Most of the veggies were seated in First Class this time as they flew on a twenty hour non-stop flight from Tennessee to Hong Kong, China—the site of the latest missionary trip for Big Idea. The kids remained in coach, however.

"I'm sooooo bored, you guys..." Junior groaned, searching around the plane.

Since the Veggies had been on a plane for a long time, the kids were suffering from slight jet lag.

"...wanna play with this old phone I found in the TSA bin?" Laura asked, pulling out something small.

"That's a beeper, Laura." Annie replied.

While the kids continued to groan, Junior discovered something—it was his video camera. He smiled, and turned to Larry, who was seated in front of them (and supposed to be awake and keeping an eye on the kids).

"Hey Larry!" Junior said, shaking the seat.

"Yeah?" Larry asked, suddenly waking up.

"Gimmie a beat..." Junior said, turning on the video camera.

Larry shrugged, then began beatboxing in a "boom-KSCH, boom-boom-boom, KSCH-KSCH" beat.

"Yo, we

Headin' to the Far East,

Straight up to China,

Wonderin' ex-actly what,

We gon' find-a?!"

Junior rapped, holding up the video camera and panning it around the airplane.

"They got,

Dragons, and chopsticks,

Specially' kung fu,

Black and white pandas make the crowd go—" Percy rapped the second verse.

"WOOOO!" Annie and Laura both cheered.

"They got egg rolls,

Dim sum,

Jackie Chan,

This place'll make ya say,

'Man, oh, man!'" Percy grinned. "And then—"

Just as Percy was about to continue rapping, the leek stewardess took the video camera and pressed the "stop" button. Larry stopped beat-boxing as well and lightly chuckled.

"You get this back when we reach our destination..." the leek replied with a slight Chinese accent. "...hmph...Americans and their rap music..."

"Darn..." Junior, Laura, Percy, and Annie all said in unison.

" was a good song..." Percy replied, smiling.

"Yeah!" Laura replied as well.

"Thanks, you guys!" Junior smiled.

"Actually, there's one part of that rap that's a common misconception..." Annie whispered to Junior. "Egg rolls are AMERICAN Chinese food."

"Oh." Junior replied.