Surprise! It's a Christmas special~!

Merry Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or whatever you celebrate. And to all my Dutch folks, I hope you had a nice Sinterklaas.

So this chapter doesn't take place immediately after the last one. I had no particular time in mind when I wrote this. All I had in mind was that the Warners are still new to their home with Kassie and Andy, so maybe like a month or 2 have passed?

I dunno, I don't write with time frames in mind.

Enjoy the Christmas chapter~!

It was a cold winter day in North Hollywood. The ground was covered in snow, something the neighborhood kids were taking full advantage of. Children of all ages were playing in the snow, making snowman and snow-angels, sledding, or just having a chaotic but fun snowball fight. Which was exactly what the Warner siblings were doing.

Ever since they started living with Kassie and Andy they hadn't really made a lot of friends. Most of their adventures, or cartoons they supposed, were more focused on making enemies, intentional or unintentional. So when one of their few friends, a spotted lion cub toon named Ari, called them over while they were heading to the playground of course they met up with her. Which is how they found themselves in a snowball fight with Ari and her friends and brothers.

Because their group was a mix of of humans and toons, the toons had to withhold their toon-powers, but it was a lot of fun nonetheless. That is, until Ari's parents called her.

"Aw, mom… Can't we pleeaase stay a bit longer?" Ari tried pulling the cute eyes Dot had taught her, but it didn't work.

"Come on now, young cub. We'll still have to set up and decorate the tree." her mom said.

Ari's dad nodded in agreement. "Otherwise how is Santa going to know where to leave your presents?"

When Ari and her brothers left, the group of friends didn't stay around much longer either, some being picked up by their parents too, others just tired or not seeing the fun in playing with a smaller group. The Warner siblings, though, they kinda just stood there in confusion. What was a Santa and what did it have to do with a tree?

Maybe Kassie or Andy knew?

When the door opened Kassie looked up from the newspaper to see her kids. "Oh, you're home early." she remarked. "Did you have fun?"

"Yeah!" Yakko answered with a big smile. "I mean- we were going to the playground, but Ari called us over and invited us to join a snowball fight. It was so much fun!"

"It wasn't a snowball fight, you big dumby." Dot interjected. "It was war! And I was winning!"

Yakko rolled his eyes. "Yeah, because you used your 'Cute eyes' to to distract everyone who was aiming at you." he snarked. "You know that's cheating, right?"

"Since when do you care about fair-play, mister I'm-gonna-stand-back-to-back-with-my-sister-to-make-her-trust-me-and-then-betray-her-by-dumping-a-snowball-in-her-face?"

"I ate my snowballs." Wakko happily jumped in.

Kassie couldn't help but giggle at Yakko and Dot's antics. "Alright you two, break it up. War and betrayal stays on the battlefield, soldiers, not at home."

They still glared at each other, but then pulled away, crossing their arms. "…Fine."

"Don't listen to her kids!" Andy called out from the music room. "Last time I dropped a snowball on her, she held a grudge for a week!"

"That wasn't a snowball! That was a piece of the snowman I was building and you knew that!" Kassie hissed back, clearly not over it yet. "Anyway, kids, there's some cookies in the kitchen for you if you want some. The neighbor came by with her yearly cookie-give-away again." Kassie had to smile. The Christmas spirit was strong in that old lady. "She even made some lactose free ones for you, Yakko."

The trio of course immediately sprinted to the kitchen for their snacks. They found the cookies on the table, packed in a little plastic bag with their names on a tag.

The tags also said: 'Santa is not the only one who can enjoy baked goods.'

Santa. There's that name again. The siblings took their bags and went back to the living room where Wakko showed the tag to Kassie.

"Who's Santa?" he asked the cat toon.

It was a question that kind of startled Kassie. She knew they'd been locked up for a while, but the kids were created in 1930. That was at least 30 years before they were locked up, and they didn't know about Santa? Did they not celebrate Christmas at the Warner Studio or something?!

Realizing she'd been quiet a bit too long, Kassie cleared her throat. "Uhh… Santa is the guy delivering presents to kids all around the world." she explained vaguely, hoping to spark some sort of memory. By their blank faces and (incredibly cute) tilted heads, she guessed it failed. "You really don't know who Santa Claus is?"

The quaint sound of Christmas-themed piano music was suddenly interrupted by a bunch of frantic notes being played. "Wait what?!" Andy rushed out the music room, staring in disbelieve at his pups. "You don't know Santa? What has that studio been doing the last 50 Christmases?"

The dog and cat duo shared a look, unanimously deciding on what to do. Kassie put away her newspaper as Andy went over and sat down on the couch.

"Well then, gather 'round kids." Andy said. "It's story-time." The children sat down on the ground, right in front of him. "Santa Claus, or Saint Nicholas as he's also called, is a man who lives on the North Pole. He has a workshop there. A toy-workshop where elves make all kinds of toys for children."

Kassie took over telling the story from there. "You see, Santa is sort of…magical you could say. While the elves work on making toys, Santa is up in his office checking on all the children of the world to see if they've been naughty or nice that year."

"Yeah!" Andy decided to take back telling the story. "And then each year on Christmas, he flies around in his sleigh which is pulled by reindeer to deliver the toys to all the children who made it on his 'nice' list. And all the naughty kids…" He paused for dramatic effect. "They get coal."

He gasped dramatically, which Kassie shook her head at. Though even she couldn't hide the smile on her face. "People decorate their houses to help Santa find them from all the way up in the clouds. Then he comes down the chimney to put presents, or coal, in your stockings or under the Christmas tree."

"But what if you don't have a chimney?" Wakko asked, referring to the fact that their house didn't have one.

Both adults had to think about that one. Of course they weren't going to tell them the truth, not yet. The kids deserved to feel that true Christmas wonder. "You know…" Andy spoke up first. "I'm not really sure. He doesn't skip those houses, that much I know."

"Oh!" Kassie snapped her fingers. "Maybe, because he's magical he can just make chimneys and fireplaces appear out of nowhere and travel through them."

Dot beamed as she jumped up from her sitting position. "Maybe he can use those holes, like Bugs Bunny does!" she piped up. "He can just stick them on the ground, or on the wall and walk through it."

That was an interesting theory too. Although, Yakko had to disagree. "Using plot-holes, sis? Only toons can use those and Santa is human." He looked back to Andy and Kassie. "He's human, right?"

Both nodded, sparking a response from Dot. "A magical human! Maybe toon-powers are part of his magic!" she reasoned. "Why? What do you think he does?"

"I'm glad you asked." Yakko cleared is throat. "You see, I think that he uses his magic to squeeze himself through small cracks. Like through the mail-slot!"

Not impressed in the slightest, Dot just stood there with her arms crossed. "How was that any less ridiculous than my theory?"

"Because my idea didn't require something only toons can do." Yakko pointed out.

"Well, maybe Santa is actually a toon in disguise!" Dot barked at her brother.

"Hey, hey, break it up." Andy put his hands on both their shoulders. "Both your theories could be right. The truth is that we don't know much about Santa Claus." he told them. "I mean, the guy lives in isolation on the North Pole and only comes in while we're sleeping. It's not like we can ask him."

Wakko tilted his head at the new information. "Only when we're all sleeping? Why?"

"Yeah. Don't get me wrong, but isn't that a bit uuhhhhh… creepy?" Yakko asked, rightfully concerned.

A giggle escaped the cat toon. "It's not like that, Yakko, hon. It's just that Santa Claus is afraid."


Kassie nodded. "He spend all year preparing the perfect toys and gifts for children, so he's afraid of disappointing them. He delivers presents at night so he won't have to stick around and potentially see disappointed faces." she explained. "He's a very sensitive man."

The children were silent for a moment, so Andy decided to start the 'How does Santa enter without a chimney' theory chain again. He proposed, since Santa has to deliver presents all around the world, that Santa has control over time and thus has plenty of time to pick the locks of people's doors.

They swapped theories for a while longer, the most interesting coming from Wakko, saying that Santa splits himself into millions and possesses parents to pick up the bag of presents from some unknown location, which they won't remember doing.

When they'd exhausted all their ideas, the couple decided to introduce the Warner children to Santa Claus through Christmas songs, such as Santa Claus is coming to town, and through whatever movies were on TV, making sure to remind them these Santa's were actors. After the 30th time catching the siblings sneaking into the music room to play Christmas carols, the couple was pretty sure the kids understood and were excited.

It wasn't until he and his sibs were getting ready for bed that Yakko really started thinking. He couldn't help but think about what Andy and Kassie told them about Santa. About what the movies taught them about the man. …About how it clashed with the years before moving in with the couple…

He didn't want to voice these thoughts to Wakko and Dot, but the two of them caught on to Yakko's troubled face.

"What's wrong, Yakko?" Dot demanded, instead of asked, her hands on her hip to show she meant business.

Wakko jumped onto the bed, sitting next to his brother. "Yeah. You got that funny look on your face when you're thinking bad things."

Yakko snorted lightly at the phrasing. "It's nothing, sibs."

The younger siblings gave each other a knowing look. "You mean the 'It's a big deal, but I don't wanna bother you with my problems' nothing?" Dot guessed, dryly. "Or the 'It's a big deal, but you're too young for this' nothing?"

"Or is it the 'It's a big deal, but I don't want to disappoint you or make you sad' nothing?" Wakko chimed in.

"Either way it's a big deal, don't lie to us." Dot scolded.

With a groan, Yakko face-planted into his pillow. Sometimes he really hated that his sibs could read him just as well as he could read them. "The last one…" he muttered into his pillow.

It was muffled, but Wakko and Dot heard nonetheless. He didn't want to disappoint them or make them sad? What could that be about?

"Please tell us, big brother." Yakko shook his head. "Pretty please?" He still shook his head furiously. Darn big brothers and their immunity to cuteness. "Come on, Yakko! Just tell us!" Dot finally barked.

The elder sibling's head finally popped up from the pillow. "Fine! You wanna know?!" He glared at his siblings, Dot in particular. "We've never gotten gifts from Santa before, so why would we now?!" Then he dumped his face back in the pillow, his anger sizzling out.

"What?" The younger duo gasped.

Yakko wiped the angry tears away before taking his face out of his pillow again. "Andy said that Santa gives presents to good kids and coal to bad ones." he grumbled. "We never got anything. No presents or coal. So what does that mean?"

"Maybe… Maybe he couldn't find us!" Wakko blurted. "Right? Maybe he didn't know where we were."

"Y-yeah!" Dot hastily agreed. "He delivers presents to houses, right? We never lived in a house until now!"

What Wakko and Dot said sounded reasonable enough, but Yakko couldn't help but doubt it. The younger siblings could see that Yakko was still doubtful, which in turn made them doubt their own excuses.

Wakko's ears drooped. "Were we really that bad that we didn't even deserve coal?"

"Well…we did apparently cause millions of dollars of damage…" Dot began listing off. "And we drove our creator insane… And we probably hurt a lot of people with our pranks- Oh my gosh, we were that bad, weren't we?"

"But- But we couldn't help that!" Wakko cried. "Santa's gotta know that, right?!"

When none of his siblings answered, his ears drooped even more. They'd been bad kids… So bad that even coal was too much of a gift…

"So, what are we gonna do now?" Dot asked, voice wavering. "What if we're still on the naughty-list? What if we're getting nothing again this year?"

"I guess there's only one thing we can do, sibs." Yakko finally spoke, after an uncharacteristic silence. "Be nice. Behave and do good deeds and all that." His sibs nodded, it seemed logical enough. "Maybe we won't get on the nice-list, but maybe we could get bumped down the naughty-list enough to at least get coal."

Yakko looked around their little circle. Both Wakko and Dot nodded at him. So it was agreed. Operation: 'Be on your best behavior' starts tomorrow.

The next day came and the siblings began their mission. They were on their best behavior the moment they jumped out of bed. When asked if Wakko wanted the leftover waffles he even said 'Yes, please' instead of the usual 'Don't mind if I do'. That earned a few funny faces from both adults, but otherwise no issues.

When Kassie announced that they were going to start decorating today the kids couldn't be happier. They followed her and Andy upstairs to the storage room and watched as they got all the Christmas decorations out. This could be their first good deed.

Yakko eyed his siblings, seeing that they were all on the same page. "Should we bring these downstairs?" he asked the older duo.

"Oh, ehmm…" Kassie hesitated a little, stepping out of the storage room for a second. "Yes, but let me check first." She opened the boxes to look at the contents, shoving a few to the side. "Okay. These…" she gestured to the two boxes on the side. "Are decorations for upstairs. If you can handle it, you can bring the others downstairs."

The siblings smiled widely, saluting her in a soldier way. "You can count on us!" they said in unison, each taking a box and sprinting down the stairs. They barely even heard Kassie telling them to slow down and be careful.

When they put the boxes down and peeked in them they found a box filled with tinsel and lights for the tree, another with other tree decorations, and the third held decorations for around the house. Just by looking at the decorations, the siblings found so many ways to place them around the house.

But they had to refrain. The Tenden's probably had their own way of doing things, and them meddling would be naughty. They couldn't be naughty.

Leaving the boxes there, they sprinted back up to get another few boxes. While they took the decorations, Andy and Kassie brought the artificial tree downstairs.

When the couple came downstairs and saw the kids just standing there, not opening boxes, grabbing stuff and the like, they were a little confused. This was unlike them.

"Kids, why don't you get a head start with the decorating?" Kassie prompted gently. "You can leave the lights for now, but you can set up other things if you'd like."

Nodding, Andy opened the box with the tree. "Yeah, yo- Kassie and I will be busy setting the tree up for now." he added, swallowing back a 'your mom' just in time. "You're creative kids, I'm sure you can think of some nice places for decorations."

With permission given, the children dove for the boxes and excitedly began decorating. Putting Christmas-themed table cloths on the living room and dining room tables, setting the wooden Christmas tree on the desk, you name it.

While Kassie and Andy were setting up the tree, they gave each other a knowing look. Something was up with their pup-kits. They were way more…held back? Almost like when they just moved in all over again.

"Maybe it's just the Christmas-jitters." Andy reasoned. "Just give it a little time. This is their first Christmas after all."

Kassie nodded reluctantly. "Yeah… Okay. But if it gets worse-"

"You can whack me over the head and call me stupid." Andy interrupted.

The tree was finally set up after a few minutes and ready to decorate. They called the kids, who dropped what they were doing almost immediately, and informed them it was time to decorate the tree.

"So, how do you need these decorations?" Yakko asked. "By color? Size? Some weird convoluted pattern that we need to know?"

He stopped when he heard Kassie giggling. "Of course not, hon. You can just do it at random." she told him. "Just try to space it and cover the whole tree, but other than that, just have fun with it."

Decorating went off without a hitch. The paren- eerrr caretakers had to compliment the placements of some of the decorations the kids put up. They sure never thought of putting the wooden light-up reindeer in the window seat with other little reindeer behind it. All it needed was a sleigh and it was was complete, though there wasn't a lot of room left.

"Hmmm… Maybe a sleigh pillow…" Kassie mussed. "What do you guys think?" she turned back to her children. "A little sleigh pillow here? It'll work with your reindeer decorations and make it seem like they're pulling a sleigh."

"Yeah!" "That'll look great!" "Do we have one?"

Kassie shook her head. "No, we don't." she said. "But I'm sure the store has pillows like that. I'll just go and see tomorrow."

"We can go!" the trio exclaimed in unison. Another chance at a good deed.

The cat's head perked up in confusion. "'scuse me?"

"We can go to the store and find it." Yakko repeated to her. "I mean…can we?" Gotta remember to ask permission politely. It's the nice thing to do.

Now Kassie was getting concerned. The kids never volunteered for anything. Sure they did a task when it was asked of them, she and Andy didn't ask much of them, but they've never volunteered to do a task, especially not this eagerly.

Wiping the confused and concerned look off her face, she made eye contact with her boyfriend. Seeing this, he nodded and put down the box he was cleaning up. "Why don't I go? There's a few things I had to get anyway, so I might as well."

As Kassie thanked her boyfriend for this, she noticed the children's ears droop slightly. Strange… "Well, I don't know about you three, but I could sure use some fresh air." Kassie said after Andy had left. "Do you wanna come to the park with me?"

What Kassie was observing in the park wasn't good. Sure the kids agreed to come with her, but they didn't seem to be enjoying themselves at all. At the playground her kids enjoyed, Dot kept letting kids who cut the line go in front. Usually she was way more verbal and wouldn't back down from her spot. When one of Yakko's friends came by asking him to play distraction for a harmless, fun little prank, Yakko refused.

Yakko would never refuse an opportunity to play distraction, especially since it meant he could talk up a storm. And from what Kassie could hear, it really was just a harmless prank. They were just going to climb a tree and dump a snowbank from the branches on a friend's head.

And Wakko had outright refused to join a snowball fight, as had the other two when they were asked. Yesterday they'd talked about how much they enjoyed it. Not to mention this was a fight with only toons, so they were allowed to use toon-powers. There was no way Wakko, with his affinity for physical comedy toon-powers would refuse that.

What was wrong with her kittens? Dot lost her spark and attitude, Yakko didn't want to talk for a prank and Wakko refused a chance to show off his toon-powers by eating the snowballs thrown at him.

The kicker and absolute last straw was when another child got his ball stuck in a tree. All three Warners yelled 'I'll get it!' before rushing to the three in a hurry to climb up.

Kassie was on her feet immediately when they did this, but she was too late. Wakko, who'd managed to climb up to the ball, broke the branch he was sitting on and fell down. His siblings were still up in the tree, fighting over who'd get the ball when this happened, so they couldn't catch him. The middle child fell on the ground hard, grasping his arm after impact.

"Wakko!" Kassie shrieked, falling on her knees next to her kitten. "Wakko, honey, are you okay?" her eyes fell on his arm, which he was still clutching. "Are you hurt? Can you show me?" Wakko shook his head, teary-eyed. "Sweetie, please show me you arm."

This time Wakko reluctantly removed his hand. The wound wasn't too bad, just a nasty scrape. It wasn't even bleeding, but Kassie licked it clean anyways. Gathering up her kitten in her arms, she turned to the duo who'd just gotten down the tree.

"We're going home."

"What has been going on with you three? You haven't been acting like yourselves all day." Kassie asked them after sitting them down on the couch. "At first Andy and I figured it was just Christmas-jitters, but your strange behavior has gone above and beyond that!"

The siblings winced. It wasn't often that they actually got scolded. One look at Andy told them he wasn't gonna be much help either.

The older dog stepped forward and knelt down in front of them. "Care to explain what's been going on?" he asked kindly, yet sternly.

Neither one of them answered. Dot suddenly found her feet more interesting to look at and Wakko was too busy picking at his bandage to look at Andy, leaving Yakko to have to spill the beans.

His tail tapped on the couch in a nervous tic as he told them. "We were just trying to do nice things." he muttered just loud enough.

Kassie sighed heavily. "I get that, honey, but there's doing nice things and there's recklessly climbing a tree with dead branches that could snap any second."

"We're sorry."

The woman tried to calm herself down. "Just… Please tell us why you felt the need to do these nice things- That came out completely wrong."

"Yeah, a little." Andy chuckled. "But she does have a point."

"Because we want to get off the naughty list." Wakko spilled.

Dot nodded. "Yeah! Or at least be less bad so we'll at least get coal."

"Wha- Where did this come from?" both caretakers were shocked. "Why do you think you're on the naughty list?" Kassie asked gently, earlier anger forgotten.

It was Yakko who burst this time. "Because we've never ever gotten any gifts, or coal for that matter. And with all the things we did at Warner Studios I-"

"Hold it right there, young man." Kassie had to interrupt her oldest. "You and I both know that you couldn't exactly help your actions at the studio. No one there was willing to help you and left you to your own devices, expecting you to know exactly what to do and how to behave at all times, when that was just not possible. You know it. I know it. And I'm sure Santa knows it too."

"But what about-"

"The presents?" Andy cut in this time. The trio nodded. "I'm sure there's an explanation for that, kiddo. Maybe he was just never able to find you? Where did you stay when there weren't any recordings?"

The trio was silent, afraid how these people, who cared about them a whole lot more than any execs ever did, were gonna react. "Well…" Yakko drawled. "They kinda… sorta… uuuhhhhh…" They were still waiting for an answer. "…made us stay in a toon-proof room?"

"But it had beds!" "Well…mattresses, but we had blankets! Thick ones." Wakko and Dot chimed in.

Andy's anger rose, but Kassie was almost about to fly into a full mama-cat rage. 'As soon as we're able, we're calling TPS on those sons of-'

"We're getting of topic." Andy struggled to get out in a calm tone. He took another deep breath, sitting his girlfriend down on the other couch to calm down herself. "If you were in a - grrr - toon-proof room for that long and then locked up in the water tower - grrrr - it makes sense that Santa wouldn't be able to find you." He couldn't hold back the growls of anger.

"So… So we're not bad kids?" Wakko asked.

Kassie rushed over to pull all the kids into a hug. "Of course you're not." she said softly. "You three are such good kids. If Santa doesn't see that, then clearly we'll need to go to the North Pole and give him a stronger pair of glasses."

That luckily earned a few smiles and chuckles from the children, but just for good measure she purred for them anyways. When they were actually feeling better, they purred back at the woman they've come to see as their mom.

While the purring-pile was comforting each other on the couch, Andy had slipped away to the kitchen. Phone in hand he dialed a familiar number.

"Hey, it's Andy. Get the gang together, I need a favor."

After dinner that evening, Kassie convinced the Warners to write their letters to Santa. It was more trouble than they - that being the children and Kassie - were expecting. They had come as far as 'Dear Santa' before they got stuck.

"What are we supposed to write him?" Dot asked.

Kassie had to think about that for a moment. Since she was drawn as an adult, she never wrote a letter, not even in her Christmas specials. "Well, you can write Santa about the things you've done this year. Then ask him a few presents you'd like."

"What we've done this year?" Wakko wondered.

The older toon smiled sheepishly. "Sorry. Most experience I have with these letters comes from movies. Children write things like 'Dear Santa. I've been very nice this year. I've helped a friend with a problem, so they don't have that problem anymore. All I want for Christmas is-' and then add a list of presents."

Wakko and Dot, getting the gist of things, started working on their letters again with big smiles. Yakko was a little slower than his siblings and struggled a bit more, but he eventually got to writing as well.

Kassie let out a quiet sigh of relief. Oh, she wished Andy didn't have to meet up with that friend of his. He was so much better in the creative writing department. Heck, in one of their Christmas specials he had a little brother, a toon from another studio, and helped him write his letter to Santa. He had experience.

"How's this?" Kassie had to jump back as Wakko shoved his letter in her face.

'Dear Santa.

I haven't been so good this year, but I've been trying. Since moving away from the studio, I've been getting better at not accidentally hurting people. I hope you can find us this year.

All I want for Christmas is-'

He hadn't written down what presents he wanted. "It looks great Wakko." Kassie told him. "But don't forget to write what you want, okay?"

The middle child nodded and sat back down right as Dot walked up. "Is mine okay?"

'Dear Santa.

I've been trying my best to be nice this year. Back at the studio we didn't know we were being bad, but we do now and we're behaving. Did you ever find us at the studio?

What I'd like for Christmas is maybe some new hair accessories? I love my flower hair tie, but I also wanna try something else. Can you also get me a new mallet? My old one is still at the studio because it was 'their property' or something. If you can't, can I get that pretty pink bunny plushy?

Thank you~

Love, Dot Warner.'

"Very nice, Dot. Looks like yours is good as done." She handed the youngest Warner her letter back. "I'm going to grab some envelopes. We can send your letters off tomorrow if you're all done."

When Kassie came back with three envelopes Wakko had also finished his letter. He also asked for a new mallet, probably copying it from his sister's letter, and also a couple durable smashing dummies.

Yakko took the longest with his letter, but he also managed to finish eventually. Instead of asking Kassie to check, though, he just took the envelope and was done with it. I mean, not that he had to show her. It was just surprising considering that his siblings did.

"There. Now we'll just have to send them tomorrow."

That night Kassie snuck out of bed while everyone was sleeping. Her curiosity was killing her! She quietly went downstairs and grabbed the envelope she knew was Yakko's. Luckily this kitty had nightvision.

'Dear Santa.

To be honest, I haven't been very good this year. Before Kassie and Andy took us in, I did some bad stuff at the studio. So I understand if you'll ignore my letter.

I won't ask for a lot this Christmas. Maybe just a sled that my sibs and I can enjoy. The only thing I really want is a promise that me and my siblings will never be locked in the water tower again. Please?

We finally have a home and people around us who are nice to us. I don't want that to be taken away. I don't want to be taken from the only people I'd consider parents.

Even if it's all I'll get, I just want that promise.

- Yakko Warner.'

Teardrops fell on the letter as Kassie let out a quiet sob. Was Yakko really this afraid that they'd get locked up again? Did he really think she and Andy would let that happen? As she put the letter back in the envelope she made a note to talk to her oldest boy in the morning.

The next day Andy woke everyone up early. Apparently he'd found out where Santa's special mailbox was. The children were immediately up and getting ready, while Kassie woke up dazed and confused. Special mailbox?

Well, they were about to find out soon enough. The kids were practically ready to skip breakfast for this, not that the adults would let them. After breakfast, though, Wakko and Dot raced out the door with Andy quickly following to make sure they went the right way.

This left Kassie to get the letters and Yakko to get the scarves they forgot.

Actually this was perfect. "Yakko, before you run after Wakko and Dot, can I talk to you?"

"Uhh… Sure?"

Closing the door behind the, she decided to talk while they walked. "I'm sorry, but I read your letter last night."

Yakko went a little tense. "Oh…"

"Sweetheart." Kassie stopped and turned the kid to face her. "Even if Santa can't help, I can promise you one thing. I will fight tooth and nail if it means keeping you far away from that water tower." She knelt down to nuzzle his forehead. "Andy and I talked about this on the first day I brought you home. No one will be taking you away. We won't let them."

No longer able to hold the tears, Yakko threw himself in Kassie's arms. She, in turn, kept nuzzling him and whispering reassuring words. It didn't take long, but long enough for the rest of the family to get worried and head back.

"Yakko?" the younger siblings called out, slightly worried to find their big brother like that. "Are you alright?" Wakko asked, tugging his scarf lightly.

Yakko huffed out a relieved laugh. "Yeah, baby brother. I'm fine now." He let go of Kassie to hand his younger sibs their scarves. "Now come on! Let's go find that mailbox!"

"Yeah!" The trio ran off following Andy, but not before Yakko told Kassie 'Thanks'.

It wasn't long before the family found what Andy was talking about. A very decorative mailbox was standing next to the regular one. It definitely hadn't been there before. It certainly looked real.

"Well then." Andy commented. He bend down to pick up Wakko, Kassie doing the same for Dot. "Let's post your letters, shall we?"

The three of them were given their letters and, all at the same time, pushed them into the mail slot. The decorations on the mailbox lit up for a few seconds before dying out again. The letters were posted.

While the kids did a little celebratory dance, the couple stood a little to the side. "So, are you gathering them later, or…?"

"Tyler's got me covered on that. Don't worry, Kass."

Christmas day had barely arrived when the kids woke up from the ruckus downstairs. They were immediately on high alert. Did Santa come already? They decided it was worth the potential scolding and rushed down the stairs to check.

Presents… There were presents under the tree! Oh they could cheer if they weren't supposed to be asleep right now.

"Couldn't wait, could you?"

The lights turned on, blinding the already startled Warners. When they could see again, first thing they saw was Kassie by the light switch. But unlike the scowl they were expecting, she just smiled.

"I kinda figured you wouldn't be able to. Though, to be honest…" She sat down in front of the tree. "Neither could I."

"Wait for me! Wait for me!" Andy exclaimed, pounding down the stairs in a hurry. "There is no way that we're missing these photo moments!"

When Andy was downstairs, he gave the okay for the kids to unpack their presents. And unpack they did. Wakko barely even made sure if it was his present he unpacked, while Dot shoved aside any present that wasn't hers and Yakko carelessly ripped away at the wrapping paper.

In short, Andy had a hard time keeping up with the photo moments…

Wakko and Dot were incredibly happy to find the mallets they asked for in their presents. There were also two adult sized dummies for Wakko to go with it. The sled Yakko wanted was also among the gifts as well as a mallet for him. While he was more about verbal humor, he did like the occasional whacking. Dot immediately fell in love with the new hair ties and bows and all the like that she got.

There were even a few presents they didn't ask for which weren't Santa's, they were from Andy and Kassie. The trio each got a sweater with a little text on them. Yakko's was lavender and said 'I'm a punny guy'. Wakko's was light blue with darker blue horizontal stripes and read 'My favorite food is everything'. And Dot's was pink with thin white horizontal stripes and said 'I'm the cute one'.

They seemed to like the gifts, if the hugs and content purrs were anything to go by. At some point Andy went upstairs to get another roll for the camera, when Wakko found another small present.

It was for Yakko. He gave it to his big brother, who opened it and looked at the contents in confusion. It was just a folded scrap of paper. He took it out to see if there was anything underneath it, but nothing.

"Yakko, I think there's something written on it." Kassie noted.

Oh, so there was. Yakko unfolded the paper and read what was written on it. He couldn't help but leak a few tears. Happy tears that is. Kassie embraced her child from behind as she read along with the letter.

'My dearest Yakko.

I can assure you that you and your siblings have not been as naughty as you seem to believe. Your behavior has been excusable, so don't you fret about that.

Even so, I cannot make you that promise, my boy. I am many miles away for most of the year. However, I have been watching you in your new home and I believe there are a certain two toons who could keep that promise for me.

I cannot give you my promise to protect you and your siblings.

But I can give you my promise that your parents will.

Best regards, Santa Claus.'

"And I'm intending to keep that promise up." Kassie told him softly. She had to give it to her creator's daughter. The girl really had a way with words.

Suddenly there was a knocking on the door. The family looked up in confusion. It was nearly 2am, who could that be at this time? Andy came running down the stairs with a bat, just in case, and slowly opened the door. From where Kassie and the kids sat, they couldn't see anything. Andy looked left, then right and finally down, which was when he took a step back.

He chuckled. "Kids, I think this is for you."

The siblings looked at each other, then cautiously walked to the door, Wakko and Dot were pushed behind their big brother. When they were close enough to the door, Andy threw it open, revealing a bag nearly overflowing with presents. There was a note on the bag which Andy snatched and read out loud.

"My apologies for not bringing these earlier. I was never able to find you before now. I had no idea what you wanted for Christmas, since I never received your letters, so I hope these presents will do. I saved them all these years. Best regards, Santa Claus."

"He did get us presents!" "He just couldn't find us!" "We weren't naughty all those years!" The siblings jumped and cheered before they nearly dove into the bag of presents.

The faint sound of bells suddenly caught their attention. The five of them looked around, searching for it. Then Dot gasped. "Look! Up there!"

She pointed to the houses on the other side of the street. There, flying above the roofs, was a sleigh pulled by reindeer. It was Santa Claus!

"Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas Yakko, Wakko and Dot! Merry Christmas to you all!"

While Kassie tried convincing the children to go to bed, the phone rang. Andy got it quickly before it caught anyone's attention.

"Hello?" he whispered.

"Andy? It's Tyler."

Andy couldn't stop a grin from forming. "Tyler! What you did out there was amazing! I've never seen the kids happier! I definitely owe you one."

There was silence on the other end of the line. "Andy, what are you talking about? The plan flopped." Wait what? "The reindeer I asked got a late night gig and left me in the dust."

"Wait, what?" Now Andy was confused. If that hadn't been Tyler flying out there then…

He was pulled from his thoughts by a happy shrieking Dot. Seems they convinced Kassie to let them open one more present. He looked around the corner to see what it was and grew even more confused. "H-hey Ty, I gotta go. I'll talk to you tomorrow, okay?"

"Hey wait! What goi-" *Click*

Andy's eyes stayed on the shawl in Dot's hands. That had not been among the presents he and his buds wrapped. Come to think of it, neither was the train-set Wakko had next to him. Did his buds find more things their kids didn't use and did they just not tell him?

Wait- no, that couldn't be. He'd dropped off the bag at Anna's place. His friends didn't know Anna, so how-?

He looked at the window, zoning out as Kassie brought the children upstairs. His eyes caught on to a gift laying on the window seat. That hadn't been there earlier. Unwrapping it, he found a sleigh shaped pillow. The same kind that Kassie had been talking about earlier that week. He hadn't bought it, and he was sure Kassie hadn't either. Then who-?

Andy huffed, smiling down at the pillow. "Christmas really is a magical time of year, isn't it?" He looked out the window, where it had just begun snowing. "Merry Christmas, Theodore… Wish you could've been here."

I got the 'Christmas lights guiding Santa's way' from a Phineas and Ferb episode. No idea if it's accurate, but I liked it.

(Also, I've never written a letter to Santa before, because we celebrate something else, so I hope these letters are okay)

If you wanna see the drawing of the siblings in their new sweaters, link here: (remove spaces)

www. deviantart digi-bluefox/ art/ Christmas- sweaters- 865032863