There were many places in the world where heroes liked to hang out, some public locations like the Hall of Justice, Titans Tower, and the Justice Society building. Others here hidden away kept secret for many reasons, mostly personal spaces for the heroes, though a few for groups existed. The old secret base of the heroes that were formerly Young Justice fell somewhere in the middle, mostly because people didn't think it was used anymore, when in reality the speedster of that group had been keeping it up to date. Thanks to that many of the members of Young Justice and their friends used it as a place that allowed Teen Heroes to hang out in peace without the eyes of people who would pry. There was to be a small gathering to let some of the teen heroes around the world to blow off some steam and have some fun.

Though things still had to be set up, and Bart Allen along with the rest of the original Young Justice crew were setting up; Bart was working on all things electronic, several game stations set up, a DJ booth with a sound system that would be pumping out tunes till the morning were what the teen was working on currently. Cassie, Cissie, and Greta were in the kitchen, helping set up cooking and making sure everyone kept working, Conner was in charge of the Heavy lifting and yard work to make everything presentable. Tim was on the phone making sure that everyone knew where to arrive and to remind people that there was a no booze policy over what happened last time.

Everyone was moving minus the girls calling Bart to remind the speedster to eat, Rather than be engrossed in his projects, the last thing they needed was the speedster not eating and passing out. Though there were few reasons they kept an eye on him; they knew how he could get once he started moving and working on a project, and while it was great that he got things done quickly. He did also have an odd habit of the teen putting notes down in Interlac, something that only Conner could barely speak let alone read. It also didn't help that Bart had slowly been working the tech into the old hotel in the last few days, and in more than a few ways, most of the gaming tech was well beyond its years and so was the sound system and lights that would be lighting up the dance floor later. Everyone was working hard, but the rest of the group besides Bart had a plan going on in the background.

The plan was to get the speedster a date for that night's party, and maybe even a lightning rod to keep him grounded. The scheme team had tried to get a few girls to come early and maybe share a dance with the teen, sadly most shut them down after hearing who it was for. It wasn't to say that Bart wasn't handsome or even cute in their eyes; no it had all to do with the fact that the golden eyed teen would take advice that he would try from any one. None of them wanted to be at the end of that relationship. They didn't call anyone that they knew Bart had a relationship with in the past, they knew Bart would shield them from all the things he had seen; it also didn't help that one was an adult still and the other was somewhere in time trying to make things right.

That was when Tim got an idea, not a good idea nor a bad idea, but an idea that most of the girls got behind. That was to set up the speedster with Cassandra Cain, mostly because she might not fully understand what the group was doing or even be able to keep up the teenage aged speedster pace. The group had even gotten Cissie King-Jones to make Bart take the time today to give dance lessons too the Asian girl, and Stephine Brown convinced her to take the lessons from Bart after showing the girl some of Bart's Youtube Videos; Bart had set up a smaller dance floor near the kitchen, for small couple dances with a different set of music over what was playing outside on the larger dance floor. Behind the area Bart had a few scorch marks on his hands from working with the different wiring, not that the electricity could harm him, the Speed Force taking the energy and allowing it to flow around him as he finished the sound system that would allow to sets of music to play while balancing the other out. The golden eyed teen still had a few sparks of the Speed Force arcing off him, and his golden eyes gave a wild look as he would look at the clock and moved to the rag in his belt and cleaned off his hands from work he had been doing.

"Bart you are giving dancing lessons in like five minutes, go clean your face and hands for real in the bathroom," Cissie said, she was one of the few people that Bart would actively listen to as he shook his large mop of brown hair and moved to change shirts as well. He was only in the bathroom for a matter of seconds and came out in a crimson red shirt that said Do a Flip, and cleaned. Though his hair wasn't cut like he might normally do, he had been liking having his big hair again. Cissie just shook her head as Bart would grab a remote and would tap play the song Let's Get Ridiculous by Redfoo playing over the speakers as he would do a small warm up moving his chest first popping it, as he would let the movement flow through his body down. The teen turned it into a show quickly the rest of Young Justice watching, but to Bart they weren't even there, and they knew it. The movements got more sharp and a bit more street as he would keep playing around until he heard his name in the same tone his Grandmother used.

Stopping while on his right hand and upside down, about to do some spins he would look up, the Speed Force arcing off him just a bit, as he would look at Cassandra and Stephanie with lightning in his eyes. Before he could say anything at all his shirt fell in front of his face, exposing his toned torso to everyone. He was honestly stunned by the look that bat had; she wore just a simple black hoodie and sweatpants, her hands still wrapped like she just got done doing combat training, her short cropped black hair pulled back in a tight bun. The golden eyed teen recovered quickly as he would do a flip to stand up, not wanting to expose his runners body to someone for too long, he had seen a few girls go more than gaga over it. When he got up he saw that he didn't see that look in Cassandra's eyes, instead he saw what he could only count as surprise and then nothing. It took Bart back a second as he would hold out the hand that was just on the floor, "Bart Allen, I'm guessing you're Cassandra and I'm to show how to dance. But I doubt its formal style you need."

His friends in the kitchen were taken back that Bart cut through the fat of a conversation, more that he could do something like that without stumbling over his words. The teen put his hands in his pockets as he would look at the blonde and raven haired Bat's in front of him. "That's both correct and incorrect. I have been told my movements are too sharp?" The Asian said turning to the blonde as if making sure her words were correct. Stephanie would nod as she continued, "Look Bart,she needs to learn how to flow into a dance. If I ask her to do it, I think of it like fighting well. Guys gonna end up on the floor. The Wayne's need her to learn how to flow in a dance, Think you can handle that?"

"Sure thing," Bart said as he would hold out his hand for Cassandra to take, the raven haired assassin looked first at Steph, then too Tim and everyone else in the kitchen who would get back to work. Or at least what looked like work, really they were all eyes on what was about to happen. She placed her hand in the teens, a small surge of the Speed Force arced around Bart as he would think and thought about how this could work.

His mind raced as it would click in his head, "Ballet? Ballroom? Or Formal?" Bart asked, his golden eyes lighting up like small suns as he would stare into the dark ones of the assassins, had it been a movie many would have thought this is where they would fall in love. But neither showed any signs of the movies, " Ballet." She said softly, as she was confused by all the quick motions that Bart's did making her confused on how this boy was normally. Cassandra learned to speak body language before anything else, but the speedsters were nearly unreadable, making it both curious and odd for the assassin. Bart Flashed a smile as he would speak.

"That makes this easier, you know how to move to the music and not just steps. Close your eyes. Let me and the music guide you," Bart said as he hit the remote again, but the wrong song came on Pony started playing before Bart paused it with a small blush, "Sorry that was at Conner Request. This is the Song, Despacito. Fitting as we are going to take this slowly." He said he would hit play again as the teen moved his hand to her hips, but their bodies didn't touch as he started to move her hips to the rhythm. Bart himself also was moving to the beat of the drums and keeping them in sync with the fighter; every eye was on them as the world for the two melted away as Bart would turn Cassandra around to face him as the singing started, her eyes still closed as the speedster whispered, "Take it slowly. Slowly." He said as the two kept moving, not moving closer but moving like they had practiced the movements that they were doing for days, and had met before this. They hadn't and that's what stunned everyone else there, but Cissie and Steph who were filming it from the kitchen. The song kept moving the two every different teens in the hypnotic pattern, only every now and again would Bart whisper words or have her move her body again. A reminder that she should let the music flow through her, not be robotic with them.

It wasn't until the song ended did either realize that they had gotten close enough that the slightest wrong move would make them share a kiss. They were snapped out of their own would when they heard the shutter of a camera go off, the owner of the shot was Cassie who just blinked with her blue eyes. It was there and only for a split second did they do the romantic comedy thing of Bart suddenly back at the DJ station with what Cissie could tell was a light blush on his pale cheeks, "If you ever need more help I am here. I could always use a dance partner in a few of my vids too. Hope it helps." Bart said as he would start to get back to work. Steph would notice a confused blush on Cassandra's cheeks as she would speak, "Yes. That would be fun." She barely whispered as she moved back to her friends and the two started to think about what just happened.