The legion have a need for protection people. But tonight they will meet a special girl with a very unique problem that will stretch the team's bond with reality itself.

In a place where superheroes were training when they were about to get an unexpected visit from a little girl

The president of the legion of heroes walked in with someone walking behind her

Phantom girl: hi mom

Phantom girl flies down, Brainaic 5, bouncing boy, lightning lady, timber wolf, Triplicate Girl and Saturn Girl joins her

Winema Wazzo: tinya

Phantom girl: what's up

Winema Wazzo: well I got an important assignment for you to do

Saturn girl: hmm

Bouncing boy: really

Brainiac 5: what is it

She moves out of the way to reveal them a small little girl, she had shirt bianc hair, she wore overall shorts, a long sleeve floral shirt, leggings and black flats, she was carrying book beyond her grade level.

At first everyone was confused at first

Brainiac 5: huh

Winema Wazz: I want you keep an eye on someone while I at a meeting

Brainiac 5: I thus a joke mame

Winema Wazzo: no, I know that you all are confused but this isn't just some ordinary girl, she's special

Brainiac 5: oh really, miss we're heroes we need to go out where the action is at, not babysitters

The president and the little girl looked at each other, Winema Wazzo then nod at the little girl, she looks back at them, closes her eyes then opens them to only have her pupils changed to the color sparkling pink and a glowing aura spread around up and while everyone was listening to brainiac complaining, she glow like a shining star, grew taller, she had long flowing rainbow, a pink strapless dress, white long gloves and boots, a tiara crested in pink diamonds, she was stunning and a man eater on her right wrist was a wristband with a heart shaped gem

Brainiac: Ugh...

Brainiac 5 was baffled by her as the girls were familiar by her

Girls: (shrieking)

Winema Wazzo: this is princess Selene, daughter of planet galaxia and


Winema Wazzo: yes, well princess Selene should be easy to care for, she probably spend most her evening in a room doing who know what

She hands them a folder

Winema Wazzo: ok just a few things, her allergies are selected in the blue section, acceptable foods are in the yellow section, pink selection contains approved tv programs, and phobias are in the purple selection

Phantom girl: no problem mom

She takes the folder and puts on a table

Winema Wazzo: the emergency numbers are in book in the kitchen and just call my cell if you have any trouble or questions

She looks at her watch and realize she was late and kisses phantom girl's forehead

Winema Wazzo: good night my pet

Phantom girl: have fun

The girls looked at princess still excited to have a pop star at headquarters, she walks over and sits on the sofa.

Princess Selene: well girls you know what that means

Triplicate girl: (gasps)

Each girl looked at each other


the girls then grabbed pillows and started a pillow fight

Girls: (giggles)

The boys watch gawking at the girls fighting playfully, later the girls had princess Selene settled in a room.

Saturn girl: here I think this room will do

Princess Selene: it's perfect

As she unpacks, they noticed that a box has fallen out of her suitcase


Phantom girl: huh, what's this

She reaches down to pick it up but princess stopped her like she was hiding something

Princess Selene: DON'T TOUCH THAT

girls: (gasp)

The girls saw his fast to took the box and how scared she looked

Princess Selene: uh I mean sorry but this box must never be opened

Phantom girl: why not

Princess Selene: it just can't be opened secret stuff

It became quite between all of them

Triplicate girl: we could play a game

Princess Selene: ok what kind of games you have

Triplicate 1: clues

Triplicate girl 2: Eloise monopoly

Triplicate girl 3: girl power

Triplicate girl: name that state, sorry I don't know how that one go in there, uh herd your horses

Then there was a small knocking on the box when Selene puts it down

Phantom girl: huh

She covers it with a blanket to block the noise

Princess Selene: hers your horses sounds great

(Soft knocking)

Phantom girl: did you hear that

Princess Selene: no

Then that awkwardness came back again

Princess Selene: excuse me but I need to be alone for a few minutes

Triplicate girl: ok we'll be outside when your ready

As they closed the door, phantom girl was curious, she phased the wall and saw her using the gem on the wristband to open the box and what she saw surprised her, she saw variety of dolls from different diversity/species, one with green skin and a purple dress with a silver accessories had her hand up.

Princess Selene: that's enough out of you

She takes a hand and wraps it around her, phantom girl then got confused.

Princess Selene: ugh, AH

she drops the box, grabs her fingers and closes the box shut, phantom girl went to her

Phantom girl: hey what happened

Princess Selene: no uh a spider bit me

Phantom girl: oh ok but we don't have any spiders here but come on let's go clean that up

After they clean up, she wanted to know what happened

Phantom girl: I saw you doll collection

Princess Selene: (gasp)

She had a worried look on her face

Phantom girl: having dolls isn't something to be ashamed of

Princess Selene: it's not that but

Phantom girl: why were you tying your doll up

Princess Selene: you mean Shelly, well she's mad at me

Phantom girl: ok but why is she mad at you

Princess Selene: cause I stole her boyfriend but I was a accident honestly I swear he was flirting with me I didn't even like him

Phantom girl: well come on the team are waiting for us

She grabs her hand only to be stopped by her

Princess Selene: wait can you promise not to tell anyone about the dolls please

She saw how Edgar about her secret, she smiled at her

Phantom girl: don't worry your secret is safe with me

After they played a game of truth or dare, they had made some drinks, phantom girl handed Selene a cup of coco

Princess Selene: oh I'm sorry but I can't have any sweets after 7

Saturn girl : oh go on, it's not like anyone is gonna know

Triplicate girl: yeah go crazy girl

Princess Selene: ok

She takes a slip

Triplicate girl: so tell us more about your dolls

Princess Selene: ok thanks for not judging me

Triplicate girl: it's ok having dolls isn't something to be ashamed of

Saturn girl: and between you and me I have a stuff bear don't tell anyone ok

Princess Selene: ok, well Shelly hates chocolate but Katie loves chocolate especially Belgian kind, she likes to ski which inspired me my winter music show and she is afraid of the dark

Triplicate girl: well that's a bummer for her

Saturn girl: what are you afraid of

Princess Selene: mostly spiders, Angie's afraid of water, Jenny isn't afraid of anything, we used to watch a movie together with her boyfriend chuck but then when I invited her to one of my shows chuck became interested in me then she became jealous of me and tried to hurt me

Saturn girl: ouch

Triplicate girls: wow your dolls sound like fun

Princess Selene: sometimes, but sometimes they aren't

Phantom girl: hey Selene you know what would make this slumber party more fun

Princess Selene: what

Triplicate girl: KAROKE!

Saturn girl: hey yeah

Princess Selene: oh gee I don't know I don't want your friends to flirt with me like Angie's boyfriend did

Phantom girl: oh don't worry their scanning the premises

Princess Selene: oh ok

They had her a microphone and she starts to sing a siren version of if Cupid had a heart

Princess Selene: (harmonizing) ooh, ooh, ooh If Cupid had a heart, He would make you fall You'd fall in love with me

Then a strange blue aura came behind her and moved like snake, it was invisible to the girls mainly cause they were too distracted by her singing, the mysterious aura went to the boys

Princess Selene: In no time at all If Cupid had a heart He would hear my call I want him to know I'm Wanting You So

They were outside when her voice touched their ears they followed

Bouncing boy: hey

Princess Selene: Isn't Crazy, I'm Crazy For You

Bouncing boy: do you here that

Princess Selene: Temprature Rising, And Losing My Cool Only One Problem, To You I'm A Friend How Do I Tell You You're My Perfect Ten I Have Searched The Skies Above Even Tried The God Of Love But He's Yet To Hook Me Up With You

They then be came entranced by her singing, their eyes were blue they watched her sing

Princess Selene: If Cupid Had A Heart He Would Make You Fall You'd Fall In Love With Me In No Time At AllIf Cupid Had A Heart He Would Hear My Call I Want Him To Know I'm Wanting You So If Cupid Had A Heart He Would Surely Throw An Arrow Through Your Soul Better Aim And Go If Cupid Had A Heart You'd Be Mine I Know I Need You To See I Need You With Me Can't Ya See Baby Or Are You So Blind Ever Since Day One Its You On My Mind In A Weak Moment I Lost My Defences Ever Since You Boy I Found All My Senses One Way Love Can Take A Ride Say You Want Me By Your Side Night & Day & Night I Think Of You If Cupid Had A Heart He Would Make You Fall You'd Fall In Love With Me In No Time At All If Cupid Had A Heart He Would Hear My Call I Want Him To Know I'm Wanting You So If Cupid Had A Heart He Would Surely Throw An Arrow Through Your Soul Better Aim And Go If Cupid Had A Heart You'd Be Mine I Know I Need You To See

Later that night, the girls were getting ready for bed when

Princess Selene: (screaming) AH

Phantom girl: (gasp) guys that was Selene I think she's in trouble

They went to her room

Phantom girl: what's wrong

She points to her doll box to find that one of them is missing

Princess Selene: Shelly is gone

Phantom girl: did you take her out

Princess Selene: no she's out because she heard me sing

All the girls looked at each other in confusion

Phantom girl: ok

Princess Selene: you don't understand when I sing she gets really mad

Triplicate girl: so Shelly gets mad whenever you sing which is basically your job

Princess Selene: when I sing around boys they disappear

This then made the girls feel suspicious

Phantom girl: come on we better go find that doll

Princess Selene: she likes the dark

Saturn girl: ok then let's go look in the dark

Princess Selene: ok but first let me just lock the case so the others won't escape too

She locks the case and the others follow

Phantom girl: ok we'll go look for the doll, Selene go with the boys ok

Princess Selene: ok

She rans only to find one of them, brainiac 5

Brainiac 5: oh hey are you ok miss

Princess Selene: (gasp) sort of

Shack with the girls

Phantom girl: ok we're looking for a green skin doll in a purple dress which shouldn't be hard to find, lets split up

Saturn/triplicate girl: ok

Back with brainiac 5 he was comforting princess Selene

Princess Selene: Shelly get mad every time I sing but I don't know why, I always sing that song to her and the other girls, I take really good care of her and the others

Brainiac 5: do you think they're mad at being locked up

Princess Selene: but that's where they live, they get out or try to leave and they'll hurt people, so I have to take care of them, I'm like a mom to them

Brainiac 5: have any of them ever gotten out before, when you were upset

Princess Selene: maybe Shelly got out once before, she broke one of my favorite China silverware

Brainiac 5: so did you got mad at her

Princess Selene: no I just put her back in the box with the others

Brainiac 5: maybe she feels threatened that you sing her song to someone else and that's why she's mad

Princess Selene: I'm glad someone believes me whenever i tell a boy they freak out and run away, but I'm glad you understand

She hugs him tightly, she smiles gleefully as he tries to return the hug back, he started to felt something.

Princess Selene: you'll make a great condition to my collection

Brainiac 5: huh

She eyes started to glow pink and a hot pink aura wrapped around him and in their shadows, he started to shrink

Brainiac 5: AH

back with the girls they regrouped in the study hall.

Phantom girl: well any luck

Saturn girl: nope

Triplicate girl: we checked every where

Princess Selene: AH

they ran to princess Selene and saw that she cut herself

Princess Selene: ugh

Phantom girl: what happened

Princess Selene: ugh I tripped over on something

Triplicate girl: or someone

They all looked down to see they stepping on Shelly

Princess Selene: you need to get her out of here, she'll do something bad

Phantom girl: ok but first we need to patch you up and- where are all the boys

Triplicate girl: brainiac 5 was here just a few minutes ago

Saturn girl: I'll go find bouncing boy and lightning lad

Princess Selene: but first we need to put Shelly back before it's too late

She takes the doll and runs off

Phantom girl: oh I'm sure the boys are fine

But when they got back to her room, they found that all of them

Princess Selene: oh, no

Were gone, it freaked the girls out

Princess Selene: they all got out

Phantom girl: uh Selene where are they

Triplicate girl: ok this is officially too freaky for me

Triplicate girl 2/3: yep, you got that right

Princess Selene: I don't understand, I love them

Phantom girl: maybe they want to be played with

She turns to them

Princess Selene: we need to find them

Phantom girl: ok just wait here and-

They were all surprised to see Saturn girl coming in with timber wolf

Saturn girl: lightning lad and bouncing boy are missing

Phantom girl: WHAT

princess Selene: it's already starting

Saturn girl: what is

Phantom girl pulls her closer to her ear and whispers

Phantom girl: (whispers) turns out we got other dolls missing

Saturn girl: what ugh, fine

They turned to face timber wolf

Saturn girl: timber wolf stay here and keep an eye on her, we'll be right back

Timber wolf: ok but hurry back

He turns to see Selene looking at him, he smiles nervously.

Timber wolf: (nervous chuckles) hehehe

The girls then go in the hallway, they find one purple doll in a ski outfit, another one in a red red and brown boots, a red one in a blue jumpsuit and when they followed the trail of dolls in the living room. They found and were terrified to see.

Triplicate girl: oh look there's one

Saturn girl: found another

Phantom girl: just follow the trail

Girls: (gasp)

All the dolls sitting/standing on the floor, sofa and table, it was scaring the girls out

Phantom girl: ok this is beyond creepy

Then a vase fell in front of them, they quickly moved away in time


Girls: AH

they looked up to see that it was Shelly

Triplicate girl: uh wasn't she just with princess Selene

Phantom girl: that wasn't nice Shelly

They looked in the vase to find one of the legion flight rings

Phantom girl: hey where did this come from

They looked up at the doll staring at them, then looked down again and we spooked to find Their heads have turned

Triplicate girl: ok these dolls aren't right

Phantom girl: ok that's it I'm calling mom

She phones to her mom

Phantom girl: mom look there's some weird things going on here, I think we might be stalked or something and brainiac 5 is missing, how fast can you get here

She waited for an answer

Phantom girl: hello mom

Saturn girl taps her shoulders

Saturn girl: uh phantom girl

She looked to see that the wire has been cut

Triplicate girl: ok I'm going to call her in my cell phone

She pulled out her phone only to find that the battery is missing

Triplicate girl: my battery

The girls they looked at each other and rushed back to princess Selene, they found that she was gone and so was timber wolf

They went to find her

Phantom girl: alrighty Shelly If you can here us, I don't know what you and your freaky little friends are up to but we're taking princess Selene and getting out of this horror movie

They went to go find her and in the box they oddly find

Saturn girl: phantom girl you might want to see this

Phantom girl: huh

Triplicate girl: (gasp)

It was a doll version of bouncing boy and lightning lad

Saturn girl: uh oh

They then realized

Girls: timber wolf

They went to search for him, they looked down to see a row of dolls wearing designer shirts, skirts, boots and dresses all pointing to the living room and found her hugging timber wolf

Wolf: ahh

And what happened next shocked them, a aura surround him and he turned into a doll.

Girls: (gasp)

She then puts him next to brainiac 5


she turns to him and closes the case shut, they surround expecting a answer.

Princess Selene: she only wanted a boyfriend, if I don't she'll hurt us all

Phantom girl: who

She then stared at them like a mindless zombie

Phantom girl: who

She points and they all turned to see another that looks exactly like her, she was pointing.

Princess Selene (galaxy girl): she only wanted a friend and when I wasn't enough, she decided to get more by entrancing the boyfriends and when she did she trapped the new girls and they became apart of my collection

She voice then changed in a chipmunk voice

Princess Selene: I only wanted some friends and when I couldn't win over the boyfriends I sing them to kill themselves

phantom girl: where did you come from and what do you want

She smiled sinisterly

Princess Selene: years ago I was god protecting the earth so I got board so I transfer my body into that doll right there, when princess Selene found me, we became instant friends but then she found new friends and suddenly I was no good for her, she threw me in the toy box, I got so angry I gave her the power to turn people into dolls and I control her mind making her my slave I wanted her to turn the boyfriends into dolls and give them to me but when they wouldn't love me I have them gone and turned her new friends into my army

Saturn girl: what is your name

Princess Selene: galaica goddess of the galaxy and once I get rid of you, I'll finally have the boyfriends I need

The girls get ready to fight her, Saturn girl brain blasts at her and triplicate girl split her body into two but before they could do so, she click her wristbands together a pink light from the heart gem shine at them , and she starts copies their powers

Princess Selene: oh I don't think so

Saturn girl: uh

She split into 7 bodies of herself, one red, one orange, one yellow, one green, one blue, one purple and one pink

Princess Selene's: hahaha hahaha hahahaha

They used Saturn girl's brain blast and blasted it at them

Saturn girl/triplicate girl: AH

triplicate girl's duplicates tried to attack her but her out numbered by her 7 copies

Triplicate girl: ugh

Phantom girl flew to her but went through her since she copied her phasing powers

Phantom girl: whoa

Princess Selene's: hahaha hahaha it's too late I'm already powerful now

Triplicate girl: how do we stop her now she's invincible

Saturn saw her wristband band

Saturn girl: her wristband I think that's her weakness

Phantom girl: (gasp) I got an idea, me and triplicate girl will distract her while you break the gem

Saturn girl: ok wait i got another plan, I'll distract the triplicates, triplicate girl you get the wristband off the pink one and keep it away from her while I grab something from the weapon room

Triplicate girl: ok

And so Saturn girl used her brain blast to get the rainbow girls attention, they all charged at her and while the pink one was distracted by firing brain blast at phantom girl, orange triplicate girl and purple triplicate girl grabbed her arms and took the bracelets away

Princess Selene: ugh

She then merged into one, threw the left bracelet at phantom girl and while the others chased Saturn girl, she went Into the weapon room, picked up 2 large diamond hammers and smash them hard

Saturn girl: YA

Princess Selene's: AH

they shattered into diamonds then turned into dust and back with the pink one, she felt a cold chill and was merged back into one, she turned to see Saturn girl walking in with the hammers turned around to see triplicate girl and phantom girl holding her bracelets up and throwing it at Saturn girl.

Saturn girl: party's over

Galacia: NO!

she slammed the hammer down and crashed the gem hearts, releasing the boys, and causing the doll of princess Selene to creak, break and turned into dust

The other dolls disappeared, the girls looked back at princess Selene who was now back to normal, she looked up to see the girls surrounding her

Phantom girl: Selene are you ok

Princess Selene: I think so, what happened

They helped her up

Princess Selene: (gasp) the dolls

Phantom girl: don't she's gone now, your free now

She smiled and hugged the three of them

Princess Selene: thank you, thank you so much

They all returned the hug back and let go

Princess Selene: she told me that she was my friend and that's all I ever wanted

The girls smiled at her

Phantom girl: you do have friends us

She smiles back

Phantom girl: come on let's all have a normal sleepover

Princess Selene: ok

Brainiac 5: oh

Boys: (grunts)

They all saw the boys waking up from their coma

Bouncing boy: what happened

Phantom girl: your dreaming

Bouncing boy: oh ok

The boys then collapsed on the floor again and the girls left

After the whole fiasco the girls head to Selene's mansion where they had a normal sleepover. they watched a movie, put on pajamas and made popcorn.

Princess Selene: I told you you I can't have coco after 7 it makes me go crazy

Phantom girl: oh yeah I think I learned my lesson there