Chapter 1:The fool

The music in the woods blared some generic pop. Feel-good stuff that was easy to dance to, in the early hours of the morning. Far away from San Francisco, where teens didn't risk getting caught. The campfire was illuminated by the various headlights of their cars. The floor was littered with red solo cups, bottles of spirits and beer on the floor. Alex was led closer to the woman who sat on the car. She beckoned him over with a finger. He nearly tripped on a rock; he was able to save himself by grabbing the car. She grabbed Alex by the collar of his jacket and pulled him in for a kiss. Alex closed his eyes and wrapped his hands around his possible girlfriend. He pulled away; his oak eyes stared into her jade diamonds. He lifted a hand to stroke her cheek.
"I just feel something special between us, Cindy."
"Cynthia, asshole." The next thing Alex knew, there was a red mark on his face. Alex sat on the car, holding the bottle of beer against his cheek.
"Oh, c'mon Cynthia, Cindy. I was off by one syllable." Lance looked from across the fire. He sipped his water and sat next to Alex on the hood.
"How's it going, ladies' man?" Lance dressed a little smarter than Alex in a white shirt.
"Screw you. Have you hooked up with anyone yet."
"If I did, it wouldn't be Cynthia." Lance offered Alex the water. "It'll ease the hangover." Alex snatched the water and took a large swig before handing it back.
"You've not gone for anyone."
"Yeah, I'm waiting."
"You know not like that."
"Sure. When you're done being Catholic. I'll go help you get a girl."
"I'm gonna head off soon.
"Awwww, C'mon five more minutes."
"Fine. No more."

He gave Lance a light smack on the back. Alex stood up with a cheer. He immediately carried on dancing and drinking. Lance stayed and watched Alex. Lance scratched the rune on his right hand. His dragon Ouroboros. It began to emanate a red light. He placed his hand in his pocket. Lance checked his phone. A text from Mom popped up. How's patrol? He placed the phone back in his pocket. He'd need to head back. Alex was dancing on the table, oh great. Lance waved to grab Alex's attention. He had to shout out over the music. Alex was too busy mingling to check the time. Five minutes became fifteen. He rotated the drinks table. A student placed a red solo infront of Alex.
"Who's the loner?"
"Lance, he's, my friend."
"He on water?"
"Yeah he's driving."
"Pfffft, one drink won't hurt." The student put the cup in his hand. Alex on his next rotation offered the drink to Lance. It was 'juice' and it had enough sugar and other ingredients so that it didn't taste like alcohol. Added with Lance's inexperience. His grin got wider with each sip.

Lance fumbled for his keys. The cup was empty. He haphazardly threw it away. "I'm heading back, Al. I'll see you at class, right?" Alex looked past the blonde and saw Lance turn to his car. He stumbled off the table and had to run to keep himself from falling. He made it to Lance's car.
"Don't think you're getting rid of me like that."
"Not gonna chase after a girl?"
"They can wait. You're leaving now."
Lance's car was a beat-up Ford KA the same green as mouldy bread.
"And here I was hoping for a quiet ride." Lance pulled out of the woods and let the classmates carry on partying.
"You mean boring." Alex stretched. The seat already adjusted to him perfectly.
"Your ideas are getting slapped by a girl." Lance's rune glowed brighter. The itch started to intensify. A light pinch kept him alert. He turned his headlights on full beam, illuminating the dark wood with a sickly yellow glow. The abundance of headlights made the small cone of vision all they had. Lance was hunched over the wheel. He checked the rear-view mirror every few seconds. Alex leaned close to mess with the radio. There was only white noise.
"Man, signal here's crap."

"We're in the middle of nowhere." The glowing intensified along with the mild pain. It could be visibly seen inside the car.

Alex leaned back against the car door as he saw the flow.
"Dude, you got one of those fancy tats?"
"Yeah, yeah. Alex, I need you to look in the glove compartment and grab the black circle. Hold down on the T." Alex reached inside the glove compartment and fumbled around. Lance could hear the beating of hooves. He looked back to view the red eyes before him. "Hurry up!" Lance pressed his foot to the floor. The engine was unable to roar. The splutter of the engine was silent compared to the sound of the hooves.
"Who's riding this early in the morning?" Alex viewed the two red eyes. "Jesus. Ghost horse. faster, faster!" He pressed down on the circle. A few seconds later, it started to blink.
"It's a second-hand ride, not a car, put that thing back. let me focus." Lance looked in his rear-view mirror. That thing wasn't there. He tried to frantically find its location. The hooves came from Lance's side. The horse stared forwards Up close it towered over the car. high above the car the red lights of a visor could be seen. The dark knight held his hand out. A purple light filled his hand and solidified into a blade.

"Alex, out now!" Lance pressed his hand into Alex's belt. He raised his hand to shove Alex. out the door. The strength shunted Alex into the door. The force was able to break the door off its hinges. The door became an impromptu sled as he skidded along the floor. He clung to the door Sparks flew. It slowed down to a stop. There was a sickening crunch. Alex saw the front of Lance's car crushed by a tree.
"Lance, Lance!"
Alex ran to the car. The car had a giant gash that nearly severed the car horizontally in two. "What the fu-?" There was something in the passenger seat. Lance's severed hand. Seth covered his mouth and gagged. "Shit Lance, where are you buddy?" He heard Lance's screams from inside the woods. Alex checked his phone, "C'mon, signal, signal, signal." The phone was dead. Alex investigated the car. He crouched over. There had to be a metal pipe. If he was lucky a crowbar. Alex didn't notice that the rune on Lance's hand ignited. A mind of its own, the hand leaped onto Alex's. He let out a scream and pulled back, trying to shake the hand off. The limb fell dead to the side. The rune had vanished, transferred to Alex. "The hell?"
"No time to waste." Alex's feet twisted towards the sound of Lance's screaming. He rushed forwards, his body out of control as he pulled his handbag. A blue fog emanated from his hand. It flowed, forming the shape of a sword. It condensed into an ethereal red blade. Alex was forced to wield it by his side. He saw Lance pinned against a tree. The spear had pierced the tree and shot out the other side. The red light made it obvious. The person who held the spear, the dark knight, twisted the pole while it was still inside of Lance. The sword swung into the creature, it let out an inhuman howl.

Alex could see when he was closer to the being. It was no knight. Standing at eight feet tall it was able to tower over Alex. He gulped as his grip on the blade stayed still. "So erm… want to talk this out?" Claws extended from the creature's hands. "Crap, crap." Alex turned to run. As soon as he had his back turned to his enemy, his body froze in place.
"I do not run." Alex's back was cut into dragging claw marks down his jacket. The red warmth moved down his back.
"I'm losing my mind; I'm losing my mind." The being stepped forwards as it raised its hand again. Alex's hand plunged itself into the floor. A newfound strength pushed him along the floor. He slid between the creature's legs. The claws buried themselves into the ground, right where Alex's neck was. Alex's body launched up in a jump and thrust its blade into the creature's back. The screech rustled the leaves in the trees. Shadow emanated from the wound before the creature vanished into shadow. Alex turned towards Lance. The spear vanished along with the monster.

Alex knelt next to Lance.
"You ok? Is it bad? I'll walk you home. There's no signal."
"My beacon should be working."
"I have a lot to tell you." The spotlight weaved through the treeline. "Get me to the road." Under the light, Alex could see how beat up Lance was. He was bleeding from pretty much everywhere. He coughed up blood, not to mention the missing hand. Alex picked Lance up by the one good arm.
"This is weird. These guys your doctors? You got really good healthcare coverage." Lance chuckled. that only led to him spitting out more blood.
"Yeah, they're doctors." That was a lie, but it was better Alex remained calm. The VTOL landed on the road. A silver plane that looked like it was from the future. The back dropped opened. The metallic footsteps of Cyborg thunked.
"Bring him here." Cyborg took Lance and placed him on the bed in the back of the aircraft. "Nightwing, we need outta' here A.S.A.P."
"Wait," Lance objected as he was hooked up to a drip. "Alex comes with us." Cyborg turned towards Alex. He gestured to him to come on. Alex stepped back, though his hand shoved outwards and dragged him onboard.
"Oh man, no, no I didn't. Something's up with my hand." Lance had his hand bandaged up to stop the bleeding. Cyborg spoke.
"Listen I need to look after your friend, can you be quiet?"
"Relax Vic, I'm not dying. Just feeling a little sleepy" Lance looked down to his hand.
"Yeah, yeah, tough guy. I'm using anaesthetic to take the pain away." Alex looked to the stump and gagged. Cyborg looked back. "Head to the crew area if you don't wanna look." Alex nodded and walked through a door.

Merlin was in his library, turning through the pages of one book to a new page had the same symbol that was on Alex's hand, a few scribbles of ancient notes. He stroked his long beard and muttered under his breath. The library was a tower of bookcases, decorating the grey brick walls of his castle. Humanity's history and diction all stored within these walls. All neatly ordered. Merlin threw a book on the table, it floated back to its original placed on the shelf. A tear in the fabric of space time ripped open. Like a mirror, a purple neon oval opened, revealing a woman's face obscured by a violet cloak.
"I see you've done some decorating, aunty." He looked through the portal, able to see a photo of the woman hugging a tall green goblin. Though Goblins didn't have green hair.
The cloaked woman walked through the portal.
"Please don't call me that; I'm younger than you."
"Relax. What's a few thousand years to immortal."
"I'm not immortal, I'm thirty."
"Oh. You are old."
"Why did you call me here, Merlin?" He stood up and dusted himself off.
"Bad news."
"Couldn't you message me?"
"You can teleport, quit complaining. Besides." Merlin walked out to the corridor through the halls well illuminated by floating lights. A few goblins walked past, they were as tall as Merlin's knee, carrying books and tools around.
"Have you ever thought about human company, Merlin?"
"Humans? Pah, they can't be trusted. Goblins though, I know they're after my gold." One of the goblins crawled up and grabbed Merlin's bag of money, able to make an easy escape. "They're too stupid to see the real value of what's below." Merlin turned through the tight corridors towards a tower. He walked down into the depth of the earth.

At the bottom of the tower was a cavern and a large door. Merlin snapped his neck. He slammed his hand into the floor. Blue magic flowed through the floor as the magic-like circuits flowed through. The magic weaved along the floor and into the door, multiple runes formed along the door of X's. Like a circuit, Merlin completed them by making the X become a line, all leading to the middle. It identified the magic unique to merlin and creaked open. "I'm not the most social Merlin. I still keep Garth around."

"I don't need people." He walked into the vault with a dragon curled up around a large stash of gold. "I have Draco."
"Draco can't talk."
"He doesn't need to, he needs Gold." Merlin rolled his arms. He held his hands out. Yet another lock was opened to reveal a long hallway. He walked inside and looked towards the weapons floating above their pedestals. He poked the God slayer blade and watched it spin.
"You suspect someone took a weapon from the vault?"
"Not a weapon, THE weapon." Raven stared forwards as all those weapons passed the ancient weapons there at the end of the corridor. Lay a stone. Raven saw the mark that the sword had been pulled out.
"Excalibur." She touched the rock. "Merlin, This, this can't be happening. Your enchantment."
"It only allows the worthy."
"No one else can be worthy, it was Arthur once. Do you think he?"
"Your little Arthur in San Francisco? No, I would have known. This. This was someone entirely different."

Author's note:

Ok, I know what you're thinking. I promise me adding in OC's doesn't meant that their gonna kick All the Titans butt without getting a scratch. As you can see from here Alex is hardly the hero type. I'm a fan of reluctant hero's and wanted to see if I could write a good one. Add in Teen titans for some spicy teen angst. (Clone high may have parodied it but it makes good entertainment)

All criticism is welcome, so long as it is constructive, or just tell me what you enjoy so I know what to focus on and dislike so I know what to avoid. So long as it doesn't interfere too much with my idea for the story.