sat atop the bundle of things over a small blade. Bilbo carefully moved some of the stuff out of the way before pulling out a red book. Then turning back to the desk, Bilbo set the book down and opened it to the first page. Resting between the cover and the first page, two pieces of paper sat. The larger one was of Bilbo when he was much younger. The second piece of paper was an image of him, a group of Dwarves, a man in a grey cloak and pointy hat, a group of children along with a group of bizarre looking creatures. Bilbo then began to think aloud to himself of what to write, "My dear Frodo…"

He dipped a quill into a jar of ink before continuing, "You asked me once a while ago if I had told you everything there was to know about my adventures."

He glanced to the open chest in the corner with a half-grin, "And while I can honestly say that I have told you the truth…" Bilbo chuckled to himself and added, "I may not have told you all of what happened."

Bilbo sighed at the thought of how much time had gone by, "I am old now, Frodo. I'm not the same Hobbit I once was."

He looked between the two pictures of him and his friends and smiled. Deciding to know what to write, Bilbo then said, "I think it is time for you to know what really happened.

"It began a long time ago…" Bilbo said as he wrote what came to him, "In a land far away to the east. The like of which that you would not find in the world of today."


Long ago…

"There was the city of Dale." Bilbo said as he started to remember the story of what happened, "Its markets were known far and wide. Full of the bounties of vine and vale. Peaceful and prosperous."

The people of the prosperous city were milling about through the streets. People were either conversing, buying products or just enjoying the peace. But it was not the only city. For in the nearby mountain, another city lay. Bilbo then said, "For this city of man lay before the doors of the greatest kingdom in Middle-earth: Erebor.

"Stronghold of Thror, King Under the Mountain. The mightiest of the Dwarf Lords." Large statues of Dwarven Lords had been built right outside the gates of the wall that separated the city from the outside world. A stream of water ran from the mountain as lush trees were seen all over the mountain.

On top of the wall, Dwarf soldiers stood at attention and readied their spears when a regally dressed Dwarf walked in front of them. The Dwarf was their king, Thror who was dressed in a royal cloak, armor. His beard was adorned with metal braces of sorts and had a crown resting atop his head.

"Thror ruled with utter surety…" The inside of Erebor was much more impressive than it walls, for the city ran deep within the mountain. The city took up most of the inside of the mountain and ran from top to bottom. And at the center of the mountain near the peak was the throne of Thror. "Never doubting his house would endure, for his line lay secure in the lives of his son…"

A younger Dwarf walked up to the king's throne. This was Thror's son Thrain, dressed in robes made of fur and had his aged beard braided. Standing next to the king's throne was a much younger Dwarf, "And in his grandson."

The younger Dwarf, Thorin, had a thinner robe of fur and had regal looking clothes under it. Bilbo sighed before he said, "Ah, Frodo. Erebor."

Torches lit up the entire underground city and were scattered throughout, "Built deep within the mountain itself, the beauty of this fortress city was stuff of legend."

The city expanded deep within the mountain and Dwarves hustle and bustled about. They went about doing their jobs, mostly crafting what they found within the stone. Thror and Thrain went about to check on the progress of those fiddling with all sorts of jewels, gems and metals, "Its wealth lay in the earth, in precious gems hewn from the rocks, and in great seams of gold running like rivers through the stone."

Thror and Thrain looked over the side of a railing down to some of the miners. The miners were hanging on long ropes and hacking away at the rocks with pickaxes to get to the metals or gems underneath. Other Dwarves were crafting with the materials that came up from the mines. Five were using hammers on a slap of metal to get it into the right shape, "The skill of the Dwarves was unequaled, fashioning objects of great beauty out of diamond, emerald, ruby and sapphire."

Another Dwarf lifted a rock and carefully held it up when to large smithing hammers clashed against the stone. The Dwarves continued digging into the mines and went deeper beneath the mountain, "Ever they delved deeper, down into the darkness."

One Dwarf was carefully chipping away at a rock wall and one final chip uncovered a stone that he had never seen before, "And that is where they found it. The Heart of the Mountain. The Arkenstone."

The Dwarf was so mesmerized by the stones beauty and was able to remove it from the rock. The stone gave off a glow tat made it seem like the stone was from another world. The miner brought it before the king. Thror placed it above his throne, "Thror named it 'The King's Jewel'. He took it as a sign, a sign that his right to rule was divine."

Members of Thror's court stood around him as a new party entered the throne room. Word of the Arkenstone had spread far and wide, for their guests were a few elves of the Woodland Realm, "All would pay homage to him."

Leading the group of elves was the lord of the Woodland Realm, King Thranduil. He and his elves were dressed in fine elvish clothing and armor while Thranduil had a small crown of branches upon his head. The elven king gave a small smile and bowed in respect, "Even the great Elven King, Thranduil."

But such joyous times were fading fast as a darkness spread over Erebor. Thror's attitude started to change after the discovery of the Arkenstone, "But the years of peace and plenty did not last forever.

"Slowly the days turned sour and the watchful nights closed in." Thror soon hoarded a large amount of the gold into a large chamber of the mountain. He was awestruck from how much gold was there. He twisted and turned to look at it all, "Thror's love of gold had grown something too fierce. A sickness had begun to grow within him."

Thror was being watched from the shadows by Thorin, who was worried about his grandfather. The young Dwarf prince backed away into the shadows while also becoming slowly infected with the same sickness, "It was a sickness of the mind. And where sickness thrives, bad things will follow after."

It was a sunny day over Erebor and Dale, but it would not be a happy day. The people of Dale could hear a loud sound coming from the north that sounded like a storm, "The first sound they heard was a noise like a hurricane, coming down from the North."

A strong wind from what was coming caused some trees on the mountain to lean or fall to the ground. The wind also caused the flags on the walls of Erebor to wave uncontrollably, "The pines on the mountain creaked and cracked in the hot, dry wind."

The high winds caused a few Dwarves to run to the gates of Erebor. Thorin met an older Dwarf by the name of Balin at the top. The wind whistled and Thorin was able to guess what it was. Glancing to his friend, Thorin then ordered, "Balin, go sound the alarm."

They both ducked down when a flag was ripped from its pole. Seeing how fast the wind was becoming, Thorin the repeated, "Call out the guard, Balin. Do it now!"

"What is it?" Balin asked, not knowing what was happening as Thorin walked into the mountain. The prince stopped before looking to his friend and said a single word, "Dragon."

He saw a shape flying overhead and quickly went between the pillars to the other side of the wall. Then looking down into the city, Thorin then warned the other Dwarves, "Dragon! There's a dragon coming!"

This caused everyone to look to the prince. A loud roar made Thorin and Balin both look out to the world as a few burning pines was sent flying through the air. Dragon's fire clashed against the wall of Erebor, "He was a firedrake that had come down from the North."

Thorin ran forward and grabbed Balin just as the dragon fire descended onto the wall. While the unfortunate Dwarves were incinerated because of the flames, Thorin and Balin moved behind one of the pillars to avoid the flames. They both gasped from the heat of the dragon's fire. They closed their eyes as more flames came on either side of the pillar, "Smaug had come."

The dragon turned to attack the city of Man before going into Erebor. Unleashing a torrent of dragon fire, it incinerated a few kites. The people looked up in fear as the dragon started to terrorize them. They screamed and ran when the dragon unleashed more of his fire that set ablaze a tower before Smaug knocked it down. The people continued to run while a few blew into a warning into large horns. The dragon continued to attack the city of Dale and destroyed another building. Some people were able to escape the dragon fire, but others weren't so lucky. Smaug unleashed a blast of flame upon the gates, cutting off an escape route. The fires continued to spread throughout the city and destroyed everything in their path, "Such wanton death was dealt that day.

"But this city of Men meant nothing to Smaug." The dragon then turned his sights to the city that mattered to him. The people of Dale continued to run and get out while the dragon was gone. The fires still raged over Dale when Smaug reached the mountain, "His eye was set on another prize. A much bigger prize."

Inside the mountain, Thorin and Thrain lead a battalion of Dwarves to the gates to fight off the dragon. The dragon was bashing against the other side of the doors before using his dragon fire against it. The dwarves stopped a few feet from the gates and prepared themselves, "For dragons will covet gold with a dark and fierce desire."

Another burst of flame came between the doors and the Dwarves readied their weapons. While Thorin and his father prepared to defend the city, Thror rushed back to his throne. Standing on the seat, Thror pressed a button that released the King's Jewel from its spot above the throne. The Arkenstone fell into Thror's hands and the old Dwarf king held it close to his heart when he heard the dragon roaring. Smaug was able to bash the door down and the splinters fell to the ground. Bracing themselves, Thorin shouted a command in Dwarvish. The dragon started to force his way into the mountain and the Dwarves readied themselves. Smaug unleashed a great blast of dragon fire that caused the entrance to the mountain to be obliterated. Dwarves either lost their lives to crumbling stone or the dragon fire that followed. Smaug entered the mountain and squashed any Dwarves that found themselves under his feet. Thorin and Thrain were able to duck down and stay safe as the dragon passed over them. The defending Dwarves were either trampled by the dragons or were swatted by his wings into the walls. The dragon fire burned outside the mountain just as much as it did on the inside while the dragon went deeper into the mountain. Smaug was able to find the treasure trove of the Dwarves and quickly made his way into the chamber.

Thror carried the Arkenstone in his hands as he made his escape. But when he entered the treasure chamber he screamed when he saw the dragon already there as Smaug sent a wave of coins flying. The force of the coins knocked Thror against the wall. When he fell to the floor, Thror looked down the stairs just as the Arkenstone tumbled and was buried beneath a sea of coins, "No!"

Thror crawled to the coins to try and get it back, but fortunately, his grandson rushed in and grabbed the king, snapping his grandfather out of his sickness trance. Thorin pulled Thror back as Smaug roared and thrashed about in the treasure chamber. Then pushing his grandfather in front of him, Thorin shouted, "Come on! Let's get out of here!"

They joined the other surviving Dwarves and quickly fled out of Erebor. The Dwarves were quick to make their escape from the burning mountain, "Erebor was lost to the Dwarves. For a dragon will guard their plunder as long as they live."

Thror ran amongst the dwarves as they made their escape while Thorin helped a few of the injured out. He handed the injured Dwarf to another and looked amongst his people to make sure that no one was left behind. He shouted to the passing Dwarves, "Run! Run for your lives!"

Then looking up the hill, he thought he could see an army of Elves standing on a far hill to the west. King Thranduil sat on the back of a moose and motioned for his soldiers to halt. Thorin looked to the hill again and saw that it was the Elves, waved to them and shouted, "Ah! Please, help us!"

Thorin looked up to the Elven king and Thranduil looked back. Thorin waited to see if the Elves would help them, but Thranduil only turned his moose around and started to depart. A disbelieving Thorin could only watch as the Elves left them in their hour of need, "Thranduil would not risk the lives of his kin against the wrath of the dragon. No help came from the Elves that day or any day since."

Thorin glared at the departing Elves before following after his homeless people. The homeless Dwarves walked for many miles trying to find somewhere to live. Their numbers crossed over many lands, found refuge with other Dwarf kingdoms or just continued to wander for a better life, "Robbed of their homeland, the Dwarves of Erebor wandered about the wilderness a once mighty people brought low."

Thorin helped to lead his people to where he would believe they would be safe. And as he journeyed with them, he kept watch over them, still hardened by the events of what happened to his homeland, "The young Dwarf prince took work wherever that he could find any, laboring in the villages of Men.

"But always he remembered the mountain smoke beneath the moon, the trees like torches blazing bright during the night." Thorin continued to journey with his people and often remembered looking to his ruined homeland after the attack, "For he had seen dragon fire in the sky and a city turned to ashes."

Thorin was able to find work as a smith for the world of Men as he beat on a piece of hot metal with a hammer. But as he pounded the metal, Thorin continued to think of all he had lost, and became angry at those who didn't help him or his people in their time of need, "And he never forgave and he never forgot."


"And that my dear Frodo…" Bilbo said as he continued to write, "is where I and a few extraordinary friends come in."

The Hobbit smiled when he remembered the day that the Digimon Tamers came into the story. But he continued to write his part before going on to the next, "For, quite by chance, the will of a Wizard and meeting a few extraordinary children and their Digimon partners, fate decided that we would become a part of this tale."

Bilbo smiled as he thought before continuing to write, "It began… Well, it began as you might expect it to. In a hole in the ground is where I met a group of friends whom I would become fond of. It was during this time that I would meet with the Wizard, a Company of Dwarves and the Digimon Tamers. And they, like me, have extraordinary tales of their own."


Author's Note: I only stop it here is because I'm going to allow Bilbo tell the Tamers tale. Now I will keep it a little simple and bring back a small tale of mine with maybe a few twists. But I am really happy to get this story started, for Tolkien's stories are some of my favorites. I look forward to reading your reviews. Be sure to leave a comment either about if I've done something wrong or if you want something specifically to happen. See you next time.