Welcome ladies and gentlemen. Are you ready for Ask the Loud Kids?

"So good to be doing this again," Lincoln said.

"Send the questions forth," Ronnie said.

Based on a certain picture of you on Deviantart, what jams do you picture yourselves grooving to?

"You're All I Need To Get By," Lori answered.

"I'll Be There," Leni answered.

"I Love Rock n Roll," Luna answered.

"Black or White," Lynn Junior answered.

"The Sign," Lincoln answered.

"Thriller," Lucy answered.

"Friend Like Me," Lola answered.

"Forever and Ever Amen," Rita and Lynn Senior answered.

"This Is How We Do It," Lisa answered.

"Barbie Girl," Lily answered.

Ronnie, did you ever think about having a dance party with your family?

"We just had one a few weeks ago. Adelaide can do ballet better than any of us," Ronnie answered.

Who would win in a wrestling contest? Lynn Junior or La Tormenta?

2 hours later, Lynn pulled the final blow, slamming La Tormenta to the floor. 1, 2, 3, bells ring like crazy.

"All hail Lunatic Lynn, the new Lucha Libre champion!" The official announced.

"Good game," Lynn said.

"Thank you," La Tormenta Said.

Luna, Leni, Lola and Lana Loud: what is your favorite fic in the thl?

"A Brother Sister Moment," Luna answered.

"Fashion Makeover," Leni and Lola answered.

"Loud Music Parody," Luan answered. "It reminds me of the time we all went musical while helping Luna with that song".

"That was literally a fun time," Lori said.

"The Secrets Heard Around the Table," Lana answered.

"That was pretty fun to read," Lola said.

Lincoln I gave you the best skills in baseball so now you are a pro MLB player.

Lincoln was on TV. Here comes the pitch. Lincoln, who was so ready to send it away, hit the ball out of the park.

"Lincoln Loud sends it out for a home run! That puts Royal Woods up 4-2 as we end the 7th inning," the announcer said.

"That's our Lincoln!" Lola said.

"Learned from the best," Lynn Junior said.

"We're so gonna be in the AL Conference finals," Rita said.

Luan can you and annoying orange have a pun-off it's where two pun tellers compete to see who can make the most puns before running out of breath?

"Let's do this," Luan said with a determined look.

"What did Pac-Man use to listen to music in the 90s? A WakkaWakkaMan," Annoying Orange said.

"There are a bunch of blankets playing 90s music. They're a cover band," Luan said.

"That one I actually do like," Luna said.

"I went to a seafood disco last week... and pulled a mussel," Annoying Orange said.

"How much does a hipster weigh? An instagram," Luan said.

"My cat was just sick on the carpet, I don't think it's feline well," Annoying Orange said.

"Want to hear a joke about paper? Never mind it's tearable," Luan said.

10 minutes later.

"Can you please go back to music puns?" Luna asked.

Annoying Orange tried to do one, but passed out from exhaustion.

"I Rock!" Luan said while holding a gem in front of her.

After seeing the vlog with the internet challenges, which of you guys would win a Try To Keep Dancing Challenge?

"Let's see," Lincoln said as he turned on some music.

Lana, Lola, Lisa, Luan, Clyde, CJ, Luna, Lori, Bobby and Lincoln took the challenge. They all started dancing.

2 minutes in, "we got this," CJ said.

Lana, Lola and Lisa were out first. Luan lost after 3.5 minutes.

"Aw walnuts," she said.

5 minutes have passed. Lori accidentally tripped and fell, thus eliminating her as well.

"That's literally great," she said.

After 7 minutes, it was down to Luna, Clyde, CJ and Lincoln. Clyde spun himself out at the 8 minute mark.

"Well that was embarrassing," he said.

Then Luna was eliminated, leaving Lincoln and CJ. CJ fell to the ground.

"Lincoln won!" he said to everyone else.

They were clapping for him.

Luan and Luna, you both get to be on Saturday Night Live. What will you perform?

"I love Saturday Night Live," Rita said.

"There's this song called Coinky Dink World. Luna and I can do it together," Luan answered.

"That sounds like a wonderful idea," Luna said.

Lana, are you friends with Snorky from banana splits?

"Funny you ask. He paid me and the other bluebell scouts a visit a few weeks ago," Lana answered.

"Lana was one of the bluebell scouts who lost it for a few minutes," Lola said.

Bobby, Carlota and CJ, watch the Amanda Todd video.

5 minutes later. "That's so rude," Bobby said.

Follow up question: Did any of you 3 have any experience with being bullied or teased?

"There was this one kid in middle school who laughed at me for my clothes. He sent a picture across the school calling me style don't. I wanted to leave so badly," Carlota said.

"Coming from someone with down syndrome, I do remember some kids splattering eggs at me and leaving me out of games. I chose to stay home from school for a week because of that," he answered.

"When I was 10, I was the only Latin American at school. Some kids made fun of me for that. Being A Latin American was also why I was forced to not join any school clubs. I just wanted to cry in bed for 2 weeks," Bobby said.

Maria Santiago and Frida Puga asked if that was true. All 3 of them nodded.

"We're so sorry that happened," Maria said.

Wait until the others hear about this.

Lincoln, did Han or Greedo shoot first?

"My sisters and I just finished watching that scene. Han shot first. No one could believe he would do that," Lincoln answered.

"That was literally too controversial for star wars fans to just watch," Lori said.

"If he was still here, I'd pound him to a pulp," Lynn Junior said.

Carl, you mind doing the honors of playing us out with your little boombox?

"You got it," Carl said.

He turned on "We're All In This Together" by the cast of High School Musical. Everyone danced to that classic hit.

What a way to end, am I right?