Here is another story i wanted to post, but couldn't due to other reasons. Hope you enjoy.

Note: If the description wasn't clear, there is Older Characters in here as well as Fem!Yuya

Stars. That is what was around me all the time.

If I could describe this location, it would probably be similar to The Final World from KH3, when you meet/fight Yozora.

While a beautiful place, it gets boring really fast when there is LITERALLY NOTHING AROUND YOU!

"You have been here for 5 minutes."

I covered my eyes as a bright light appeared, temporarily blinding me. When i regained my eyesight, i widened my eyes at what i saw. "Ray!?"

Yep in front of me was Akaba Ray, in her golden form.

"Hello there." She greeted me.

"Okay, i definitely must be dreaming now…" I said, not believing what i was looking.

"I can assure you its not a dream." She said.

"So, am i really… dead?" I asked, a bit hesitant.

Ray looked down. "Unfortunately yes. You have died from the impact on the spot." She explained.

"Oh." Was all i said, still in shock. I mean, how do you even react to your death? "Wait a minute… if im dead, then where am i?"

"Oh, this is a place between life and death. I got your soul before you went into the afterlife." She explained. "I would like to make a request."

"What is it? You want me to help you defeat Zarc or something?" I said.

"Yes." Ray nodded. "Can you help me?"

"Hmmm…" I thought for a moment before giving my answer. "Sure."

"Thank you." She said, before she raised her palm, something beginning to glow come out of it. The orb of light began to leave her hand and head towards me, where i grabbed it. Once the light died down, i noticed it was a deck of cards.

"Please save them and this world from incoming darkness."

"Don't worry. I'll stop Zarc." I said with confidence, but was confused by Ray shaking her head.

"Zarc isn't who im talking about." She said before her form began to flicker.

"Who are you talking about?" I asked but before she could finish, her form disappeared and the world around me blacked out.

"For now I know where I am, now I need to figure out when I am. I better not be at the end of the Standard arc… Oh god, I hope i'm not in the English Dub. I don't wanna call Yuzu 'Zuzu' like she is a dog." I said. Time to go ask strangers for directions!

After a bit of reconnaissance, I figured out I was just at the beginning of the anime, right after Yuya beat Strong Ishijima. It must also be after Yuzu beat him, considering the amount of hatred I heard from some people, claiming he was a 'cheater'.

With a helpful guidance from anime memories, I managed to find the school and it looks even worse in person.

Through the reflection on one of the windows, I could finally see my reflection. I was wearing a long-sleeved white tunic with grey straps, cuffs, and collar, with matching white trousers. My eyes were gold and my hair was a light seafoam green with two long bangs, one on each side of my face.

Deciding I stared long enough, I went inside.

Like in the anime, the place was packed

"Wow!" I hear a voice behind me, I turn to see Futoshi and Ayu from You Show's Chibi Trio behind me… or in this case, just trio considering they were much older than in the anime. If I had to guess, i would say they were probably the same age as Yuya and Yuzu.

Something is odd…

"All these people want to attend our school?" Ayu questions in shock.

"If you want to attend this school, please fill in your name on this document." I hear the voice of Yuzu Hiragi call out from the front. And Holy Ra, if the kids earlier didn't raise my suspicions, i was sure to scream in shock because Yuzu aged like a fine wine!

"Okay", "I'll attend!", "Me too!" Several voices call in response to Yuzu as she turns to talk privately Ayu and Futoshi.

"You'll show us Pendulum Summon today, right?" A person from the line asks.

Way to be subtle, kid…

"Of course we will, but only applicants are allowed to see it." Yuzu responds.

"Sneaky…" I mutter with a smirk.

"I'll attend!" "Me too!", "Hurry up!" a chorus of voices call out and began to push. I have half a mind to knock everyone out, but that would not be a good first impression.

"Please get in line in number order!" Yuzu says trying to calm the eager crowd, "Sheesh, I'm going to be the opponent in the mock battle, but I don't have time to get ready." she complains under her breath.

"Then there is no choice." A deep male voice responds as I hear a door open, "The man Gongenzaka will replace you as the opponent." Gongenzaka tells Yuzu.

Gongenzaka was… basically the same. Considering the guy had muscles that could rival The Rock, i was not too surprised that his physical body hasn't changed. Seriously, what kind of 14 year-old has that many muscles?! Though i could still spot the shadow of a moustache on his face.

"What?" Futoshi groans out.

"This is the Principal's daughter's responsibility!" Ayu tells Gongenzaka.

"It'll be embarrassing to get help from a rival school, outsiders should go away!" Futoshi commented. You say that, but you are not gonna complain in a few episodes when he saves your asses from LDS.

"Outsider?!" Gongenzaka says in shock. Also, kind of being rude, Futoshi, not to mention you don't exactly have any room to talk. The guy is Yuya best friend and has always been there for him, so he has more reason to stay here.

"We'll handle things here so that you can prepare for your duel." Ayu tells Yuzu. I found it a bit odd how two kids managed applications in the first place in the anime, but here it makes a bit more sense.

"Thank you, I leave it to you!" Yuzu replies as she starts to run off before stopping spotting someone at the front of the crowd , "You were here before, you came again?" She says to the blue haired boy at the front… Oh right, Tatsuya i salso here, not to mention he is older as well.

Is everyone older in this!?

I found myself standing against the wall with everyone else in the crowd as Shuzo Hiragi stood on a bench in front of us speaking into a Microphone.

"You Show School teaches entertainment dueling popularized worldwide by the legendary dueling star Yusho Sakaki, when I think back a decade ago when Leo Corporation developed.." Shuzo says giving a history lesson on the school before trailing off into a rant. Ugh i hate monologues. Damn it, and i don't have my Switch to keep me entertained. Really could use some Pokemon Unite right about now…

"How long is he gonna talk?" A guy in the crowd comments to the person beside him.

"I want to see Pendulum Summon now?" he responds.

"Ladies and gentleman!" The loud voice of Yuya Sakaki yells out as a spotlight shines down on him… or in this case, her.

Yep, you heard me right. Her.

Sakaki Yuya was a freaking girl. How am i sure? Well there are two giant items in her chest that will prove her gender.

Great, not only is everyone older, but some characters have their genders swapped. Why didn't Ray tell me anything!?

"Welcome to my one-man show today!" Yuya told the audience with a wink.

Wouldn't it be one-girl show, though?

There's a loud smack as Yuya hunches over in pain with Yuzu standing behind her holding her trademark paper fan. Dammit, with the revelation of Yuya being a girl, I missed the part where she took it out.

"What do you mean by one-man show, you can't duel alone!" Yuzu questions Yuya with a slight growl.

"Who's that chick?" The guy standing next to me comments.

"She hit Yuya-chan!" The guy standing next to him stated. Great, a simp…

"Nice! Girl on girl action!" A third guy comments… IS HE DROOLING!?

"Fight!" They all yell to Yuzu.

"I see, so that's my role?" Yuzu grumbles under her breath as her body shakes in annoyance, "Fine, I'll take on the role of the villain!" she yells out snapping slightly before pointing at Yuya, "Yuya, just because you've gained some fame doesn't mean you can laugh like an idiot, I'm going to pummel you into pieces!" she declares getting into her role.

"Huh." Yuya says dumbly blinking in shock. I facepalmed. For an entertainer, she sure is slow with improv.

"C'mon Yuya say something back!" Yuzu stage whispers to Yuya.

Yuya seems stuck before inspiration hits her, "Woah, You're Female Strong Ishijima!" She yells out in shock pointing at Yuzu.

"Female Strong?" Yuzu blurts out in shock I could almost see her picturing herself in Strong's cloths with his hair style. I had to cover my mouth to stop the giggles from coming out.

"You're trying to get revenge for your master?" Yuya asks Yuzu as I saw the scary aura pissed off female anime characters obtain.

"She is going Super Saiyan!" I yelled out, with people giving me a weird look. Oh please don't tell me Dragon Ball doesn't exist in this this universe…

"I'll strike back using Pendulum Summon!" says an oblivious Yuya as she smiles, playfully putting her hands on her hips.

Yuzu yells angrily at Yuya for a few moments before she thrusts her hand up into the air, "The Field Spell Plain Plain activates!" she declares as the Solid Vision System activates transforming the duel room into well… a grassy plain.

"How refreshing, the new Solid Vision model is so realistic, I feel a cool breeze blowing through my heart." Shuzo comments pressing forward to see the new field pusing a few people up against the glass.

Yuya and Yuzu activate their Duel Disks on the field, "The duelists meet at the battlefield!" Yuya says starting the Action Duel oath.

"Along with their monsters, they'll kick the ground and fly through the sky…" Yuzu continues on.

"To move around the field!"

"Witness duelings greatest evolution!"



Yeah, safe to say the duel was EXACTLY the same. I was expecting it to be different with the age difference and Yuya different gender, but it looks like Yuya still doesn't know how to Pendulum Summon. Come on, it wasn't that hard!

Everyone is Silent as the Solid Vision System turns off returning the room Yuya and Yuzu are in to normal, soon everyone begins to talk amongst themselves.

"Ouch.." Yuya hisses out rubbing the back of her head. The Real Solid Vision system must really hurt. Seriously, how has no one died from this!?

"What's the big idea?" Yuzu questions.

"Wait a second, umm…" Yuya stammers out flailing her hands.

Soon Yuya and Yuzu walk out of the Duel Area, Yuya looking slightly downcast.

"Umm, I have a question." Someone says holding up their hand.

"Yes, what is it?" Yuya asks.

"You said something about a Pendulum Card." He comments.

"Pendulum Card?" Yuzu questions looking at tomato-haired girl.

"That's what I call it, I don't know the official name." Yuya explains.

"Show me." Yuzu orders her.

"Okay." Yuya says taking out her Deck and handing it to Yuzu who pulls out her own deck and looks at them side by side,

"This is a Pendulum Card?" Yuzu questions looking at Timegazer Magician.

"You can't Pendulum Summon if you don't have this card?" A member of the crowd commented and from how i see the crowd reacting, this is going to end just like in the anime.

"That's not fair, or maybe there's no such thing as Pendulum Summoning!" another comments.

Didn't you see the match!? It clearly happened!

"That's right, I bet you tricked the system during the Ishijima match, how else could you summon many monsters at once" a third voice comments.

Riiiiiight, because Yuya clearly has the ability to hack, not to mention the freaking LDS systems.

"He wanted to beat the champion that badly?" A girl comments in disgust.

"That's why she's the daughter of a coward." another guy responds.

"Hell, maybe she sucked off the champion in favour of a win." One of the guys from earlier commented.

Others began to add very nasty comments as I clenched my fist in anger, making a mental list of who said what.

"No, I didn't cheat! Or did those things!" Yuya protests but it was pointless as the crowd begins to walk out.

"Wait!" Shuzo yells out desperately jumping out in front of the crowd only to get stampeded over by the mob of angry humans. If i wasn't so angry, i might have laughed.

I watched them leave with a glare on my face. No matter the world, it seems humans behave all the same. They want something, and when they don't get it, they either throw a tantrum or insult anyone who has connection to said something because they don't havei t.

They were fine with the existence of Pendulum Summon, but the second they found out it wasn't available to them, they left, labeling Yuya.

Yuya pulled down her Goggles to hide her eyes, I hear silent sniffs coming from her as she starts to walk off.

"Poor kid." I say feeling sympathetic. I might have not felt as bad, but considering some of the names i heard before, im surprised she hasn't broken down yet.

"Yuya…" Yuzu says in worry for her friend.

"Yuya isn't a coward, Yuya didn't cheat!" Tatsuya comes in to save the day!

"You made a missplay. It happens sometimes." I say in input, being done with the silent treatment and being a spectator. "No one expects you to know everything about this new Summoning Method right away. Well, at least I don't…"

"Yuya fought Ishijima fair and square and won, she won using Pendulum Summon!" Tatsuya yells out.

Gongenzaka walks up behind Tatsuya and rests his hand on the boy's shoulders smiling at him, "Yuya, don't you feel bad that these two fans have to say this?" he questions his childhood friend.

"Fans?" Yuya questions in shock. Sheesh, how infamous are you to the point having fans is a foreign concept to you?

I shrugged a bit, "I'm not sure I'd call myself your fan, but sure I'd be willing to say I like your dueling." I say with a shrug. "It was very entertaining… eeeeexcept the part where you headbutted."

"That's Tatsuya. She visited before." Yuzu says pointing to Tatsuya, "and this isssssssss…"

"Takuto" I say with a smile, "Shindou Takuto."

"Tatsuya became your fan after she saw you battle Ishijima in person!" Ayu tells Yuya.

"That gives me shivers!" Futoshi says shaking slightly, as i shuddered. It was just as weird seeing a kid do it in the anime as seeing a teenager do it in person.

"I thought you were incredible, your dueling united thousands of spectators into one!" Tatsuya tells Yuya.

I nod in agreement, "You did great in that match, it was excellent." I say, putting my arm around her.

I was slightly lying. There is a small difference between watching something on a computer and in live action. Besides, seeing a new Summoning Method out of the blue would cause a lot of awe

"I wanted to duel like that, Duel like Yuya!" Tatsuya tells Yuya.

"I also want to duel in front of a large crowd like that again!" Yuya says her shoulders shaking slightly.

I took her goggles out. "And you will." I tell her confidently.

"How do you know?" Yuya asks me

I winked at her and simply said. "Just a hunch."

"Oh… Thanks." She said. Was it my impression or did she just blush?

"You were reborn in that duel, you'll never run away again!" Gongenzaka tells his friend confidently.

"Gongenzaka, Shindou…" Yuya says.

I let out a chuckle, "Just call me Takuto." I tell Yuya with a smile.

Yuya nods, "Takuto." She says. Damn, my name just sounds right coming out of her for some reason.

"So do your best for your fans!" Gongenzaka tells Yuya giving him a smile.

"Were your fans too." Futoshi says running up beside Tatsuya.

"Now and forever right, Tatsuya?" Ayu says running up to Tatsuya's other side.

"Yeah!" Tatsuya says nodding.

"That means You Show School has two new members!" Futoshi says cheering.

I felt a imaginary lightbulp light up in my head as I had an idea. "What do you mean two?" I asked with a fake frown.

"Ehh, I just thought since you were Yuya's fan that you would join." Futoshi comments in a slightly disappointed tone.

I shrugged. "I just said I liked his dueling. I didn't really enjoy it enough to learn it." I say turning my back to him, I make eye contact with Yuzu and wink at her subtly saying its an act. She covered her mouth

"Pleaaaaaaase." The three younger ones gave me puppy eyes.

Holy shit, that's effective. Im already feeling bad for pranking them. "Alright, alright, i'll join!" I said, the three younger ones stopping and smiling. Why did i feel like i just got mugged.

Suddenly Shuzo appears in front of my holding a paper and a pen as If he used Instant Transmission. And where did he get those items anyway!?

"Really you'll join!?" He says eagerly and i was soooo tempted to punch him.

Luckily, Yuzu beat me to the punch… or in this case, paper fan.

"Jeez Dad, don't scare him off!" Yuzu scolds her father.

"Where did you get that paper fan?" I asked the million dollar question.

"You don't need to know that. Its no big deal." She waved me off. LIES!

"Hooray we have two new people joining I'm fire up, I'm burning up!" Shuzo cheers like he didn't just get hit by a giant paper fan.

"An entertainer can't let my fans down" Yuya says. "I promise to master Pendulum Summoning! Yuzu, Gongenzaka, Takuto, Duel me!"

"Right!" Yuzu and Gongenzaka say.

"You go on ahead, I'm gonna go with the Principal and sign up." I say jerking my thumb at Shuzo. Really hope I don't have to pay to stay here. Considering Sora entered without any problem, i don't have to worry. Probably.

It seems my first day here was a success. However,I can't help but wonder what was Ray talking about before she disappeared.

By the picture alone, i bet its obvious what deck my OC is using.