Jack was relieved to see Ianto re-entering the house, stepping aside as Owen brushed past to take a spell as the lookout. He motioned Ianto over and Ianto at by the fire warming his hands as the place darkened more by the minute.

"We try not to use any lights, keep quiet and still at night so we can rest and not be seen while doing it Jack said to Ianto "We have a bed for you."

Jack led Ianto to a room where there were two single beds and Ianto glanced at the other one, seeing stuff spread over it. Jack grinned and started packing away the things as he admitted "This is my room tonight too. Thought it would be OK as I am part of night watch so you will have the place to yourself most of the night."

"Thanks" Ianto said as he spread a blanket over the foot of the bed and Jack knew it would be for the dog. Jack looked over at Myfanwy who sat patiently watching Ianto with a look of total adoration.

"She's a good girl" Jack said to Ianto "She is so calm."

"I think she has known a lot of sorrow in her life, when I found her she was near death. Left behind like she didn't matter, her hair matted and so hungry." Ianto said.

"How long have you had her?" Jack asked.

"About four months" Ianto replied and Jack now showed surprise as they moved like they were a unit that had spent years training together.

"Seriously? The way she moved to cover you when the Grey Man was going to shoot!" Jack said with surprise.

"No he wasn't, the safety was on" Ianto said distractedly as he smoothed the covers and turned to stare at Jack, just realizing what he said.

"Now… how the hell did you know that?"

"Well… the red spot of safety on, green is ready to fire right? I do know guns" Ianto snorted, making Jack storm from the room to the backpack he had carried in, pulling out the gun to check it and finding Ianto was right.

The safety was on. A big red spot to prove it.

Jack stared at it, then turned to walk back into the bedroom. "OK, so you saw that in a split second and just stood there?"

"Myfanwy just stood there, I just stood there… you are the one who did something." Ianto smiled.

"So… the dog didn't' seem worried, so you were not worried?" Jack frowned as he reached out and touched Ianto's arm, looking at the dog now on the bed watching him silently.

"Well, she is a good judge of character and she clearly likes you" Ianto shrugged.

"Why do you say that?"

"She is letting you touch me and not growling. She is very protective, something Lisa did NOT like at all. The amount of times Lisa tried it on only to find a dog between us" Ianto snorted.

"Well… I hope she likes me then because I am a toucher" Jack laughed.

"Good, I like your touch…I mean…ah… well… you know… er" Ianto stuttered, his hand sliding behind his neck with a look of alarm. Jack found that so endearing.

"Well… I am off for night shift" Jack said as he slid outside the door and stood there thinking it over. Edidic memory right? Only needs to see it for a second to know it all, right? Right?

It was later as Jack stood in the dark looking over the fields that surrounded the house and made it easier to see anything coming that a little voice in his head said 'but the dog was the one not worried' and he turned to look back at the house.



Jack entered the house with a mood for bed, entering the room to find Ianto moving around in the bedding, his voice hoarse as he cried softly. The dog was holding him down, like she was trying to comfort him but still he struggled in the sheets.

Jack knelt by the bed and reached for Ianto only to find a face full of teeth as Myfanwy warned him off. Then Ianto sat bolt upright, gasping like he was drowning, then fell back and lay there, his hands in Myfanwy's fur as he clung to her taking deep breaths. After a while his eyes rolled to Jack.


"Hey" Ianto croaked, "Shit."

"You OK?"

"Yeah. Night Terrors" Ianto coughed and Myfanwy slid back on the bed, Ianto sitting up again to rub his face "I… I sometimes dream things, bad things and even when I wake I seem to be stuck there for a moment or two."

Must be some dream."

"You have no idea" Ianto sighed, flopping back and rolling to the wall, then to Jack's surprise he started to snore like he had never been awake.

"Well… there ya go. Friends?" Jack laughed softly, reaching out to pat the dog who calmly settled to watch over Ianto, her head on his feet lovingly.

Jack fell into his own bed to sleep and found himself dreaming of a handsome man in a suit that pointed out red spots on everything and talked about safety.