(Note from the Author) I decided to write this after I just finished reading Rilla of Ingleside. I wondered what would happen if Anne of Green Gables crossed over with Mary Grant Bruce's Billabong books. This is the result. I hope you like it, reviews are highly appreciated Thank you.

Jem Blythe and Jerry Meredith stepped into the massive tent. Men looked up as they walked towards the sergeant in charge of this unit.

"Excuse me sir, I'm Blythe from the Canadian division, my friend and I were told to bunk here as there's no room in our tent."

The sergeant scanned his papers, "Aye, we have a spare bunk down by that wall, go drop off your things."

"Thank you sir. C'mon Jerry." Jem and Jerry made their way through the crowded mass of people and beds, sidestepping various belongings strewn over the ground.

"This is more messy then Nan and Di's bedroom." Jerry stated to Jem, almost tripping on an old pile of boots.

Jem grinned, "Yes isn't it."

They reached their bunks and thunked their bags down. Jem sat with a sigh. It hadn't been that long since he'd left Ingleside, yet it felt like years.

"G'day mates; you're from Canada are you?" Jem looked around at the cheerful voice. A head hung down from the top bunk next to them. A grinning face with brown hair smiled at them.

"Yes we're from Canada, best country in the world if you ask me."

The boy hoped down, "Can't be better than Australia mate. That's where me and my friend are from."

The man in the bed beneath rolled over and smiled warmly. "Name's Jim Linton, and that elephant up there is Wally. I don't know why I let him sleep above me, he's bound to make the bed fall in."

Wally looked affronted. Jem laughed, "Well I'm Jem Blythe, and this chap here is Jerry Meredith. We're from Prince Edward Island." Jim and Jem shook hands. "I've never really heard much about Australia, what's it like?"

"It's the most wonderful place on earth." Jim said a far-away look in his eyes. "We own a cattle station in the north of Victoria called Billabong, a billabong is a sort of pool you know. Live there with my sister Norah and Dad, Wally comes to stay most of the time too. We have horses and we herd cattle and have all sorts of larks."

"Sounds wonderful." Jem said sincerely. "Are your Dad and sister there now?"

"No, they came with Wally and me to England, it's nice knowing they're there if anything happens."

Wally punched Jim's shoulder, then turned his cheerful smile to Jem and Jerry. "So what's Canada like? I've heard it's very nice."

"Nice doesn't do it justice. My mother says that Canada is the most beautiful country in the world, and Prince Edward Island is the most beautiful place in Canada." Jem sat on his bed, thinking.

"What's your mother like? Mine died when I was really young." Jim fiddled with a piece of blanket.

Jem smiled at the remembrance, "She, well I don't really know how to describe her. She's very brave, and patient and whenever we needed comfort or help as kids she was always there. Honestly I couldn't ask for better parents."

A bugle sounded the mess call for lunch. The men rose and exited the tent. Jem and Jerry shook hands with Jim and Wally.

"It was great meeting you mates." Jim said, "I hope to see you again."

"The pleasure is all mine," Jem replied, "Say we should keep in touch. Write."

"Agreed mates."

They walked out of the tent together, fast friends from that day forth. The race of Joseph recognised its own.