March 3, 2020, 7:30 am

On a cold March day, Joe, 23 and Dave, 25, two urban explorers popular on YourTube, are filming their 37th video – which is their most ambitious one so far in the two years they have been doing this. They have come to the run-down town of Bullworth, where most of the buildings sit silent and abandoned. About half of the buildings in Old Bullworth Vale and Bullworth Town are still occupied, but New Coventry and Blue Skies Industrial Park are nearly 100% abandoned. Bullworth Academy was once populated by humans and rats – but the humans have long ceased using it. And the electroshock machines have long fallen silent at Happy Volts Asylum, which hasn't seen a patient in over 30 years.

The first building that Joe and Dave decide to explore is a small house just beneath the old lighthouse. Its condition has gone well beyond that of "dilapidated". The entire left side of the building has collapsed to the beach below. The entire left wall is missing, and pieces of the wall, collapsed roof, rotting wooden floor, and various items that were inside the house decades ago are partially buried in salty sand on the beach.

Dave spots an arcade machine. "Future Street Race," he reads. The cabinet is split open, and the motherboard is sticking out. Next to the arcade machine, there's an old spud gun. Joe fires it, and a rotten potato comes out. The remains of a bar and some broken drink glasses are in the sand as well.

The two go inside the ruin through a broken window. On the side of the room where the walls and roof are still standing, the floor is still very sketchy, speckled with small holes. Moss grows from the rotting wood. The wallpaper has all peeled to the floor, and what's left of the roof's joists are showing, the ceiling long gone. There's a bed and some eggs on the floor, as well as a birthday card. "Happy 16th birthday, Jimmy, from Zoe 8/31/85" it said.

"I wonder what the people who lived here in the 80's lived like?" asked Joe.

November 8, 1984, 9:24 pm

Jimmy Hopkins's fists moved a mile a minute as he fought the final prep that stood in the way between himself and what he thought was a million-dollar prize. Chad Morris and Justin Vandervelde were both at least a year older than Jimmy and had been boxing since early childhood, but the plucky 15-year-old had beaten them both.

"I need the ice bath more than you." said Chad, in a bathroom in the boxing center in the middle of town.

Parker Ogilvie was down for the ten-count as Jimmy landed his knockout blow to his sternum. Jimmy thought he was earning a million bucks – but he was rebuffed by Justin, who told him that all he got was an old, dilapidated beach house. Old, dilapidated luxury is still luxury, right?

For the first time in nine years, someone lived into the house. Jimmy proceeded to make the house his own. Unlike his dorm, it was rat-free, warm in the winter, and quiet at night. Jimmy played a round of Future Street Race on an arcade machine that the preps had inexplicably, and recently, put in the house. Then he went to bed and got the best night's sleep he'd had in years.