Chapter 6.5: Revenge! (Alternative/Extended Ending)

Yes, I've made an alternative ending of this. I'm just giving y'all a choice of which ending you love the most.

(Warning: Graphic & mature content at the end.)

Squit: At least we know where we are now.

Pinky: YEAH! LOST! Still!

They all sat in the van quietly while Squit was driving until Pinky threw up on the floor.

Squit: (looks at Pinky) Hey! Don't fuck up my wife's van. (turns back on the road)

Squit continued driving as the others sat quietly, looking exhausted. The scene later cuts to Squit looking at the road while driving. Then the last scene cuts to the sign that says "Highway to Burbank. Go there!".

The next day…

This morning, Pinky walked across the Hollywood Blvd and headed towards the cafe, which is called Death By Caffeine. He went inside and saw Yakko, Wakko, Brain and Squit sitting on the table.

Pinky: Hey guys! Wattup?

Yakko, Wakko, Brain and Squit: PINKY!

Pinky: (as he sat down next to them) How are ya doing?

Brain: Oh nothing. Just relaxing.

Wakko: Yeah, just my foot kinda hurts tho. Can't believe I have to walk with a walking stick until it recovers for 2 weeks, which sucks.

Pinky: Well, how's your food now?

Wakko: (moves his left foot, which is covered in stitches) Yep, still fine.

Yakko was eating 5 sandwiches a little too fast.

Pinky: Woah, dude. Be careful. Remember, you're still recovering from a wound in your stomach.

Yakko: Well, I can't help it. Plus, I'm starving. (continues eating)

Pinky: (as he rolled his eyes and then turned to Squit, who looked slightly depressed) What's wrong?

Squit: Oh, nothing. It's just...about what happened last night.

Pinky: Nah. Dude, would you forget about what happened last night already?! Jeez!

Squit sadly turned away from Pinky.

Pinky: (sighed) Yeah. About your wife's van… Did she forgive you for this?

Squit: Oh, yeah. Kind of. She was quite pissed when I came home to explain to her. But at least I'm getting her van fixed. (as he smiled a little)

Pinky: C'mon, man. That insane son of a bitch is already dead, anyway. Things will get better and better.

Yakko: I actually do agree here.

Squit: (as he made a bigger smile) Well...thanks, guys! I really appreciate it.

Suddenly, the news appeared on the flat screen TV, which interrupted their conversation.

Announcer, on TV: Good morning, America. This is Ade Hammocks. There's misleading breaking news about what happened last night. (they show the picture of a tunnel, which had a dead body and the SUV inside) The dead body was found in the tunnel of the forest called The Eyes, which is one of the major forests in north California. It was in flames, the SUV was left out and a few weapons were left out, such as a machete and three screwdrivers, which were all covered in blood. Then at 5:00am in the morning, the dead body and the SUV were gone, especially the weapons as well. Both the detectives and inspectors haven't investigated all of this yet as it is an absolute mystery.

Squit and the others were all shocked and surprised about what happened in the news.

Pinky: (in shock) Wait...the body fucking disappeared?!

Yakko: (frightened) And the SUV as well?

Squit: (confused & worried) No! It doesn't make any sense! She was already dead!

Wakko: I have no idea.

Brain: (scared) Nah, for real, I'm so fucking scared!

Pinky: (panicking uncontrollably) the body's missing. (gasped) So...that...means…

Suddenly, they heard an engine from outside getting louder and louder. They looked through the window from outside and out of nowhere, the same SUV from the forest was coming towards them in a cafe fast. As it was coming towards them, they were about to make a run for it. But the glass was shattered as the SUV destroyed the window. Squit's back was crushed by the wheels of the SUV. The SUV crushed Yakko's face into bloody, mushed-up flesh as his brains were shown. One of the broken glass from the window decapitated Wakko in the head as blood was spraying from Wakko's neck, Wakko suddenly fell down dead. Few of the broken glasses stabbed Brain in the chest as Brain fell down, bleeding to death. And finally Pinky got shoved through the walls so hard, he's cranium cracks, he suddenly fell down to his death, losing a few of his teeth and bled from his mouth. Thus ending their lives finally.


Which ending do you love the best? Hope y'all enjoyed my AU fanfic! Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Peace.