A/N: Hello! This is something new on here. I usually do Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's stuff lately, but I do have other interests. This is one of them. I figure I'd try something like this until I can get around to mapping out a full Dragon Age story (be it just DA or a crossover as I have an idea for a Berserk crossover somewhere on the horizon). For now, though, I'm taking a page out of my most popular series on this account and just doing random shorts that pop up into my brain. Enjoy! Also putting this in the 'M' category only because, well, it's Dragon Age but for the most part a lot of the stories could fit a 'T' rating if it wasn't for certain companions' dialogues (looking at you Zevran, Isabela, Iron Bull). I'll also put which game this fits into (which extra note, with DAO and DAI I do a weird thing where I just make a group of characters for stories at times, so don't be surprised if I mention the other Warden/Inquisitor options; however, with DAI only one of them will be the actual Inquisitor and the others I guess would fall under 'extra' companions).

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DAI- Extra Help:

Enfys yawned, stretching her arms over her head. After a lengthy council, she was finally free to relax for a few moments. It had been two weeks since the siege on Adamant Fortress and they had stopped a demon army from manifesting at the price of Stroud's life. The talk she had with Iron Bull almost a year ago echoed in her head. The leader doesn't have to be the strongest or the wisest, but the one who was willing to make the hard choices and live with them. And by the gods, did she have to make a hard choice back there.

At least we could save many of the Grey Wardens, she thought. Though, Cassandra and Solas weren't exactly happy with my choice of having them join the Inquisition, but what was I supposed to do? I couldn't exile them from Orlais! What if Corypheus does bring about another Blight? They're the only ones who can stop it, just like the Hero of Ferelden years ago.

She brought up her marked hand, seeing the slight green glow coming from her palm. Maybe I should have been the one to stand back. I opened a doorway to the Fade during our fall. I could have just had myself stay and fight that spider demon so Stroud and Hawke could have gotten back safely. She sighed. No, even if I did, there's no guarantee that I could do it again and trying from the other side might not even work at all. I need to stay on this side to make sure the tears are all healed up.

"You might want to keep your eyes peeled, Inquisitor. You never know when someone might spring up," a voice called from above, snapping the Dalish elf out of her musings.

"Who's there?!" she called back, instinctively reaching for her back and cursing when she remembered she didn't carry them around Skyhold. "Show yourself!"

A thud from behind caused her to yelp. She whirled around and got in a defensive stance. The figure held up their hands. "Easy, there. Didn't mean to scare you. Just thought I'd give some friendly advice."

Eirlys straightened her back but didn't take her eyes off the stranger. The figure was another elf with long dirty blond hair braided back, lightly tanned skin, brown eyes, and garbed in leather armor. "Who are you? How did you get past the guards?"

"Ah, right. Leliana was wanting me to keep a low profile, but I get a bit antsy when I'm not doing anything." The elf gave a slight bow. "The name is Astra Tabris, former Warden Commander of Ferelden and part of the king's court. At your service, Inquisitor Lavellan."

"Astra Tabris...as in the Hero of Ferelden Astra Tabris?!"

"Ah, I forget that's one of my titles. I seriously need to tell Alistair and Anora that it was a bad idea to put that over my head."

"But- How- When did you get here?! Why wasn't I even told about this?!"

"Well, I didn't want to enter in fanfare, so I just slipped in thanks to Leliana and her spies. As far as when, at least a week ago. Give or take a few days. Alistair asked me to come over since the events at Adamant Fortress probably didn't paint a good picture for us Grey Wardens. Thought it might help with things, and there wasn't much for me to do after passing the mantle of Warden Commander to dear Iara and Tanja went to chase that lead in Antiva...or maybe it was to see her beau again. Never thought to have her clarify."

"But Cassandra said she couldn't find you anywhere. Where were you?"

"I've been on my own little mission involving the lead Tanja had. It's Grey Warden business."

"Was it about the Calling?"

Astra's eyes widened. "You know about it?"

"Stroud mentioned that the Wardens in Orlais had heard the Calling when Hawke had us meet up with him. We got that handled, but we're trying to come up with missions where the Wardens won't cross paths with him or the Venatori."

"Ah, right. I heard about this Corypheus. Leliana mentioned several things about him that's made me nervous. An intelligent, talking darkspawn. One a lot more dangerous than the Architect had been, too. I can stand to put off finding a cure for a while if it means taking him down."

"Well, we still need to worry about one other thing that Corypheus is planning, but I think having the Hero of Ferelden among the ranks should boost morale before the Winter Palace."

"No doubt. Now, how about we-" Astra stopped when footsteps began approaching. Enfys turned to see Cassandra approaching.

"Inquisitor, there you are. There's a matter I'd like to discuss..." Cassandra trailed off when she noticed the newcomer. "Who is this?"

"Ah, well, this is Astra Tabris...the Hero of Ferelden," Enfys introduced nervously.

"Hi," Astra added, raising up a hand.

Cassandra's face went from neutral to shocked to anger within a matter of seconds. She whirled to where she had come from and yelled, "Varric!"

"What? I didn't do anything!" the dwarf retorted from afar.

A/N: Yeah, there's going to be some short and some long like in Surprising Each Other, but unlike that oneshot series it's not focusing over one pairing and just going to follow any characters I made in game/OCs I came up with while playing. Might also do some scenes inspired by the books or comics if they should take place within the same time frames. We'll see.