Why Is There A Dead Bird in the Fridge?

Disclaimer: Kōhei Horikoshi is the owner and creator of the official characters and world of Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia. All I own is this cute story idea, and original characters.

Author's Note: This is a Catchako and Catzuku Childhood Friends/Established Relationship PWP-ish story. Nyaa~ ( ̄ω ̄)

Izuku Midoriya and Ochako Uraraka were early risers at the 1-A Dorms. The sixteen year old boy and fifteen year old girl always enjoyed waking up early in the morning (usually around six in the morning). Of course, the only interesting thing about these two was the fact they had dual quirks.

Izuku Midoriya and Ochako Uraraka's first quirks were One For All and Zero Gravity. However, both of them share a second identical quirk, which they call Nekomimi. Yes, they're neko. Cat boy and cat girl. The fur of their cat ears and tail reflect the shade of their hair, green and brown. Their eyes are cat-like in shape and form, sharp canines as evident of a cat, plus they're just so cute and adorable even as teens.

Though they have since gotten away with sleeping together in a shared dorm bedroom.

Then again, they've slept together in the same bed even when they were babies.

But, anyway, today was Sunday and is shaping up to be a fun day to relax and not worry about school work of heroics training of any kind. Izuku was dressed in casual green sweat pants and one of his pun t-shirts, whereas Ochako wore her pink shorts and a black tank top. And they're cozy up on the long sofa, softly purring while watching morning television. As the time rolled on, their fellow classmates are waking up and venturing downstairs to face the day that lies ahead.

"Why is there a dead bird in the fridge?" asked Shoto Todoroki.

The nekos perked up hearing this, as Shoto Todoroki steps out of the kitchen, holding a paper bag which inside contains a dead bird.

Specifically it was a dead dove.

The other students of 1-A glance over to the resident cats, both whom pretend to not notice or hear them.

"I told you not to put it in the fridge, Izu," Ochako whispers quietly to him.

"You told me to put it somewhere where we can bury it later without Koda finding out," Izuku whispers quietly back at her.

Kyoka Jiro hears them due to her quirk's fine-tuned hearing, and face palmed.

"Bury the bird in the backyard, you two," she scolded the cats.

The two teens blushed, raced to Shoto and grab the bag, and hurry outside.

"They're lucky Koda's not up yet," said Kyoka.

Everybody went out for breakfast while Izuku and Ochako were forced to clean the fridge out. They complained that it was in the paper bag and not out in the open, but they didn't accept their excuses. But no one really blamed them. Kinda hard to ignore the basic cat instincts… especially when said dead bird kept harassing them yesterday afternoon after school whilst out shopping for mochi, fish, and Ramuné drinks.

They were cats. It's to be expected… I think?